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Term Paper on Islamic Education in Bangladesh

Term Paper on Islamic Education in Bangladesh

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Published by tanvir5

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: tanvir5 on Apr 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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s an Islamic Country, it is very much necessary to cultivate IslamicEducation in Bangladesh. Islamic Education is not only important for our generation, but also for our next generation. It is important to survive our existence and our religion. But it is a matter of sorrow that our Islamic Institutions are going behind day by day. It does not go ahead properly, Inthe current world. What is our education al system, Where is our problem, how to develop? Howto make it interesting and effective to students of Islam study? It is the time to find out theremedy to do out from this problem.
Islamic Country:
Bangladesh is an Islamic Country. Majority numbers of people areMuslim. We believe in Islam. So we have to know Islam properly and we have must proper knowledge on Islam. So for that we need Islamic education in Bangladesh.
 Islamic Education:
Islamic education is a process of learning Islam. By which we canincrease our Knowledge on Islam. Islamic education is not only Madrassa education but alsolife education. Islamic education is consisting of Holy Quran, Hadish, and Fiqh etc. This isonly education of salvation.
 Importance for generation:
Islamic education is very much important for not only thiscurrent generation, but also for next generation. If we don’t establish Islamic education, our next generation not will be able to learn Islam properly. If we have no proper knowledge onIslam then we will go behind day by day from the way of Islam. So they will follow wrongway. So Islamic is very much important for generations.
 Survive our existence:
Islamic education is the only education for survive our existence properly in this ordinary world. If we are able to learn Islam properly then we will be able toserve the light of Islam to whole world. Then we could prove that this is only true religion.Then nonbelievers will follow Islam. Then we will be able to survive our existence strongly.
Our Religion:
In this world, there are many religions. Islam is only true religion of those. Wehave to prove it though our proper Islamic education. By Islamic education we will be able tolearn about Islamic law and rules and education. Then we can follow our rules of Islam andwe must have to do that, as a Muslim.
Why Islamic Institutions Going Behind Day by Day?
Islamic Institutions going behind day by day in our country for our unconsciousness on Islam. We are Muslim in name only. This isour religious status. We are not united. We have no Islamic mind. If some body talks aboutIslam, we are making some side talking. We have no interest to learn Islam properly. We haveno interest on Islamic education. For Example: If any wants to make an admission of his/her children at Madrassa or Islamic Institutions, we discourage them. We say it’s a traditionaleducation, there is no education, and we encourage them to get admission at English mediuminstitution. So our Islam going behind day by day due to our unconsciousness.
 How have to develop our Islamic education?
Developing Islamic education in Bangladesh isnot an easy work, but not impossible. For that first of our entire concept on Islam must haveto change. Every one of Muslims in Bangladesh comes forward to help each other and also tohelp Islam. Our intentions also have to change. For Example: which we do for Islam or Islamic education, we can not expect any back for us. We will be able to get result in future
life. If we are being united with helpful, sacrificed mentality and send our children to Islamicinstitutions, for develop Islamic Education, and then our Islamic education will be developed
How have to make Islamic education interesting and effective to students?
 Now a dayssystem of Islamic education is very traditional, there students don’t get any interest. We knowthat interest less education is not effective. So many students neglect Islamic education. For making Islamic education interesting and effective, to students we have to change somesystem and add some system. Those are given below.
Teachers have to friendly with students.
Fearless education. There is no biting.
Follow new books
Use visual media
Yearly picnic
Yearly sports competition
Arrange recreational system. Example: TV, satellite channels.
 Islamic Education System in Bangladesh
In Bangladesh there are two kinds of IslamicEducation System. These are described below:
 Institutional Islamic Education
: There are two kinds of Institutional Islamic Educationthese are Government & Private. These are described below:
i)Government Islamic Education:
Under Government Islamic Education Madrassa is one of theimportant areas where various Islamic subjects have been teaching
From primary level to Secondary School level Islamic study subject iscompulsory for Muslim Students. Arabic subject is optional for the Muslimstudents in the Secondary School level.
HSC to Degree level:
Islamic History & Arabic subject is optional for Muslim & Non Muslim students.
University level:
There are two departments in all Government University.Islamic History & Arabic. So any students have the opportunity to study in thesetwo departments & to learn about Islam.
: Islamic study also teaching by the private institutions is available inBangladesh. There are two kinds of private institutions are available in Bangladesh.These are Alia Madrassa (Called Kharizi) & Kaomi Madrassa
Alia Madrassa
: Alia Madrassa followed modern method of education & use thescientific technology to update the Muslim students which will help them toupgrade their professional life & higher study. In the Madrassa English.Mathematics, Bengali, General Science & History are also teaching to thestudents.
Kaomi Madrassa
: The teaching method of Kaomi Madrassa is traditional inheritage from the beginning of Islamic Education. Only Islamic Theological books are teaching to the learners. No other books are teaching to the learners.After finishing the course from the Kaomi Madrassa the students become theImam, Moazin, Khadem or the teacher of the Koami Madrassa. In the other  professional life they can not enjoy because they have no education to performthe modern life. They are the actual religious leader in the society. All classes of  people respect to them from religious point of views. At the time of birth,Marriage & death Mowlanas are required for all Muslim Peoples. They regularly perform their prayers in time. In real sense Mowlanas are creating the bridge withThe Holy God of the People. They think they have the responsibility to teach theholy Quran to the people. If they can do it correctly they will go to the
easily by the
 grace of God 
 Non – Institutional Islamic Education
Muktab is the initial stage of Islamic education where Mowlana or Hojursare normally teaches to the children. Sometimes in the evening time adult & old peoples are also teaches the Kaida, Sipara,Aliflam & the holy Quran in the Muktab. In the Muktab three things are veryimportant for Hujur to teach the learner. Firstly Arabic reading, secondly Memorizethe Suras from the holy Quran, Thirdly Teaching the Prayer. If they can completethese tree things & the learner can read the holy Quran, Recite the Suras from their memory & perform the prayer according the Islamic Rules their course of Muktab issuccessfully finished. No certificate is issued from the Muktab.
Islamic Study at home
: Some times people engage the Mowlanas at hometo teach the Arabic reading, Memorize the Suras & how to perform the prayer.
Teaching Quran in the Scientific method
Some of the Mobile Madrassahave been started to teach the holy Quran through the Scientific method tothe Children, Adult & the old people in the Mosque of different area of thecity & the country. No certificates are issued from those Mobile Madrasas
Some of the Electronic Media are trying to teach the Arabic & TheHoly Quran through T.V. Channel & C.D.
Print Media
: Print Medias are also publishing continuously The HolyQuran, Various religious books, Life of the Prophets, Islamic Magazines, Namaj Shika Book Etc.
Broadcast Media
Private T.V. Channel (Islamic TV) has been established to broadcast the Islamic history, the values of Islam, to create the Islamicsociety, to update the knowledge of modern life of Muslim People from theIslamic point of views. Islamic Saria, Islamic Banking System, Doing business following the Islamic Rules & Saria. How to create the relationship

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