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Pennington Co. Courant, May 9, 2013

Pennington Co. Courant, May 9, 2013

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Published by: surfnewmedia on May 08, 2013
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Section A
Number 19Volume 108May 9, 2013
Three new watercolor paintingsby Artist in Residence Jessica L.Bryant are now on display at theBen Reifel Visitor Center in Bad-lands National Park.Bryant’s donation of the paint-ings is just the most recent effortin an ongoing partnership betweenBadlands and the artist, whoworked with tribal youth on thePine Ridge Indian Reservationduring her residency.Two of Bryant’s paintings depictscenes from the South Unit of Bad-lands National Park, which is lo-cated on the Pine Ridge IndianReservation and is part of a pro-posed tribal national park.To foster a long-term commit-ment to the tribal national parkidea, Badlands has been buildingconnections with youth in localcommunities. Using science andart together, the hope is to inspireyoung minds while encouragingyouth toward careers in conserva-
New artwork at Badlands
tion.“As part of my residency, Iworked with youth at the RedCloud Indian School to help themcreate their own paintings of thesebeautiful, meaningful places thatare located on their tribal lands,”Bryant said. Student work can beviewed at flickr.com/badlandsna-tionalpark.The three paintings—“NorthUnit: Cedar Pass Area,” “Strong-hold Unit: Battle Creek and PlentyStar Table,” and “Palmer CreekUnit: Campsite Location of Na-tional Geographic Society Paleon-tology Dig, Circa 1940”— repre-sent the varied landscapes andareas of historical significance thatcan be found within the park.The rugged beauty of the bad-lands draws visitors from aroundthe world and has inspired artistsfor generations.The striking geologic depositscontain one of the world’s richestfossil beds, and the park’s 244,000acres protect an expanse of mixed-grass prairie. The landscape hasbeen sacred ground to the Lakotapeople for centuries.Postcards and posters of Bryant’s paintings are also avail-able from the Badlands NaturalHistory Association (BNHA) book-store at the visitor center and on-line at badlandsnha.org.Bryant was recently honored byhaving a painting accepted intothe 146th Annual InternationalExhibition of the American Water-color Society in New York. Plansare underway for a 2014 Dahl ArtsCenter exhibit of Bryant’s work re-lated to the South Unit of Bad-lands National Park.
Story by Kyle Partain,NHSRA Times Editor
When asked about their favoritepart of the competition, many highschool rodeo queens will talk aboutthe personal interview or thechance to get on stage and presenttheir prepared speech.South Dakota’s Elsie Fortunedoesn’t miss a beat, however, whenshe emphatically points to thehorsemanship portion as her fa-vorite aspect of the event.“I don’t really like givingspeeches,” she says with a laugh.“I like being around people and just talking with them. No matterhow many I do, interviews neverget any easier for me.”The ranch-raised cowgirl hasspent her entire life horseback, soher comfort with the horseman-ship pattern comes as no surprise. And she’s not the only one whosees the differences between her-self and many of her fellow queencontestants.“She isn’t into all the fancy stuff,but can really nail a horsemanshippattern,” says SDHSRA State Sec-retary Ann Sundermann. “She is avery humble western SouthDakota girl who loves to rope. Sheis really on top of her game rightnow.”Need proof, look no further thanthe Black Hills Stock Show andRodeo this past January. Elsie wonthe 20X Extreme Showcase Rodeowith a 2.8-second run in break-away roping. The rodeo is openonly to the top contestants in eachregion of the state, and Elsie didher best to represent the South-west Region.“I guess you could say I’m hav-ing a pretty good year,” Elsie jokes.The BHSS rodeo is the only oneoffered to high school contestantsduring the winter. Unlike manystates and provinces, SouthDakota offers only a half-dozen orless points rodeos each season.Practice rodeos that start aroundMay of each year offer contestantsa chance to work out the kinks of along winter layoff before real com-petitions begin each year.“We just don’t have a lot of in-door barns to use during the win-ter,” Elsie says. “And the weatherisn’t usually good enough evenduring the spring for us to haveoutdoor rodeos.”That’s a shame for Elsie, whowould rather spend her time rop-ing than doing just about anythingelse. However, she gets plenty of opportunities to get horseback andswing a loop while working on thefamily’s Triangle S Ranch in Inte-rior, S.D.