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Women as Commodities, The Analysis of Local Culture Factor and Communication Approach of Women Trafficking in West Java, Indonesia

Women as Commodities, The Analysis of Local Culture Factor and Communication Approach of Women Trafficking in West Java, Indonesia

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Published by Alexander Decker
International journals call for papers, http://www.iiste.org/Journals
International journals call for papers, http://www.iiste.org/Journals

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Alexander Decker on May 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Research on Humanities and SocialISSN 2222-1719 (Paper) ISSN 222Vol.3, No.5, 2013
Women as CommoCommunication A
FacultyBndung-Sumedang STelp.: 628122465The research is financed by Local
Trafficking in Indonesia had emergin the Sakura country. But in realitIndonesia. The stories of women traWest Java is the provinces with the biggest of supplier women migraStarting from the attempt of preempThis paper is based on field observthrough interviews and observationand Kalimantan border.This study shows that poverty, locommodity in the trafficking. In adand boyfriend by recruiters is the st
Women trafficking, We
 Trafficking is a humanity crime population, has a number of traffieconomically. On the other hand, tservices of smugglers of illegal foreTrafficking in Indonesia had emergin the Sakura country. But in realitIndonesia. Most cases of womencareers ,for example entertainment,massively through an agents or lab brokers or users (user).The stories of women trafficking evworkers without social security or iallow wages, victims of extortion aIf six years earlier East Java is thethe largest trafficking victims. Dur women migrant workers. They caCianjur.What's going on with Trafficking population of women in the producomposition of female job seekersdominance of "local culture" that coThe questions always arise to measdown to the problem of illegal dispSciences-2863 (Online)
ities, the Analysis of Local Cultproach of Women TraffickingIndonesia
Atwar Bajari (Author)of Communication Science, Universitas Padjadjarantreet, KM. 21, Jatinangor, Sumedang 45363, West Ja213 E-mail:atwarbajari@yahoo.com,atwarbajari@g  overnment, Province of West Java Indonesia, Indoned since the Japanese colonial era. Women were give, they were held imprisoned and made the sex objectfficking eventually trapped the victims into prostitutioargest trafficking victims. This time, counties and citit workers. Many efforts have been made by the pro
tive, preventive and curative.tions and review of document reports (Metadata). Thto the area of trafficking in west Java and sending aeducation, local culture
are the cause f dition, interpersonal communication approach througategy in the recruitment of potential victims of trafficst Java, local cultural, mluruduit , and interpersonal cthat must be fought and stopped. Almost largelyking victims. Women as objects, has been tradedey do not get a strong legal protection, because mostgn workers to other countries.d since the Japanese colonial era. Women were give, they were held imprisoned and made the sex objecttrafficking, were related to economic problems.tourism guides, hotels o bars. Field data showed tors services, in which the victim was selected to coentually trapped the victims into prostitution. They bensurance, economic and health care. Most of them,d violence, as well as the removal of their rights as hrovince with the largest trafficking case. Now, Wesng this time, counties and cities in West Java becae from several areas, such as Indramayu, Cirebon,in Indonesia, especially in West Java. Are that dactive age, the high rates of female labor dispatcht low to medium levels higher, employment sector nsiders girls have a higher economic value?ure the probability of a number of causal factors. Ittch employment of women as temporary answer. If twww.iiste.org 
ure Factor andin West Java,
a, Indonesiaail.com sia promises to work as artistin Japanese army camps inn.es in West Java became thevincial and counties/cities.e data have been collectedeas such as Batam in Riauctors of women become ah family members, couplesing.mmunication, poor country with a largend exploited sexually andof their arrival through the promises to work as artistin Japanese army camps inecruiters promise jobs or hat the victims were takennform with the order fromcome sex objects, domesticecome illegal worker withman beings.Java is the provinces withe the biggest of supplier Bandung, Sukabumi, anda correlates with the highfrom West Java to abroad,or women's smaller, or theis ultimately always comesis is used as a handle, there
Research on Humanities and SocialISSN 2222-1719 (Paper) ISSN 222Vol.3, No.5, 2013is a problem with the delivery. Worecruited, selected and finally sentdestination countries for reasons prostitution.Many efforts have been made by preventive and curative. At the pro3 of 2008 on the Prevention and Hhave created their own local regulatsome counties that have establishedThis paper tries to explain; the macr Describes the type of socio-culturaldescribes about the mapping zonesLastly, I would like to describe appr This paper is based on field observthrough interviews and observation border.
