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Highland Destiny

Highland Destiny



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Published by theresa1970
written by Hannah Lowell ,
book 1 of the highlander series,
highland honor, highland promise, highland vow
Hannah Lowell collections
written by Hannah Lowell ,
book 1 of the highlander series,
highland honor, highland promise, highland vow
Hannah Lowell collections

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Published by: theresa1970 on May 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Highland destinyHannah lowellScotland, 1430paths intertwinedWhile Maldie treats the wounds of the boy who found the road, shedesperately tries to deny the attraction that his brother woke him fromfirst moment. Although Maldie and Murray Balfour soon discover sharingsame mission of vengeance, she must at all costs keep his true identitysecret, because, otherwise, will be appointed as a spy.On behalf of his family's honour, Balfour vowed to destroy his greatest enemy, theBeaton nefarious Dubhlinn. The support Maldie would be a powerful asset, but Balfourknows he cannot trust her, and cannot ignore the desire for that woman of rare beauty and sensuality. Now Balfour is determined to unravel theMaldie secrets, and also to live the passion that consumes without allowing anythingstands in his way ... not even the threat of seeing their clan split!Chapter IScotland, Spring 1430.Young Eric is gone. Murray Balfour, Lord of Donncoill, pushed the platestew had been tasting and stared at the weapon master, whose face pale and tiredrevealed huge concern. Few things used to shake the always calm andJames controlled. Foreseeing severe problems, Balfour, now completely without appetite,took the cup of wine in the mouth.
- As well, if it was?- Kidnapped the boy - James explained every nerve of the body musculartaut. - We were hunting when Twelve Knights surrounded us. Colin and Thomas,despite fighting bravely, died on the spot. Eric yelled to escape, while II took up the remaining enemies. But the boy's horse balked. Before Ipossible help, the damn captured him and left racing.- Who took it? - Asked Balfour, after sending a servant to call yourbrother, Nigel.- Men Beaton.The fact that Sir William Beaton, Lord Dubhlinn, cause it does not inconvenience thesurprise, considering past disagreements between the clans. However, the kidnapping ofboy shocked him. Eric was the result of a brief affair between his father and the last wife Beaton. The infamous, in a supreme act of cruelty, abandoned the newbornin solitude.Fate had made James, returning from a hunt, passed by the placeand gather the little one. Seeing him wrapped in a blanket with the colours of the rival clan,his father was not difficult to reach the obvious conclusion. William Beaton who condemnonehelpless baby to death, the shock. And he tried to assassinate a Murray, theinfuriated. From that moment, they became sworn enemies. Balfourknew the extent of the hatred of his father William, feeling accented with deathsudden and suspicious of the woman who loved leader of Murray. The old feud between thefamilies, transformed into a fierce and bloody conflict, dragged on for years. Afterdeath of his father, Balfour waited a little peace. For now remainedpainfully clear that you Dubhlinn did not care for peace.- Why would want Eric Beaton? - Tense, Balfour pressed the silver cup with such force that underscores the piece cut off his palm.- Do you think the scum want to assassinate him? Finish what you startedyears ago?
- No - James replied firmly. - If Beaton wanted the boy dead, theirhenchmen would have slain. What happened in the forest ambush was planned, notone chance encounter. That bunch was waiting for us, waiting for Eric.- This shows how much we neglect our defence. Oh, Nigel -Balfour muttered, noticing the younger brother enter the room - even though notslow to locate it.- The servant you sent after me mentioned Eric. Something about akidnapping? - Nigel sat down at the table and poured wine.The principle Balfour wondered how else could look so peaceful.Then he noticed that his fingers around the cup had lost all colour and eyesamber were almost black because of the increasing fury. In a nutshell,reported what he knew and waited impatiently, the opinion of his brother.- Beaton needs a child - Nigel said, his voice cold as steel.- Damn Eric abandoned years ago - Balfour argued, motioningJames to sit at the table too.- Yes, because I still had plenty of time to generate a man. Andfailed. Scotland is awash with legitimate and bastard daughters of Beaton. Daughtersborn to wives, lovers, prostitutes.- I heard rumours that Beaton's been very sick. - In a tired gesture, Jamespassed his hand through his graying hair.- I believe strides to death - confirmed Nigel. - Hisrelatives, neighbours and enemies closer now are surrounding. However it stillnot choose an heir, a successor. Surely fears the end electedhastening its end. Therefore, it remains to resist and fight.- To abandon - Eric that hill, Beaton made clear not believe that the was his son - Balfour pondered.- Eric has the physical characteristics of the parent, not the Murray. Beaton couldhave it claimed as legitimate heir. I know that few will swallow this story

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