“All of the rodeo horses areranch horses first. We use them onthe ranch every day,” she says.“My whole family has alwaysbeen into roping, and bronc riding.But I can’t really do bronc riding,at least not in competition. I get todo a little sometimes when myhorses get a little broncy aroundthe ranch.”While she might not enjoy theidea of giving speeches or doing in-terviews, Elsie is a natural repre-sentative for the sport thanks toher life-long involvement withrodeo.“I do enjoy traveling to rodeosand meeting a lot of great people,”Elsie says. “That never gets old.”A senior in 2012-13, Elsie won’tget the chance to defend hercrown, but she will get the chanceto defend her other state champi-onship – in breakaway roping.At the 2012 SDHSRA State Fi-nals, Elsie recorded times in allthree rounds to finish sixth the av-erage and jump to the top spot inthe final year-end standings. Shefailed to record a time in break-away roping at the NHSFR, andfinished 21st in the NHSRA QueenContest in Rock Springs, Wyo.While there’s no question thatshe’ll continue to rope – she’sheaded to Northwest College inPowell, Wyo., on a rodeo scholar-ship – she’s undecided about herfuture in queen contests.“I like the queening, but it reallyis a lot of work,” she says. “I don’tknow that I could go to college,rope in college rodeos and be aqueen all at the same time. MaybeI’ll come back to it after school.”Once she gets to college, Elsieplans to major in graphic commu-nications.“That’s a fancy word for photog-raphy,” she says. “My grandma isan artist, so I guess she kind of in-fluenced me in that. Photographyreally relaxes me, I guess. My rolemodel is Alisha Barry (a rodeo pho-tographer from South Dakota).”One thing she doesn’t plan ondoing in school is dusting off herbarrel saddle or her goat string.“I don’t know that I would evenremember how to run barrels or tiegoats,” Elsie says. “Hopefully, I canstick to breakaway and team rop-ing.”
Not your typical rodeo queen
South Dakota High SchoolRodeo Queen Elsie Fortunewould have loved to haveskipped the speech competi-tion at the 2012 National HighSchool Finals Rodeo.
~Photo Courtesy of NHSRA/ JenningsRodeoPhotography.com
The South Dakota Departmentof Environment and Natural Re-sources (DENR) announced thatthe West River/Lyman-Jones pub-lic water system and the system’soperation specialists have beenawarded a Decade of DrinkingWater Excellence Award.The award is for outstandingwater system operations and envi-ronmental compliance with statedrinking water standards for thepast ten years.The system’s operation special-ists are Jake Fitzgerald, Michael Vetter, Ed Venard, Brandon Kins-ley, Eddie Dartt, John Kramer,Steven Baker and Nicholas Konst.“Many people turn on the tap intheir home or office and take theclean, safe water that flows out forgranted,” said DENR SecretarySteve Pirner, “but it takes highlytrained, certified system operationspecialists to make it happen everyday.Governor Dennis Daugaard joined in celebrating an accom-plished group of graduating sen-iors and encouraged them to growtheir own roots in South Dakotaduring Monday’s 23rd Annual Ac-ademic Excellence Banquet inPierre.
Lane Hustead son of Teddyand Karen Hustead was se-lected from Wall High Schoolas one of the top seniors of South Dakota.
~Courtesy Photo
Governor Daugaard: Topstudents make SD proud
“Some of the greenest pasturesin America are right here in SouthDakota,” Governor Daugaard said,noting the low cost and high qual-ity of living South Dakota offered.Hosted by the Associated SchoolBoards of South Dakota and spon-sored by the South Dakota Com-munity Foundation and Citibank,the banquet honored more than200 students from the state’s pub-lic, private and tribal schools.“Today we celebrate excellenceand this is what it looks like,” ASBSD President Pam Haukaas of the Colome Consolidated schooldistrict said.Schools are asked to identify onestudent for every 100 graduatingseniors based on academic criteria,such as grade-point average andscores on college readiness tests.Parents and high school princi-pals are requested to join each stu-dent and share in the celebration.An impassioned Governor Dau-gaard urged students to show theirappreciation for the dedication of those closest to them as he remi-nisced about his parents’ commit-ment to be there for him.“Remember all the people whogot you here,” Governor Daugaardsaid. “Remember that they loveyou.”
