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Project Commissioning Report

Project Commissioning Report

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Published by api-10533238

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Published by: api-10533238 on Apr 06, 2009
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Solar System ~
E1 Solar Solutions/ Suntech
What Happens at This Stage?The first step EI Solutions takes is to determine whethersolar power actually makes sense for your company. Welook in detail at your energy usage patterns, the quantityof energy your business consumes, and the potentialenergy savings for your company.The bottom line? Does the anticipated return on yourinvestment make it financially worthwhile to install solarpower at your facility? If not, we'll tell you.What to ExpectIf on-site solar generation looks financially promising for your company, we will deliver aproposal that outlines your project, including a general budget, construction timeline,energy output and other specifics about your system.The EI Solutions Difference: Free Solar Savings StrategiesTo determine the true cost of power at your facility, we start ourassessment with a rigorous, quantitative analysis of your historicalutility usage and billing data. At this point, we also perform apreliminary energy Site Audit to uncover and address any hiddentrouble spots that could diminish the ultimate yield of your system.Using this input, along with preliminary assumptions about solar energy systemperformance and financing, we then develop a free Solar Savings Strategy for your facility.This customized document includes an estimate of your potential savings and theexpected rate of return on your investment.What to ExpectThis is the point in the process when the final designis adjusted to ensure that it delivers the energy andfinancial returns envisioned in the originalassessment. We work closely with you to fine-tuneyour system's design to be aesthetically pleasingwhile still maximizing the resources already availableat your site.The EI Solutions Difference: Full-site EngineeringAuditsDuring the design phase, EI Solutions begins its full-site engineering audit of your facilityto identify and solve any site-specific challenges — before they can turn into full-blownproblems. For instance, is your power company's existing electrical equipment strongenough to support your new solar power system? Are there any issues with positioning acrane to lift the panels onto your roof? Will the roof support the load of your system?Does it need repairs before we install?By anticipating these and any of the other problems that could ariseduring the installation of your system, EI Solutions helps make sureyour project stays on time — and on budget.
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What Happens at This Stage?At the design stage, EI Solutions will determine theactual placement and layout of the modules, panelsand other components of your system. This is whenimportant architectural issues will be addressed,including the physical look of your final installationand whether it will be mounted on the roof, ground,or other location.What Happens at This Stage?Much more detailed than the design phase, the engineering stage is where all of theminute specifications of your solar system get determined. At this point, we will specifythe type of wiring, connector boxes, PV panel supports and other components that will beused in your final installation, as well as address any anticipated structural problems.What to ExpectAt the end of the engineering phase, EI Solutions will present you with a finished systemdesign for your approval, including a final installation price. Once approved, we submitthis design to your local building department so that they can issue the necessarypermits.The EI Solutions Difference: Comprehensive Solar System PlansEI Solutions utilizes the engineering phase to develop acomprehensive solar system plan that's not only tailored to yourfacility, but achieves the financial goals established in your customSolar Savings Strategy. Thanks to our full on-site engineering auditof your facility, you're assured of receiving the best-cost solutionthat meets your specific solar energy needs.What Happens at This Stage?When it comes to solar power systems, allcomponents are definitely not created equal. Thereare a host of suppliers offering a wide variety ofphotovoltaic (PV) panels including monocrystalline,polycrystalline, thin-film, and others. Each of thesesolar technologies comes with its owncharacteristics, efficiencies, and costs.What to ExpectEI Solutions will recommend specific components — including panels, inverters, mountingsystems, and more — based on the particular needs of your project and its location. Forexample, we pay particular attention to the weather patterns at your site in order torecommend the type of solar panel technology that will provide the most energy over thecourse of the year at the most effective price.The EI Solutions Difference: Wide Selection from Many Trusted SuppliersEI Solutions has long-term relationships with many different suppliers and an intimateunderstanding of the specifications of each component. We work hard to build a systemthat's optimized for your company, your needs, and your site.
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Our Product Agnostic ApproachEI Solutions' first and last commitment is to our customers. We seek to optimize theoperational and financial performance of your solar installation, and so we use themodules, inverters, mounting systems and related technologies that best suit the uniquecharacteristics of your site.Our agnostic approach assures us excellent relationships with suppliers and vendors, andhas helped us build a firm base of knowledge and relationships in the community of solarleaders.What Happens at This Stage?Many of our clients find it more appropriate to use afinancing solution for their solar systems. Some preferto use a power purchase agreement, whereby you payonly for the electricity you generate while a third partyactually owns your system. Others prefer to financetheir systems, using their energy savings to servicetheir finance cost. Our goal is to put the right packagetogether to meet the needs of your business.What to ExpectWe have a deep understanding of the range of financial incentives available to you — suchas tax credits, accelerated depreciation benefits, and utility incentives — as well asappropriate financing arrangements. We will assist you in preparing all paperwork andfiling for all available solar incentives associated with your system. To meet your financingneeds, we will do all the upfront legwork and research to bring you the best financingoption for your system.The EI Solutions Difference: Unbiased Financing AdviceAt EI Solutions, our entire objective is to find the right financingsolution for your specific situation. We do not accept commissions orother incentives from our financial partners, so we are not prone torecommend one option over another. We are solely focused onmaximizing the return on your investment in solar electricity.What Happens at This Stage?The actual installation of a PV solar system is generallya very straightforward procedure using standardconstruction techniques. But whether the installationgoes smoothly — with no costly surprises — dependson careful planning and preparation before reachingthis stage of the process.What to ExpectTo ensure installation goes off without a hitch, EISolutions conducts a thorough assessment and audit of your site that results in a trulyaccurate set of engineering drawings. Without this crucial step, unforeseen complicationsand problems may occur during installation that will cost your company both time andmoney.

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