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Co Curricular+Response+Becoming+Human

Co Curricular+Response+Becoming+Human

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Published by al07kloos
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Published by: al07kloos on May 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Co-Curricular EventResponse Sheet
Name:_ Alyssa Kloos _ Date Attended:_ 3/7/2013 Name of the Event: _ NOVA Becoming Human: Last Human Standing
 _  You must write a reaction to this event, and it must be typed. The reaction has several parts. Be sure to respond to all of them:emotional, intellectual, & core leaning outcomes. Each part needs tobe addressed in a 50 word paragraph (150 words total).
Part 1
: First, tell how this event (lecture, play, presentation,field trip, etc.) made you feel. This reaction is the emotional one.I found this program very interesting. The information they wereable to gather about our ancestry was incredible. They used fossilrecords and genetics to study human evolution. It made me interestedin finding out how genetic biotechnology has lead to discoveries withother species. It made me really want to learn more about evolutionarygenetics.
Part 2:
The second reaction is intellectual. What did it makeyou think about? Once it was over (or during the event) did you findyourself: agreeing, disagreeing, making connections, consideringcontrasts, proposing alternatives, making predictions, etc? Be specificand give examples.
(50 words)
 This really made me think about how advancements intechnology have made it possible to learn an incredible amount aboutspecies evolution. The program talked about mapping genomes;particularly how a scientist named Paabo and his team have made adraft of the entire neanderthal genome. It was compared to the humangenome and it showed neanderthals and humans share a commonancestor.
Part 3:
The third reaction asks you to relate this event to one of the corelearning outcomes (CLOs) on your syllabus for this class. How did thisevent help you better understand or relate to that outcome? Bespecific and give examples.
(50 words)

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