DENR recognizes WR/LJ for drinking water compliance
The operation specialists of theWest River/Lyman-Jones havemade it happen for not just oneyear, but for ten consecutiveyears.”To qualify for the Decade of Drinking Water Excellence Award,public water systems and theirsystem operation specialists had tomeet all of the following require-ments for the past ten consecutiveyears:•compliance monitoring and re-porting,•drinking water standards, and•certification requirements.On November 24th, SouthDakota Game & Fish received a re-port from two concerned citizensregarding suspicious hunting ac-tivity within the Conata Basin,which is located in the northwestpart of Badlands National Park.Park rangers conducted an inves-tigation and discovered a bloodtrail measuring over 700 yards.Two Rapid City residents, Lance VanZee and Todd Elson were inter-viewed as suspects in the case.These interviews resulted inboth men admitting to havingkilled two mule deer inside thepark.Rangers confiscated the headsand capes of both deer along with
Two Rapid City residentscharged with deer poaching
a rifle used by Elson. VanZee andElson were charged with misde-meanor Lacey Act violations, re-sulting in $2,000 in fines and resti-tution totaling $3,000.This is the second successfulLacey Act conviction of illegalhunting activities at Badlands Na-tional Park since January of thisyear, when rangers and U.S. Fishand Wildlife Service officers closeda 2010 buffalo poaching case.The Lacey Act protects bothplants and wildlife by creatingcivil and criminal penalties for awide array of violations.It prohibits trade in wildlife,fish, and plants that have been il-legally taken, transported or sold.
Teaming up against cancer the West River Lightning Bugs and the Town N County FROG’s RelayFor Life teams hosted the first annual Cast Iron Cook Off and Beverage Tasting event Saturday,April 27, 2013, at the Wall Golf Course. Five local chefs, along with their assistants, entered theCast Iron Cook off. Competing were Jim and Kathy Fremstad, Norman and Marsha Eisenbraun,Kenny and Janet Wilson, Kent Lurz and Casey Weaver. Cooks assistants included Mike and Jes-sica Kroells, Ruby Keyser and Di Turgeon. These cooks all did an amazing job! Breads, Dessertsand Main dishes could be prepared, and what a wonderful variety they made. Buns/Dinner Rolls,Apple and Peach Pie, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Peach Cobbler, Upside Down Pizza, Lasagna,Fleisch Noodla, and Jambalaya were all available to sample by those attending after the judgesviewed and tasted each entry. Coming away with winning entries from the judges and also Peo-ples’ Choice Awards in each division were Kent Lurz and Norman and Marsha Eisenbraun. Fol-lowing the Cook Off an auction was held with a variety of items being auctioned off. Participantsfor the event pictured back row: from left to right ... Mike Kroells, Jessica Kroells, Kent Lurz, Nor-man Eisenbraun, Marsha Eisenbraun, Ruby Keyser, Janet Wilson, Casey Weaver, Kathy Fremstad,Jim Fremstad and Kenny Wilson. Front row ... Di Turgeon.
~Courtesy Photo
Tasty event to become an annual affair 
In this issue you will find publi-cation of financial summaries of various insurance companies li-censed to do business in SouthDakota.Insurance companies doing busi-ness in South Dakota are requiredby state law to publish these finan-cial summaries annually. The sum-mary lists the insurance com-pany's assets, liabilities, businessin South Dakota for the year andthe lines in which the company isauthorized by the state of SouthDakota to sell insurance."Recent times in our nation'seconomy have shown us that moredisclosure and more information iscrucial to public confidence in allaspects of our financial industry,"SDNA General Manager DavidBordewyk said. "These importantpublic notices help fulfill the ex-pectations held by SouthDakotans."The published insurance com-pany financial statements from allSouth Dakota newspapers soonwill be available at www.sdpublic-notices.com. The website is a com-pilation of all public notices firstpublished in all South Dakotanewspapers.This newspaper along with allother newspapers in the state andSouth Dakota Newspaper Associa-tion have joined together to pro-vide the public notice website as apublic service at no cost to stateand local governments.For more information about anyinsurance company doing businessin South Dakota, contact the stateDivision of Insurance in Pierre at(605) 773-3563.For more information about thepublication of these legal notices,contact your local newspaper orSouth Dakota Newspaper Associa-tion.South Dakota Newspaper Asso-ciation, founded in 1882 and basedin Brookings, represents 130weekly and daily newspapers witha total readership of more than600,000.Chief Ranger Casey Osbackstated "This case reflects a strongpartnership between the local com-munity and Badlands NationalPark in protecting our cultural andnatural resources."The National Park Service mis-sion, as identified in the 1916 Or-ganic Act is charged with the pro-tection of “natural and historic ob- jects and the wild life” in nationalparks. In most park units, huntingis specifically called out as a pro-hibited recreational use. Huntingis welcomed on some federal andstate properties. Responsiblehunters research regulations andfollow appropriate guidelines.
