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Bite Me - 3rd 5 pages

Bite Me - 3rd 5 pages

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Published by swhitehall

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Published by: swhitehall on Apr 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE IN…INT. S-MART CASH REGISTER COUNTER – EVENINGMAGDA is shelving impulse buy items in an aisle. CLAUDE, ascruffy-looking middle-aged man, is at the register with anitem to buy. He’s drumming his fingers on the counter.MAGDA pokes her head out of the aisle, notices him, andhurries behind the register.MAGDASorry about that. Stocking. It getskind of dead here at this time ofnight.CLAUDE(smiles slowly)Does it?MAGDADon’t worry, I’m all yours now. So, goteverything you need?CLAUDEYes.(pushes forward a pack of gum)That’s all. I already know how much itcosts.(holds out money)Can I get my change in pennies?MAGDASure.CLAUDESo how long have you been workinghere?MAGDA(hands back his change)I don’t know, a year?CLAUDEKnow if they’re hiring?MAGDAProbably not. It’s family owned.
Not my family. I was one of therare outside hires. You can alwaystry, though.CLAUDEI just might. Thanks.MAGDAHave a good day and thank you forshopping S-Mart.CLAUDE walks off. He puts the gum in his pockets and putsthe pennies in his mouth instead. MAGDA tries to keep thesurprise off her face and shakes her head.EXT. S-MART – NIGHTMAGDA and BILL can be seen through the glass doors lockingup for the night. The rest of the store is empty. They partgo in different directions inside the store.INT. S-MART BATHROOMMAGDA backs into the bathroom with cleaning supplies. Thebathroom is disgusting.MAGDA(makes a face)Ew.The lights flicker. MAGDA puts on her gloves dramaticallyand holds the spray bottle like a gun.MAGDA(voice lowered)Who wants some?MAGDA looks over her shoulder briefly to make sure no one’swatching her. No one is there. Heroic music plays in thebackground. She fires the squirt bottle like a gun, duckingand running around like she’s in a battle, makingappropriate gun noises.The lights are still flickering. MAGDA puts down the squirtwhen she is finished and goes to wipe the mirror. Theheroic music stops. We see her reflection in it. We also
see the reflection of JOHN in the mirror. JOHN is wearingan S-Mart vest with ALEX’S NAMETAG on it.MAGDA screams and JOHN screams in reaction.MAGDA(Spins around and clutchesher chest)Don’t do that! You scared the crap outof me!MAGDA and JOHN laugh nervously together. They’re a gooddistance from each other.MAGDAI thought Bill and I were the only oneson duty tonight. Were you hiding in acloset or something?(looks down at the nametag.INSERT: ALEX NAMETAG)Hey, that’s…(looks at JOHN’S face)Aren’t you that kid from the ne— JOHN leaps forward with startling speed and slams her backagainst the sinks. MAGDA is frozen in terror at first. Shestarts struggling as he looms closer.JOHN(hesitant at first)Stop! Can you just— Look, can you— KNOCK IT OFF!JOHN puts his hand on the sink and slips due to thecleaning fluid she had sprayed earlier. MAGDA breaks freeand runs for the door.MAGDABILL! HEL— JOHN grabs MAGDA again and forces her face-first into awall, locking her hands behind her back with one hand andputting the other hand over her mouth. He bites her in theneck. She bites his hand and take a good chunk off hisfinger.JOHN

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