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Real Time Embedded Project

Real Time Embedded Project



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Published by: iluvnepal on Apr 05, 2009
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Embedded system is an intelligent system that has the capability of processing,monitoring and controlling. It may comprise of Sensors, Microcontrollers, FPGA, ASIC,etc. It typically has a specialized function with programs stored on ROM. Examples of embedded systems are automatic environmental systems, security systems, andentertainment systems.An added feature in any embedded system is its ability to communicate. Thecommunication can be via Bluetooth, WI-FI, GSM, or Ethernet cables. The TCP/IP protocol is a widely used standard for modern digital communication.A weather station is a facility with instruments and equipment to make weather observations by monitoring atmospheric conditions.The project we have undertaken is
IP based Weather Station (MausamParisuchak)
”. It includes the three concepts we discussed earlier viz. embedded systems,TCP/IP communication, and weather station. It provides real time data of weather inremote/inaccessible locations through a wireless /wired connection.
 Nepal being a mountianous country it is difficult to build some developmentinfrastructures. One of the biggest mountain ranges of the world, The Himalayas, lies in Nepal. Various organisation like ACAP, ICIMOD, and many other NGOs and GOs areworking to solve this problem through sustainable tourism and natural disaster mitigation(eg:- bursting of glacier lakes, avalanche, etc).The existing weather data collection technology in Nepal is backward for examplein Godawari ICIMOD is implementing data loggers which collect data and logged intothe magnetic hard disk which is swept at a frequency of 48 hrs manually. Our NationalMeteorological Department (NMD) has manual data collection process. Sometimes thismay result in the problem of unavailability of weather data at the time of necessity. Our  project “IP based weather station” can play a vital by addressing to these problems and providing data which can be used for monitoring various activities.2
 Main objective of our project is to make internet/ip enabled embedded deviceserving as advanced remote data logger which can be accessed remotely viaworkstation. Our internet enabled device “alias: Mausam Parisuchak” will beinterfaced with various sensors like temperature sensor, humidity sensor.This project finds its application in various fields like Weather ForecastingDepartment, organizations like ICIMOD (International Center for Integrated MountainDevelopment), ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project), etc which works onremote monitoring and development of the mountainous areas.Looking at the benefits of its technical efficiency and practical implementationalong with its coverage of course materials like Telecommunication, Instrumentation,Electronic Circuits, we selected this project as our final year project.On completion of this project, our module will be used by ICIMOD at Godawarifor its practical implementation.
The system designed in our project applied to monitor weather data from theremote field. The weather data is then communicated or transmitted to the central server through an Ethernet connection. The server is a web and database server which holds allthe past data transmitted by the system and also servers web pages to the public internetusers.The sensors we have decided to use are the Temperature and Light DependentSensors. They are connected to the PIC18F4620 microcontroller.3

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