Public Noticeshighlight Ins.Co.s’ financialcondition
School, Sports & Area News
PenningtonCounty Courant
Don Ravellette
General Manager of Operations:
Kelly Penticoff 
Office Manager/Graphics:
Ann Clark
Staff Writer: 
Laurie Hindman
Subscription Rates:
In PenningtonCountyand those having Kadoka,Belvidere, Cottonwood, Elm Springs, Inte-rior, Philip, Midland, Milesville, and Cedar Pass addresses:
$35.00 per year;
PLUSapplicable sales tax. In-State:
$42.00 per year 
; PLUS applicable sales tax. Out-of-State:
$42.00 per year.
Periodicals Postage Paid at Wall, SD.
Postmaster Send change of address notices to:Pennington Co. CourantPO Box 435Wall, SD 57790-0435.
Established in 1906. The PenningtonCo. Courant, an official newspaper of Pen-nington County, the towns of Wall, Quinnand Wasta, and the school district in Wall,SD, is published weekly by Ravellette Pub-lications, Inc. The Pennington CountyCourant office is located on the corner of 4th Ave. and Norris St. in Wall, SD.
Telephone: (605)279-2565FAX: (605)279-2965E-mail Address: courant@gwtc.net Copyrighted 1982:
Ravellette Publica-tions, Inc. All rights reserved. Nothing maybe reprinted, photocopied, or in any way re-produced from this publication, in whole or in part, without the written consent of thepublisher.
South Dakota Nespaper Association
U.S.P.S 425-720
Section A • Pennington County Courant • May 9, 2013 •
Page 2
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#&"24)&02*(*/"-3*(/"452&"%%2&33"/%4&-&1)0/&/5.#&2 0'4)&"54)02
010-*4*$"--&44&23"2&4025/4)&4707&&,312*0240"/&-&$4*0/)&;&44&23<$0-5./*3*/4&/%&%400''&22&"%&234)&0110245/*4940&812&334)&*201*/*0/34*3/04.&"/4402&1-"$&"%6&24*3*/("3".&"/30'2&"$)*/(1&01-&)*315#-*$"4*0/=3(0"-*3401204&$44)&'*234".&/%.&/4(5"2"/4&&0' '2&&31&&$)!052$0..&/43"2&7&-$0.&%"/%&/$052"(&%)&*0/&&2&6*&7 &//*/(40/0052"/40808)*-*1"--)&"%0,"2&33 )&"*4)/%&1&/%&/40808"%0," "*4))&*30/052*&2 )&52%00904&0808*30/52%0&7/%&2700%03408:&7/%&2700%
 RavellettePublications, Inc.
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On Sunday, April 28, 2013 at theEisemann Center in Richardson,Texas, fifteen-year-old Kellie Stew-art won the title of Miss DallasTeen 2013 at the Miss Dallas andMiss Dallas Teen 2013 pageant.Kellie is the daughter of ScottStewart and Cheryl BielmaierStewart formerly of Wall, S.D. andis a Sophomore at Northwest HighSchool.Kellie is involved in many activ-
Haslet teen wins title of Miss Dallas Teen USA
ities as a volunteer in her commu-nity and is on the A/B Honor Roll.She is involved in varsity Volley-ball and was crowned 2012's Soph-omore Homecoming Princess. Additionally, Kellie models forSherri Hill in both prom and cou-ture dress collections.In November 2013, Kellie willrepresent Dallas and will competewith over 100 outstanding Texasteenagers to capture the covetedtitle of Miss Texas Teen USA 2014and the opportunity to representTexas at the Miss Teen USA 2014pageant.As Miss Dallas Teen 2013, notonly will Kellie Stewart compete inthe Miss Texas Teen USA pageant,but will make personal appear-ances throughout the Dallas/FortWorth Metroplex and work closelywith local charitable organizationssuch as the Dallas Children'sCharities, Muscular Dystrophy As-sociation, Susan G. Komen Racefor the Cure, and many others.Kellie will also participate in aone year modeling contract withthe Campbell Agency of Dallas,Texas.Kellie Stewart is the Grand-daughter of Wm. J. Bielmaier of Wall, S.D.
