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Illuminati Strategies, Indoctrination & How Final Aim Was Progressively

Illuminati Strategies, Indoctrination & How Final Aim Was Progressively

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The Illuminati were skilled in misleading recruits to not detect their ultimate goals. For sake of survival, the Illuminati recognized dissimulation had to be used extensively over their membership.
The Illuminati were skilled in misleading recruits to not detect their ultimate goals. For sake of survival, the Illuminati recognized dissimulation had to be used extensively over their membership.

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Published by: Cahaya Kegelapan Suara Kesunyian on May 07, 2013
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 Illuminati of Bavaria
Dissimulation To Conceal Its Aims
 Illuminati Strategies, Indoctrination & How Final AimWas Progressively Revealed 
 Dissimulation To Conceal Its Aims
The Illuminati were skilled in misleading recruits tonot detect their ultimate goals. For sake of survival, the Illu-minati recognized dissimulation had to be used extensivelyover their membership. Knigge, one of the Order’s leaders,explained to an intimate: “We must give such an account of things, that fanatics shall not be alarmed, and that shall, not-withstanding, excite a spirit of free inquiry... [B]y the assis-tance of hidden schools of Wisdom, Liberty and Equality, thenatural and imprescriptible rights of man warm and glow inevery breast.”
 The Illuminati learned to cloak themselves in the mes-sage of Jesus. Thus, the Illuminati said to recruits in the earlygrades that their goals were actually compatible with Chris-tianity. They taught communism was Christ’s aim. Kniggehad devised this strategy. He in fact fought hard withWeishaupt to introduce the affirmation of “Christian princi- ples” as a cloak for their true agenda. Knigge explained to
-Zwack what would be taught at the outset to attract thenew members:
 Jesus Christ established no new Religion, butonly to restore
 natural religion and reason totheir old rights
. He wished to unite men in agreat universal association, and through the
1.John Robison,
(1798, Kessinger 2003 edition) at 87.
Illuminati Strategies, Indoctrination & How Final Aim Was Progressively
 Illuminati of Bavaria
spread of a wiser morality, enlightenment, andthe combating of all prejudices to make them
capable of governing themselves
; so thesecret meaning of his teaching was to lead menwithout revolution to universal liberty andequality.
There are many passages in the Bible which can be made use of and explained, so all quarrelling between the sects ceases if one can find a reasonable meaning in the teaching of Jesus—be they true or not
. As, however, this simple religionwas afterwards distorted, so were these teach-ings imparted to us through DisciplinaraArcani and finally through Freemasonry, andall masonic hieroglyphics can be explainedwith this object.
has collected verygood data for this and I have myself added tothem,... and so I have got both degrees ready....Now therefore that people see that
we are theonly real and true Christians
, we can say aword more against priest and princes, but Ihave so managed things that after previoustests I can receive popes and kings in thisdegree. In the higher Mysteries we must then(a)
disclose the pious fraud
and (b) revealfrom all writings the origin of all religious liesand their connexion....
Catholic Christianity was understood for some time tohave been accused by Protestants of using
 pious frauds
,deception to spread the ‘true gospel.’ Knigge meant to appro- priate that strategy to the Order’s use.And by this stratagem, the Illuminati claimed Jesustaught communism, but this was forgotten over the ages.Hence, they taught the true followers of Jesus are the Illumi-nati. By this ruse, the Illuminati could deflect suspicion thattheir goal was to destroy all religions. They hoped one daythat some might even mistake Illuminism or Illuminized 
 Illuminati of Bavaria
Dissimulation To Conceal Its Aims
Freemasonry for a “Christian-oriented” sect. The Illuminatiwere so clever that they envisioned themselves creating anew religion where Jesus was their main founder. Theytrusted their internal security apparatus would avoid the dis-covery of their true meaning to this claim. Only their bestrecruits would understand the secular meaning.This explanation to the recruit that Illuminism wastrue Christianity became a standard fixture of many subse-quent Illuminist societies. This tactic was handed down in thedark to successor secret societies, political movements and concocted religions. It survives in our era.
 Knigge wrote to another member how crafty werethese efforts. He explained: “I have been at unwearied painsto remove the
of some who imagine that our Superiors
want to abolish Christianity
.... Were I to let them know that
 our General holds all Religion to be a lie, and uses even Deism... only to lead men by the nose
[would bother them].”
 Initially, the recruit would be told that the Illuminati would use non-violent means to abolish all governments. The Illu-minati told the recruit that as the order spread its influence in
2.Jesuits studied this doctrine, and justified pious frauds. Jesuits made“casuistry a separate science,” and defended “the permissibility of actswhich are sinful in themselves, but may be justified or at least par-doned, under extenuating circumstances, such as...tyrannicide to freethe people from oppression...
 pious fraud or lying for a good pur- pose
.....” (Philip Schaff & Samuel Macauley Jackson,
TheologicalPropædeutic, a General Introduction to Theology
(N.Y.: Scribner’s,1893) at 441.)“Even the Fathers of the Church practiced what acquired its own term — 
 pious fraud 
— in the battle to bring heathens and heretics into the fold of revealed religion.” (Evelin Sullivan,
The Concise Book of Lying
 (N.Y.: Picador, 2001) at 269.)“There is in the Roman Catholic church a vast amount of what can only be called 
 pious fraud 
.” (“The Four Hundredth Birthday of Luther,”
The British Quarterly Review
(Oct. 1883) at 210.)3.
 Nachtrag von Weiteren Originalschriften
(Munich: Zweite Abteilung,1787), Vol. I, at 104-06.
See also
, (1798),
, at 98-99.

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