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Character Bio Thelembi

Character Bio Thelembi

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Published by S. Lei Pyke
Thelembi is a daitari, the twin of Rahli. he first appears in "The Hunt of Anim"
Thelembi is a daitari, the twin of Rahli. he first appears in "The Hunt of Anim"

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Published by: S. Lei Pyke on Apr 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Share Alike


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Character Bio: Note: The characters are given a birth date to place them in a timeline, but are not givena death date. The purpose of this bio is to provide a foundation for the character leadingup to the character’s first appearance.Thelembi Porter Race: DaitariBorn: 1943 YGEHeight: 5’Weight: 120 lbsEyes: purple-blue with gold flecksHair: Blond, straightSkin: Pale, but not albinoOrigin: Arynstar UndercityThelembi is a Daitari; one of the unholy hybrid crosses between the linyth raceand the human race. Like all Daitari, his entire being, Body and Soul, is mixed in acursed tangle of supernatural genetics.The first story that he appears in is “The Hunt of Anim,” and he is introduced atthe age of thirty, though he appears to be much younger. Thelembi’s name is usuallyshortened to Theli. He is a well muscled youth with no body hair except for on his head.Thelembi is the identical twin of Rahli Prince. Thelembi and Rahli were born to ahuman mother and a Linyth father. They were the product of an obscene ritual to thedemon Ruex, consort of Anim. The mother was a temple prostitute, selected for this particular sacrifice. The father had been captured in the desert. He had endured theremoval of his horn before the ritual, and then turned loose after the ritual, as the demonRuex demands.The mother died in childbirth. The children were offered up to Anim as asacrifice and left alive at an oasis in the desert for the wild animals to consume. Theywere discovered by an atheist slaver who paired them with one of his girls.Unfortunately, on his trip to Arynstar, he was assassinated by a rival on his third day atthe slave auction, right in front of the market square in the Undercity’s C district. The public assassination resulted in a riot that freed all of the slaves at the market.Free from bondage, the woman decided to keep the children rather than smother them. She began to work for a living, though the wage of the Undercity barely kept thesmall family from starvation. After a couple of years doing whatever people would payher to do, and once Thelembi and Rahli could fend for themselves, she finally got a permanent job working at one of the public baths. Unfortunately, the cost of taking sucha job was her vision. Servants at the public baths were always blinded or deafened bylaw, though by allowing themselves to be disabled, they, were guaranteed a living wagefor themselves and their dependant children until they reached the age of majority at 15.For a few more years, the boys helped their mother home, keeping her safe fromthe cruel streets. Then, in 1957 YGE, fire swept through C district. The mother died asshe tried to escape. Rahli was trapped under a fallen housebeam, and though Thelembirescued him, Rahli lost his legs at the knees. For the next 15 years, they would live as

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