Laketon McLaughlin, a senior at Wall High School, has been re-cruited by Black Hills State University to become a member of their football team this fall. He recently signed a letter of intentand is looking forward to this opportunity. Black Hills State Uni-versity is located in Spearfish, S.D. Congratulations Laketon!Pictured left to right ... Rhonda McDonnell, Laketon McLaughlin,and Madison McLaughlin.
~Photo Laurie Hindman
McLaughlin signs with BHSU
Elyssa Westby is the Wall Middle School student of the monthfor April 2013. Elyssa is in 8th grade and is a great student. Sheworks diligently in class and is cooperative and respectful.Elyssa participates in many activities including basketball, vol-leyball, golf, baseball, band, Fellowship of Christian Athletes,FOR Club, Y2Y, and Girl Scouts. Elyssa is the daughter of Justinand Susie Westby. Kent Jordan from First Interstate Bank pre-sented Elyssa with a First Interstate Bank sweatshirt and bag.Congratulations Elyssa!
~Photo Laurie Hindman
Wall Middle Schoolstudent of the month
This winter the Wall FFA Chap-ter received a grant through theSD Department of AgricultureBuilding our South Dakota RuralCommunities fund.These grants are provided to 4-H and FFA chapters to use to con-duct community development proj-ects. The purpose is to get studentsinvolved in their local communi-ties.The grants provide studentswith hands-on opportunities to
Wall FFA group rebuilds benches
work on projects and provide aneducational opportunity; as well ascommunity beautification.Since the FFA Chapter helps theLions Club put out the benchesevery spring and pick them up inthe fall, they chose to re-build theold benches with brand new ones.Fifteen students in the Ag Me-chanics class were in charge of de-signing and constructing the newbenches.
Cade Kjerstad and Leighah Hertel sit on the bench they helpedbuild in the mechanic ag class.
~Photo Laurie Hindman
Subway Musician of the month 
Michaela Schaefer
The Pennington County Com-mission has proclaimed May 6-12,2013 as Pennington County Cor-rections Week.The enclosed Proclamation wassigned on April 16th and will beread at the May 7th County Com-mission Meeting.Corrections Staff at the Pen-
May 6-12 PenningtonCo. Corrections week
nington County Jail and WesternSouth Dakota Juvenile ServicesCenter are responsible for approx-imately 550 inmates/detainees ona daily basis. They are given thetasks of reforming, rehabilitating,educating, and providing medicaland mental health care whilemaintaining a professional de-meanor often in the face of aggres-sive and intimidating behaviorspresented by inmates/detainees.In 2012, the Pennington Countycorrectional facilities managed ap-proximately 11,500 individuals, ac-counting for 200,000 inmate/de-tainee days of in-custody status.Both the Pennington CountyJail and Western South DakotaJuvenile Services Center haveachieved national accreditationstatus with the American Correc-tional Association and are cur-rently the only jail and juvenilecorrectional facilities in SouthDakota to hold this status.We could not operate Penning-ton County’s correctional facilitieswithout the dedication and hardwork our Staff provide each day.Their commitment to excellenceand desire to serve is a true assetto our community. Therefore, weare pleased to join in the celebra-tion of Corrections Week and urgeall citizens to pay special tribute tothese men and women who serveso faithfully.
