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Bhopal Gas Leak

Bhopal Gas Leak

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Published by pawan2225

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Published by: pawan2225 on May 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Date: 06-Nov-2010
ToRespected, Barack Hussein ObamaHon'ble PresidentUnited States of America White House Washington D.C.Sub: Request for your intervention to secure additionalcompensation to the survivors and victims of the BhopalGas Leak Disaster, the worst industrial accident inhuman history. With Respects, Sir:1. My name is K.V.Dhananjay. I am a citizen of India. Iam 36 years old. I am an advocate in practice at theSupreme Court of India and at several High Courtsacross India.2. I take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to you, your family and to your entourage while on a visitto India beginning 06-Nov-2010.3. I wish to request you for your time and reflectionupon the consequences from Bhopal Gas Leak Disasterthat occurred on 2-3,Dec 1984 in Bhopal, the capital city of a northern State in India, Madhya Pradesh.4. An unexpected, accidental or negligent release of methyl isocyanite in an industrial unit in Bhopal led tounprecedented loss of human life and limb - to an extentthat the said event is characterised, universally, as the
'worst industrial accident in the history of mankind' (a view also endorsed by numerous decisions of Courts inthe United States). In relation to the human toll fromthis catastrophe, Affidavits by the Government put thenumber of deaths in excess of 15,000 and severe injuriesat 5,58,125.5. On 14-Feb-1989, the Supreme Court of India set themonetary compensation and settlement in relation tothe said disaster at a sum of 470 Million US Dollars . Thesaid sum of 470 Million US Dollars was stated to "finally dispose of all past, present and future claims, causes of action and civil and criminal proceedings ...with respectto all past, present and future deaths, personal injuries,health effects, compensation, losses, damages and civiland criminal complaints of any nature whatsoever...arising out of, relating to or connected with the BhopalGas Leak Disaster, including past, present and futureclaims, causes of action and proceedings...6. It may not be profitable now to enquire into whatcould have been bought with a sum of 470 Million USDollars in the year 1989. However, in 2009 or 2010, asum of 470 Million US Dollars will barely cover the costof producing, marketing and releasing two big-budgetHollywood films.7. Yes. 'Avatar' and '2012', two Hollywood releases in2009 that fared better than domestic fare in India costmore than 470 Million US Dollars to produce, marketand release. Similarly, 'Iron Man 2' and 'Toy Story 3',two Hollywood summer-2010 movies released in Indiaand elsewhere cost much more than 470 Million USDollars to produce, market and release.
 8. Any person acutely aware of the inadequacy of 470
Million US Dollars to compensate for the ‘worst
industrial accident in h
uman history’ will always
remember your overwhelming role in compelling BP toprovide for a 20 Billion US Dollars reparation fund toaccount for and to compensate for the DeepwaterHorizon Oil Spill that occurred on 20-Apr-2010 from adrilling rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico - theresponsibility for which accident has been fastened uponBP. In all, BP has set aside 32.2 Billion US Dollars in itsfinancial statements to account for the said oil spill.9. I write here to express my request to you, as thePresident of the United States, to consider a similarintervention and to persuade Dow Chemicals to providefor a greater sum of monetary compensation to accountfor the suffering and misery inflicted and forced by theBhopal Gas Leak Disaster.10. I thank you for your time for this letter. I hope that you will recognise that the people of this world will incurgratitude towards your office and will ever remaingrateful for any personal intervention you may initiate tosecure fuller justice to the victims of what has becomethe worst industrial accident in human history - theBhopal Gas Leak Disaster.Sincerely K.V.DHANANJAY  Advocate

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