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Poetry Centers

Poetry Centers



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Published by thereadingzone
My 6th grade poetry exploration before beginning our poetry unit of study. Thanks to Georgia Heard for the inspiration and ideas!
My 6th grade poetry exploration before beginning our poetry unit of study. Thanks to Georgia Heard for the inspiration and ideas!

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Published by: thereadingzone on Apr 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Treasure Hunt for Poetry
Sit with a partner and treasure hunt for poetic linesor words in these picture and non-fiction books. Writethem down on this sheet. Next, choose one line fromyour selection, write and illustrate it on a bookmark- besure to include the title and author of the book.
My Poetic Lines:
Write the line on this bookmark and illustrate it as you see fit. Then, cut the bookmark out place itin your poetry folder.
Cracking-Open Words
An important part of writing poetry is being able to “crack open” overused and abstract words and sentences, such as: “It was a nice day” or “She was very nice” and find the proper image inside. In this center, you can experiment with an important part of revision- cracking-open words, phrases, and sentences tofind more accurate and vivid images inside.
None of the sentences below give us a picture inourminds using words. Next to each sentence describeand write what you see in your own mind. Close youreyes and see what images appear in your mind. Then,repaint the sentences using your own images and words.Example: It was a nice day. = The bright sun, appearingfrom behind Mt. Skye, cut diamonds across the blue lake.
1. It was a nice day. ______________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________ 2. We had a lot of fun. ______________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________ 3. The flowers were beautiful and colorful. ______________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________ 4. She was a good person. ______________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________ 5. The cat was cute. ______________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________ 
The Music of Words
Words have different personalities and qualities according to their sounds.Poets write by considering the meaning and sounds of their words.
Think about the sounds of words. Find at least fivewords that sound smooth, bumpy, and sharp (five in eachcolumn!). For example, a word that sounds smooth isice; a bumpy word is hippopotamus because it has manysmall syllables that make your mouth move; and a sharpword is kite because the consonants are sharp.

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