by Del BartelsPioneer Revie
This year the Philip Drama Clubwill perform the country westernmusical “Bubba’s Revenge,” a se-quel to last year’s comedy musical“Honky Tonk Angels.”Local actors portray fictionaland real life singers/songwriters,including Kenny Rogers, DollyParton and Billy Ray Cyrus.The plot is simple. Two friendsand their husbands are going tovisit their former Nashvillesinging partner for the opening of her world tour. It also happens tobe her birthday, which is on Hal-loween. An accident of a mirror-
Philip Drama Club’s “Bubba’sRevenge” a country musical hit
A country western seance set to music? Shown encouraging themedium (no, he’s a small) is Deb Smith as a deceased “HonkyTonk Angel.” As far away as possible is Bubba, played by HarlanMoos, who is the only one with the dreadful “gift” of being ableto see her. The others are trying to communicate with their for-mer Nashville partner and prove Bubba isn’t such a loser.Shown from left are actors Barb Bowen, Mike Vetter, Ray Gibsonand Maureen Palecek. ~
Photo by Del Bartels
ball falling on her turns the visitinto a musical tribute, one inwhich her spirit becomes involved.The “Honky Tonk Angels” are re-united, for at least this show. Theaudience is encouraged to join inwith the final numbers, which in-clude “Amazing Grace” and “Willthe Circle be Unbroken.” The mu-sical comedy “Bubba’s Revenge” isan evening of country music thatwill keep the audience involved,laughing, tapping their toes andsinging along.See this week's advertisement inthe Profit for show dates andtimes, as well as ticket informa-tion.Philip hosted the 2013 Elemen-tary/Junior High music contest onFriday, April 26.Listed are students from Wallwho participated: 
•Superior (Blue):
BrandenHamann, Emily Ferris and LillyWagoner.
Music contest held in Philip
•Excellent (Red):
KatieHumphrey, Kassidy Sawvell, MadiGrenstiner, Cameron Ausmann,Paisley Godfrey, Winter Godfrey,Lady Hawk Rooks and Brea Mc-Connell. 
•Good (No ribbon):
 AarronMoschell.The Wall Squad traveled toKadoka on April 29th for a make-up track meet.It was the People’s Market/Dis-count Fuel track meet that was tobe the 19th but snow postponed it.Pre-qualifying for state wereLaketon McLaughton in the shotwith a heave of 46’8” and 1/4th,Sadie O’Rourke in the 200 meterdash with a time of 27.4, and Au-tumn Schulz in the shot with awinning throw of 35’ 9”.Medaling up to six places in theopen events were Tyler Peterson inthe Long Jump with a 17’7”, fourthplace, but then bowed out of theother jumping events due to an in- jury.McLaughlin did a PR in the dis-cus placing second with a 125’ 7”toss. Austin Huether ran the 3200meter run placing third in 11:31.8.Tyler Trask motored to firstplace in the 100 and 200m dashed.The sprint relay of the 4x100were Trask, Tate Eisenbraun,Camden Sawvell and Nathan Pat-terson placing sixth.The 4x200 relay had Trask, A.Huether, Sawvell and Pattersonfinishing third.The girls had many placing for
Wall Track team attends People’sMarket/Discount Fuel track meet
the meet.Maddi Bauer went 7’ 3” in thepole vault for fifth.Shelby Feldman threw the shot29’ 3”.The discus throwers of Schulzand Sam Stephens placed.Stephens placed sixth with an 81’6” throw and Schulz third.Monica Bielmaier is our high jumper going 4’ 7” for second.Tayah Huether loves the 800run and scooted around the trackin 2:35.5 for second and then oncearound the track for third in1:05.4.Sadie O’Rourke raced to a sec-ond place in the 100.The 4x100 relay placed thirdconsisting of Bielmaier, T.Huether, Anika Eisenbraun, andO’Rourke.Then the 4x200 placed secondwith the same runners. 
Coach’s Comments:
The weat-her was perfect and having threepre-qualified was the icing on thecake.We are working on our gameplan for conference and regions.We do have some set-backs withinjuries and illness but hopefullyall will be well by conference.Candidates from 41 states and14 countries received their degreesat the 126th Spring Commence-ment at the University of SouthDakota held on Saturday, May 4 atthe DakotaDome.Hannah Ruth Huether fromWall recived her degree in Bache-lor of Science, Health Sciences.
College News
The Wall Track team traveled toLead to take part in the 2013Mountain West Invitational Trackand Field meet on Saturday, May4.Results of the meet are: 
•Girls 100 Meter Dash:
SadieO’Rourke, fourth - 13.56 and Sa-vanna Deutscher, 14th - 14.52. 
•Girls 200 Meter Dash:
O’Rourke, fourth - 27.81 andDeutscher, 17th - 31.94. 
•Girls 400 Meter Dash:
TayahHuether, eighth - 1:08.31; KylaSawvell, 16th - 1:18.39 andDeutscher, 19th - 1:18.83. 
