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Retribution Update

Retribution Update

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Val Littlewolf(Heike) on May 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Uniformed American LGBT Community
Val L HeikePublic HistoryDr. E. Tebbenhoff Luther CollegeDecorah,IA
5/9/13 21:30 a5/p5
Retribution –something given or exacted. This paper is to show both sides of whyit is believed that one group of American Citizens should be whether it is to restore property or HONOR!
This paper’s purpose is to discuss Rights endowed to all citizensof American in a contract written by five men one of which was Thomas Jefferson.Unfortunately that contract left out all men being equal referring to my African American brothers.I’m a member of an exclusive community who have since the beginning of time been harassed and abused as well as gassed.
In every military engagement as far back asthe Roman’s gays have fought and carried those in needed of seeing a doctor to get theaid they needed. With the pen strikes of an American President a bill was passed thatallowed my brethren to continue to serve in the military as long as their honor was keptwithin the closet. That’s very hard to do in November 1977 after a year at William Pennin Oskaloosa, Iowa a young woman from Waukon, IA joined the USARMY.Pride just oozed from this tall young woman who had joined promised to becomea computer word processor in German. Boot camp was different a history geek drank allhistory she could consume since birth. Toss the hand grenade, qualified as a sharpshooter, though her dad told her never volunteer she did. Extra details were new anddifferent. No word was spoken about sexuality.The food was bad but the spree de corp
was all that mattered. It was the first timethis soldier, this young woman had ever been from home. One day there was a detail towork a parade, she held her countries flag it still brings tears to her eyes. That’s what its
1 In some culture to have honor restore to them is a manner of face.2 LGBT (Gays and transgendered were just some of those gassed byHitler in WWII.)3 Means all for the corps much like Semi Fi in the Marine Corps. Thatmeans always faithful.2
like to feel pride and know where for the first time where honor and home are they areone in the same. Honor ands pride and the tear of course is that moment you feel you thegeek the odd ball is at last home. That feeling was lost after graduation into theUSARMY on July 28
, 1978 and the trip to Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis,Indiana. Trust has very little to do with life on a hole was learned the hard way that dayof arrival.Standing in front of 5 officers being told that the recruiter that had recruited her inDecorah, Iowa was notorious for filling jobs that didn’t exist. That feeling experiencedhas since been felt by many LGBT who before President William Clintons Bill, wassigned that feeling resembles the trap door falling away from feet awaiting death fromhanging. No one can ever experience the feeling of humble till you end up returning toyour small town after having told all that you were going to after boot be in Germany for 6 years, then Bam, your there back in Waukon.I want to tell about a story that actually gained the attention of the media and became a television movie called “Serving in Silence”. Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer has served in the army for over twenty years. The Colonel was up for advancement inrank. She had as yet never loved anyone but her now divorced husband whom she had,had five sons with. They were raised In the Mormon church. She was Norwegian, shehad worked with Lesbians and when asked if she was Gay in the inquiry that had to dowith security. The government had been under the idea that if treason were to be done itwould be a Gay of lesbian that would leek the really good secrets. The Colonel was alsowith her eldest son going to school to get her Doctorate or Nursing and working at the VAin Washington. When asked if she were Gay or the cruel word a homosexual she said no!

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