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Finance Their Solar Systems Rather Than Purchase Them

Finance Their Solar Systems Rather Than Purchase Them

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Published by api-10533238

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Published by: api-10533238 on Apr 06, 2009
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 Assess Design Engineer Source Finance Install Maintain
Get Maximum Results With Our Tightly Integrated Set of Smart Services.
EI Solutions believes there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solar energy solution. What’s right for another business may not be right for yours. We carefully assess yourspecific needs so we can design, engineer, and build the most cost-effective solar powersystem that also provides maximum results for your company. And we make sure youcan take full advantage of all of the financial incentives available to solar power users.
Smart Services:Assess
What Happens at this Stage?
The first step EI Solutions takes is to determine whether solarpower actually makes sense for your company. We look indetail at your energy usage patterns, the quantity of energyyour business consumes, and the potential energy savings foryour company.The bottom line? Does the anticipated return on yourinvestment make it financially worthwhile to install solar powerat your company? If not, we’ll tell you.
What to Expect.
If on-site solar generation looks financially promising for yourcompany, we will deliver a proposal that outlines your project,including a general budget, construction timeline, energyoutput and other specifics about your system.
The EI Solutions Difference:Free Solar Savings Strategies.
To determine the true cost of power at your facility, we startour assessment with a rigorous, quantitative analysis of yourhistorical utility usage and billing data. At this point, we alsoperform a preliminary Site Audit to uncover and address anyhidden trouble spots that could diminish the ultimate yield ofyour system. Using this input, along with preliminaryassumptions about solar energy system performance andfinancing, we then develop a free Solar Savings Strategy foryour facility. This customized document includes an estimateof your potential savings and the expected rate of return onyour investment.
Smart Services
Contact EI Solutions at (800) 237-0916info@eispv.com | www.eispv.com
Smart Services:Source
What Happens at this Stage?
When it comes to solar power systems, all components aredefinitely not created equal. There are a host of suppliersoffering a wide variety of photovoltaic (PV) panels includingmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and others. Each ofthese solar technologies comes with its own characteristics,efficiencies, and costs.
What to Expect.
EI Solutions will recommend specific components—includingpanels, inverters, mounting systems, and more—based on theindividual needs of your project and its location. For example,we pay particular attention to the weather patterns at your sitein order to recommend the type of solar panel technology thatwill provide the most energy over the course of the year at themost effective price.
The EI Solutions Difference:Wide Selection from Many Trusted Suppliers.
EI Solutions has long-term relationships with many differentsuppliers and an intimate understanding of the specificationsof each component. We work hard to build a system that’soptimized for your company, your needs, and your site.
Smart Services
Smart Services:Engineer
What Happens at this Stage?
Much more detailed than the design phase, the engineeringstage is where all of the minute specifications of your solarsystem get determined. At this point, we will specify the type ofwiring, connector boxes, PV panel supports and othercomponents that will be used in your final installation, as wellas address any anticipated structural problems.
What to Expect.
 At the end of the engineering phase, EI Solutions will presentyou with a finished system design for your approval, includinga final installation price. Once approved, we submit this designto your local building department so that they can issue thenecessary permits.
The EI Solutions Difference:Comprehensive Solar System Plans.
EI Solutions utilizes the engineering phase to develop acomprehensive solar system plan that’s not only tailored toyour facility, but achieves the financial goals established inyour custom Solar Savings Strategy. Thanks to our full on-siteengineering audit of your facility, you’re assured of receivingthe best-cost solution that meets your specific solar energyneeds.
Smart Services:Design
What Happens at this Stage?
 At the design stage, EI Solutions will determine the actualplacement and layout of the modules, panels and othercomponents of your system. This is when importantarchitectural issues will be addressed, including the physicallook of your final installation and whether it will be mounted onthe roof, ground, or other location.
What to Expect.
This is the point in the process when the final design isadjusted to ensure that it delivers the energy and financialreturns envisioned in the original assessment. We work closelywith you to fine-tune your system’s design to be aestheticallypleasing while still maximizing the resources already availableat your site.
The EI Solutions Difference:Full-site Engineering Audits.
During the design phase, EI Solutions begins its full-siteengineering audit of your facility to identify and solve anysite-specific challenges—before they can turn into full-blownproblems. For instance, is your power company’s existingelectrical equipment strong enough to support your new solarpower system? Are there any issues with positioning a crane tolift the panels onto your roof? Will the roof support the load ofyour system? Does it need repairs before we install?By anticipating these and any of the other problems that couldarise during installation of your system, EI Solutions helpsmake sure your project stays on time—and on budget.
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Contact EI Solutions at (800) 237-0916info@eispv.com | www.eispv.com

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