•Girls 800 Meter Run:
Huether, third - 2:38.40. 
•Girls 4x100 Meter Relay:
Wall, fifth - 56.21. 
•Girls 4x200 Meter Relay:
Wall, sixth - 2:01.43. 
•Girls 4x400 Meter Relay:
Wall, ninth - 5:27.94. 
•Girls High Jump:
MonicaBielmaier, seventh - 4-05.00. 
•Girls Pole Vault:
MaddiBauer, fourth - 7-03.00. 
•Girls Long Jump:
Bauer,14th - 11-07.25. 
•Girls Shot Put:
 AutumnSchulz, third - 33-11.50; ShelbyFeldman, ninth - 28-01.50 andSam Steffen, 15th - 26-03.50. 
•Girls Discus Thro:
Schulz,first - 107-10 and Feldman, 19th -64-06.
•Boys 100 Meter Dash:
Cam-den Sawvell, 21st - 13.26; TateEisenbraun, 23rd - 13.63 and AllanMcDonnell, 29th - 14.95. 
•Boys 200 Meter Dash:
Nathan Patterson, fifth - 24.25;Tyler Peterson, 16th - 26.04 andPreston Eisenbraun, 25th - 32.00. 
•Boys 400 Meter Dash:
T.Eisenbraun, 12th - 1:03.44; Mc-Donnell, 14th - 1:08.29 and P.Eisenbraun,18th - 1:11.22. 
•Boys 4x100 Meter Relay:
Wall, ninth - 50.00. 
•Boys 4x200 Meter Relay:
Wall, eighth - 1:45.83. 
•Boys Long Jump:
P. Eisen-braun, 13th - 12-07.00. 
•Boys Shot Put:
LaketonMcLaughlin, second - 45-08.50.
Wall Track team takes part in 2013Mountain West Invitational meet
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Section A • Pennington County Courant • May 9, 2013•
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   
 May 10-11-12-13:
Fri: 8:00 p.m. Sat: 8:00 p.m.Sun: 1:30 p.m.Mon: 7:00 p.m.
 May 17-18-19-20:Oblivion (PG-13)Closed Memorial Day Weekend  May 31, June 1-2-3:Iron Man 3 (PG-13)
April Dairy Queen Athletes of the month 
Autumn SchulzGolf Lane HusteadGolf  Tyler Trask  Track Sadie O’Rourke  Track 
Black Hills Financial Services located at Black Hills FederalCredit Union is pleased to announce Anika Eisenbraun has beenselected as April’s student of the month. Anika is a freshman atWall High School. She keeps herself busy in school with Gym-nastics, Track, Choir and FFA. Anika has participated in gym-nastics for 11 years where she has won numerous medals andwon State in March. She is always willing to help others in her Spanish class and is a positive role model. Away from schoolshe enjoys working at Motel 6. After she graduates from HighSchool, Anika looks forward to attending college at UCLA andparticipating in college gymnastics. Anika is the daughter of Timand Mary Eisenbraun, Wall, S.D. Congratulations Anika fromBlack Hills Financial Services!