Description of the Research
 Effect of Macro Conditions
The population of West Java in 221,512,996 people and female 21,1BPS, the number of poor people inin the Bogor regency , that is 446.0is, 12.9 thousand people or 0.30%.closely. The BPS data showed that44.35%. Graduated from elementar The next dimension to consider is jforce in West Java as many as 18,Unemployed as many as 2,079,830seekers at all levels of eThe number of female job seekers r the number of job seekers, with lo job seekers. While the job vacancieWith limited job vacancies, causingSo they look for works outside the r Under these conditions, encouragecompetition, regulatory weaknesses jobs. Recruiters freely seek and easiIn 2010, registered workers at theLabor and Transmigration, West J
 Pelaksana Jasa Tenaga Kerja Indo
the Disnakertrans are 41 companiesDhabi about 540 people, MalaysiIndonesian workers who illegallyillegal agencies are difficult to idewomen trafficking .The data victims of trafficking icommercial sex workers labor on tcases of trafficking can be reducedThe task of local governments thtrafficking syndicates. In addition toSciences-2863 (Online)
men become commodities that was shipped and trato the suppliers in the region. After that they were r ade household labor, industry, or entertainment.the provincial and counties/cities. Starting from tincial level, had been made regulatory of traffickingandling of Human Trafficking in West Java. Similions to combat human trafficking. Indramayu, Sukaband implemented the regulation.o conditions that enable the emergence of traffickingfactors that encourage women's growing out of thethrough number of victim, and in cities of the latent toach communication about trafficking in womentions and review of document reports (Metadata). Ths to the area of trafficking in Indonesia, such as Bat
010 reached 43,021,826 people with the compositi80,955 people. The population density reaches 115West Java at 4,852,520 people or 11.58%. The highethousand from the total population or 9.19% and thIf the data of poor people is analyzed by education lthe percentage of the poor people who are not gradschool/junior high is 50,25%, and senior high schooob seekers and job opportunities. The BPS data in 281,260 people. Active worker as much as 18,981,26 people or 10.96%. While connected to the level oucation reached 4,676,721 people or 11.70each the 1,879,839 (41.00% from the total number oeducational qualifications to medium, reaches 3,90s available in West Java in 2010 only 242,793 vacan job seekers with low educational qualifications and legion and even being Indonesian workers overseas (Ts illegal migrants worker recruitment practices. Theand the lack of job seekers information about the dely find workers nominee.
 Departmen Tenaga Kerjadan Transmigrasi (Disna
va have been dispatch abroad about 6614 people.
esia (PJTKI)
as implementers Indonesian labor servi. Largest destination country is Saudi Arabia with 53about 217 people, and Oman about 120 people.nknown, though the number of deliveries are larger tified, of course, adding the factor contributing to tWest Java is difficult to collected. However, ree Indonesia border, it cannot be denied. It is time alr eliminated.rough the authorities is very significant in combaraise community awareness through the disseminatiowww.iiste.org ded illegally. They sought,eselected to be sent to theBut eventually trapped inhe attempt of preemptive,of women and children No.rly, the counties and citiesmi, Banjar and Cianjur areases.house. Furthermore, it alsorigger factors and counties.e data have been collectedm in Riau and Kalimantanon of the male population people per km2.From thet poor people population islowest is in Banjar, whichevel, they were relate veryuated elementary school is
l is 5.40%.09, describe the total labor 0 people or about 89.42%.education, number of job% of the population. job seekers). Furthermore,,792, or 83.60% from totalies available in 10 sectors.ow skills are marginalized.KI).recruiters utilize high jobtination and the type of the
or Department of he number of institutionsces, officially registered at4 people, followed by AbuMeanwhile, recruitment of than the legal PJTKI. Thee difficulties of tracing of ding the high number of l parties concerned, so thatting all those involved inn of information.
