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Prayer for Spiritual Enlargement.

Prayer for Spiritual Enlargement.

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Published by glennpease

Open thou my lips ; and my mouth shall show forth thy praise.

Psalm li. 15. [1801.]

Open thou my lips ; and my mouth shall show forth thy praise.

Psalm li. 15. [1801.]

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Published by: glennpease on May 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PRAYER FOR SPIRITUAL ELARGEMET.REV. RICHARD CECIL, A.MOpen thou my lips ; and my mouth shall show forth thy praise.Psalm li. 15. [1801.]Our Church uses these words in her Liturgy. Ob-serve »I. What is meant by this request. It plainlyimplies that guilt will shut the mouth, as it did Adam's — as it did the man without a wedding garment :" Friend, how camest thou in hither ? and he wasspeechless." It is probable he could talk to the guestsvery freely about the feast : but when the king camein to see the guests, he was dumb : he deceived men, buthe seems to say, " I find I cannot deceive God !" Thiswas the case with David when, upon a melancholy oc-casion, this psalm was penned : his lips had been closedby guilt ; and therefore he here prays, " Open thoumy lips," that I may praise thee as I used to do; letme come with holy boldness to " the blood of sprink-ling," as I used to do. There is no man but knows, if PRAYER FOR SPIRITUAL ELARGEMET. 451he comes to speak to his friend, and finds his face setagainst him, what it is to be struck dumb : on the otherhand, if his friend smiles upon him, his tongue is loosed.We inquire,II. How IS THIS TO BE OBTAIED ?Liberty of heart, and liberty of speech, (I mean inan honest man, for a hypocrite can talk at all times,but an honest man cannot talk of religion if his con-science upbraids him,) true liberty of heart and speech,can only proceed from the work of the Holy Spirit ;the Lord only can again open the mouth which hasbeen closed by guilt, by the application of pardon tothe heart of the sinner, teaching him to exalt the Sa-viour, and then enlarging his heart, and implanting in
it a love of holiness, so that the lips shall show forth hispraise. Mark,III. The effect of the lips being thus opened.If the lips have been closed by guilt, as was the casewith Zacharias, Luke i. 10, and with David, when the joy of God's salvation is restored, the mouth will soondeclare it. " Come, all ye that fear God," says David," and I will tell you what he hath done for my soul :'*" I will run in the way of thy commandments whenthou shalt enlarge my heart." Then it is like Springseason, when the sun comes and gives life to the earth.It is like a resurrection from the dead. However deadand stupid a man has been, not able to speak a wordexcept like a parrot, yet, if the Lord opens his mouth,you need not tell him that it is his duty to praise God,he cannot help it ; you need not tell him that the Sab-bath should be observed, it is his feast day : it is thesame as respects the sacrament.Do you find nothing like an opening of your lips ?452 ORIGIAL THOUGHTS.or has guilt sealed and closed them ? Take care notto conceal, much less extenuate your guilt, but bringthe matter to Christ. Be not afraid to put the LordJesus upon working miracles now, as well as formerly :come to him. If, like David, you have to mourn overa wicked, treacherous heart, here is an example howyou should act. Instead of despairing, remember, andendeavor to enter into, what St. John says : " Thesethings write I unto you that ye sin not : but if anyman sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus

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