~Courtesy Photo
BHFS student of the month
-.1.5.:*784(09(8.43?7=!-*&.3:*38>'9117&1*-*1).3-.1.57-4;*)78*&)<'.)).3,&(8.4343'91178-649,-4988-*)&<*&61<(&8&14,*)'9117;*6*4++*6*)&88-*&11'6**)7'9117&1*!-**)3,974++*6.3,5911*)8-*-.,-*78&:*6&,*&8+4114;*)'<*6*+46)91171&(03,979117-&641&.79117.2497.39117;.8-&34:*6&11(&8&14,*)&:*6&,*4+!-*7&1*&174+*&896*)+4966&3(-,*1).3,78-&8&:*6&,*)!-4647*8-&3)(6*;).)&349878&3).3,/4'4+24:.3,8-*'91178-649,-&8&+&785&(*;.8-;*.,-95'9117&3)(4;77*11.3,'*+46*&3)&+8*68-*(&8&14,'9117&1*!45;*.,-95'9117;*6*'6.3,.3,4:*6&1';.8-742*&7-.,-&71'*33.7%493,*6'*6,56.3,+.*1).33(437.,3*)8-*-.,-*787*11.3,'9114+8-*)&<;.8-&7434+"6&3)&2*8-&85478*)&'.68-;84+1'7&3)&3&) /978*)<*&61.3,;84+&3)74+###%#!-* %49,*6'*6,7&174(437.,3*)&7434+%*8#468-8-&8741)4+ *-1-&+3,976**2&3(437.,3*)&7434+433*&1<.3&164)9(88-&8741)+46!-.7'9115478*)&'.68-;84+;*&3.3,;84+<*&61.3,;84+&3)74+###%#*1743*)3,97*3743.33(437.,3*)&(&1:.3,*&7**)3,97'9118-&8741)+46!*)3,97.3,1*#.7(437.,3*)&(&1:.3,*&7**)3,97'9118-&8741)+46!-*845*6*+46)'911(&2*+642.11.,&3*6*+46)74(-*11*11&3)741)+46!-*8457*11.3,6&3(-,*1).3,&3<*&641)'9(070.3,*1).3,7.6*)'<!49'1*&),*661192.3&846$!-6**&6798.*.3,41)43*<&3)741)+46**(4251*8*6*5468.38-*-.1.5.:*784(09(8.43;**01<&).38-.7;**0?75&5*6
By Coach Patterson
April 25th, the track team trav-eled to the Sunshine Invite Meetheld at Kadoka.It was a sunshine afternoonmeet with everyone happy to berunning, jumping, and throwing.Even though there were nomedals, it was a sanctioned meetwhich allows an athlete the oppor-tunity to pre-qualify for state.The girls had many placing andworking on their events.High Jump was Monica Biel-maier, third.Long jump had Sadie O’Rourke,first and Maddi Bauer, fourth.Shelby Feldman won the shot
Wall Track team places at Sunshine Invite meet
and Sam Stephens, third withStephens also placing third in thediscus.Tayah Huether won the 400 and800 runs.O’Rourke won the 100 and 200.Sterling Ellens gave a gallant ef-fort in the hurdles placing third.The relays had the following run-ning in them: 4x100, third, Biel-maier, Savanna Deutscher, AnaliseGarland, and O’Rourke.The 4x200, 4th, was Bielmaier,Deutscher, Maddi Bauer., and T.Huether.The Medley relay, running a200, 200, 400 and 800 placedfourth with Garland, Bauer, El-The Wall Golf team traveled toNewell on Friday, May 3 for theNewell Invite.Lane Hustead won the boysmeet shooting a 44 on the frontnine and a 39 on the back nine for
Hustead wins Newell Golf Invite
a total of 83 for the day.Les Williams shot a 92, CJSchulz a 95 and Ryder Wilson a 94.Autumn Schulz came in fourthon the girls side with a 96 shootinga 49 on the front nine and 47 onlens, and Jessica Casjens runningin that order.The 4x400, fifth, was Casjens,Bielmaier, Deutscher, and T.Huether.The boys were also workinghard.Tyler Peterson placed in allthree jumping events. First in thelong jump and triple jump and sec-ond in the high jump.Then Laketon McLaughlinplaced first in the shot and secondin the discus. Austin Huether ran the openmile for second.Sprinting in the 100 was TylerTrask for second.Then Taran Eisenbraun placedsecond in the open 400 and A.Huether. was fourth.The relays were busy with the4x100, third, of Taran Eisenbraun,Tate Eisenbraun, Nathan Patter-son and Trask.The 4x200 was third with TaranEisenbraun, Patterson, Petersonand Trask.We ran a Medley with Patter-son, Taran Eisenbraun, TateEisenbraun, and A. Huether fin-ishing third.The last relay of the day, the4x400 was Tate Eisenbraun, Cam-den Sawvell, A. Huether, and Pat-terson finishing sixth. 
Coach’s Comments:
The track-sters worked hard in their events.It was a meet of having fun, set-ting goals, reaching goals, and fi-nally getting on a track after along stretch of indoor practices.the back nine.Jennifer Emery shot a 128,Elyssa Westby a 140, TaylorRichter a 122, Katy Bielmaier a127 and Elle Moon a 129 to finishoff the day.The golf teams traveled to theHart Ranch for the Pre-Regions onMay 6 and they will be attendingthe Marj Memorial Golf meet inSturgis, on Friday, May 10 with a9:30 a.m. tee off time.
available 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
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