Research on Humanities and SocialISSN 2222-1719 (Paper) ISSN 222Vol.3, No.5, 2013Law of the Republic of Indonesia Nordinary criminal law can be sentminimum fine of Rp. 120,000,0600,000,000.00 (six hundred millioThe emergence of trafficking cases protection. Improving the quality of as well as the expansion of women'quality of development of women aIndicators of women's social welf women victims of violence and soand elderly who became victims oyears there had been an increase o116,218 people and in 2006 amountMeanwhile, social welfare issues (displaced children under five, the 5there were 29,161 people abandoneIn addition, other major problems mFor example, the number index of eof Development of child health s protection.
 Local and Cultural Factors
The Research of PKPM Unika At people are the combination that caand comparative studies in the tra poverty, low level education, and cPoverty is a macro factors that leatrapped into the recruiter seduction.others.Low levels of education seekers, chandling, destination countries, andmake it easier for recruiter and illegThe Culture. Culture is unique. Pmeet will also be affected. In Westwith a distinctive culture encouragwork in the informal sector. Moreconditions such as trafficking cases been the driving factor girls seek jo
is the term. If defined litmoney, as a symbol of ownership.used for girls. Girls become very imIn local culture, high school girlsdivorced. Status as a young widowyoungThe status as a merry widow encoworld of entertainment. Singing, daof sex workers in the northern coasaround 100 food stalls, cafes, andBandung city, the young girl workiLooking at this condition, on the lehandling. Prevention efforts involvPolice, Immigration, Education, PuSciences-2863 (Online)
umber 21 of 2007 was passed. So the previous actorsnced to imprisonment of 3 years and a maximum0.00 (one hundred and twenty million dollars)rupiahs).in West Java, showed lack of support system of womwomen's education, improved nutrition and health stas participation in political, social and economic suppd children.re development in West Java is quite low. For exioeconomic vulnerable are quite high. In 2003, theviolence about 4674 people. In 2006 about 5335 p14.14%. While socioeconomic vulnerable women ied to 128525 people, so there had been increase of 10.OM) for children showed that in West Java in 20059 who live in the street, abandoned children 81719,infants, the 8448 street children, abandoned childrenust take into account when looking at the map of childucation participation school and drop-out rate at evch as nutritional status, births and deaths of infaa Jaya-UNFPA (2003) exposed that poverty, low eses women and children trapped in the "sex industry".sitional region can be summarized that, the factor lture.
d someone to find a job. Women of productive ageThe research usually offered employment overseas,ausing them enable to understand the regulations, thculture. Moreover among of job seekers have minimal employment, deceive, extort, and even harass of thrspective people's behavior is influenced by culture.Java community, hiring girls to get money is influes the daughter to leave the house, even abroad, toifficult, among girls works on entertainment world teasier to appear. The habits
in one of ths to abroad.rally,
means to find, collect and use the mone
typical term is directed by parents to childre portant because of higher economic value.in the push off to get married, even through coer has more value, especially in sexual attraction. Peourage them to work outside the home freely. Usuallcing or other entertaining for men. ILO research (2extending from Karawang, Cikampek, Subang, Indr karaoke places that offer young girls mostly 14-2g in the brothel, massage, karaoke bars, hotels and otel of the region, it is necessary for the prevention ane many parties such as family, community, collegelic Health, BPMD, and Social Services. The most imwww.iiste.org who apprehended by usingf 15 (fifteen) years and aand a maximum of Rp.en empowerment and childtus of mothers and children,ort system are affecting themple, elderly women andumber of children, womeneople, thus the in the threethe year 2003 as many as59% in three year time.3 there were 25947 peopleand the brat 6028. In 2006,280 389, and the brat 6679.ren development situations.ry level of education, levelts and toddlers, and childucation, and culture of the. The results from field datathat cause trafficking arewho are poor, more easilyntertainers, babysitters ande information labor, trafficl literacy. These conditionse victims.How do people make endsced by culture. Some areasearn money. Most of themat closer to prostitution. Indistricts in West Java, hasfor a better future.
is. But even more special ision. After that, they werele call merry widow (verywidow)y chosen profession is the03) shows that the locationmayu to Cirebon, scattered0 years old. While in theer types of entertainment.d elimination of traffickingand authorities such as theortant is the preparation of 

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