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Party.poltics.0.Editionl FirstQuarter2013.a

Party.poltics.0.Editionl FirstQuarter2013.a

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Published by Matthew E. Duffy

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Published by: Matthew E. Duffy on May 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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.Party.Poltics.!0!.{Draft of chapter ONe)
try and find some old notes.otherwise.
the serialized representation of the themesintegral to the milieu.well, being presented in the form of chapter-like aphorisms. Aphorisms, why? for i fullybelieve that each one is no more important or less apart of or of value in regards to another point.Furthermore, i feel there is no real definitive way to apply a systematic chronological order in whichto present them. Each will often aid or be a major part of the performance of any other. thus, takenas as a collection, they build a kind of ethos, a constellation of a edict, a system from which one cannavigate the milieu.There is no path to completely aware of all aspects all at once, nor is there a correct way,these, general guidelines and descriptions are only to provide illumination onto a very small yet often universally applicable edict, decorum, and concept of this space-mullie-time. -which you wishto navigate. Thus, to know where the primary aspects of what one seeks to engage, or operate under,to illustrate the styles and forms which can be performed. thus, i will travel onto some exchangesand archetypes.
-\\welcome to the first chapter in a the series.
different modes yield different exchanges.as the currencies balances on many planes.there are sets of rules and codes, which permeate all aspects, of the trade.
Objectz et archétypalez
well before you get there you need to arrive! 
Knowing when to arrive, when to leave, might seem rudimentary, however, really it 
doesn't matter, significantly most importantly is how! There's no need to be early, or late,or stay for any amount of time, anything can be accomplished in a varying degrees orways of time; for it depends on how you are to spend the flow.
if you want a long haul but don't want to actually maintain a high profile,notebooks, or index cards, a newspaper.|
books are more tricky, show up to a party read a book, you might get some readingdone, mais, more than likely, you will spend more time talking about the book, thenreading it, a lot of people like books, and it is obvious you are “Reading” this countered todrawing an activity, and people don't want to unlock you as easily, (you're not “done” thepicture/note) but a book can be started and stopped, so people are more likely to break in. this is not always a bad thing, which takes us to types of wallflowerz.position archétypale: anintroduction to a
est souvent utilisé comme uneposition archétypale, mais it can be split many ways, as it is a preformative operation,which depending on the form you choice, will yield different ques, results, exchanges andtheir placement of how they occur.. knowing which ones you want will help determinehow you pick these traits, or refine a form.
where is that other, glass? 
one drink,
in hand.[atleast threee on the side]anything, or nearly, the drink should preferably be in the glass you
,{nevertheless, one of the first things you find, once you arrive, this action shouldbe done before almost any other necessity is completed{forced introductions, and basicacknowledgments of people who catch it, however, before you even go beyond directives;FIND A GLASS; to work with} preferable christal but glass works too,{never get caught with a plastic, if you MUST transport in one, never drink from it EVER}. As well Neverdrink out of the primary container if you bought alcohol,-unless it is a flask, ou a“jar”{whiskey, and homemade spirits can be served in jam jars} Try to make sure the glassis suited for the primary drink of choice(PDC) [even if you dont have said drink onyou-].-as an asset, it could come up at anytime,{either actually, or a point of turn in
exchange}.this object is to be held, whichever weather the sky, says.
one can always be slamming the cocktails but, know what your hackin; the key is,also to know where to lie, -drink in hand. keep the mix complex, or if simple have a reson,story, history, retort to have something to formalize it with. {even if you REALLYonly did it cuz you were lazzy, -nothin’ wrong with this, and no need to lie, best to have somethingtrue about it, even the lazzy truth}and try to avoid anything to
for your primary,why? your already gona get alot from all the hands, and cups. soo, your hangover tmr, isnot worth it.
-there's alwayz’gona be more, somewhere, cash, or vice.
position archétypale:
too transverse milieu, and develop your
.-knowin all the nooks and crannies of a pasture could help, a little more is toknow where labour should be deployed. Nevertheless, really the art is in the execution,this i’z a workin’. your not here to have a good time, there’s some business goin’on down,and you need to work over it.Sipin along les pastis well, stackin’ the dredges of a bottle, the fact is not important here, as along as in the end, you flip the trade. whether it is shot for a long or short move,know what the possible exchanges are, and ratios ready. this is about awareness and theability to transverse the uncovered motions, sharpness and
Projet de loi émanant d'undéputé 
, should always be kept in mind, though notwithstanding, influence in soft quesforms purely an organizational agent. it has little to do with, the dance.As always decorum holds here, access to all the nodes, a party will have a powerstructure often there is different points of emanation they may, and are likely
along in conflict, competition, even if mutually-inclusive, the role is to find where thebottleneck is, where the flow is not costing smoothly, this market has not cleared, and thisis want manifest the active space, the open mulie of the the party itself this is the polisspace which one takeup agency and enters into the realms.
and fabric, cloth and colour,

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