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Uncensored Magazine - Autumn 2008 Health Issue

Uncensored Magazine - Autumn 2008 Health Issue



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Published by kcopenhagen
"Government Declares War on Natural Medicine"

- Codex Alimentarius - Medsafe Australia
- Diet Soft Drinks are POISON
- Vaccines May Cause Autism
- Health System one of top leading causes of death
"Government Declares War on Natural Medicine"

- Codex Alimentarius - Medsafe Australia
- Diet Soft Drinks are POISON
- Vaccines May Cause Autism
- Health System one of top leading causes of death

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Published by: kcopenhagen on Apr 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Current governmenthealth policies arecreating a nationthat is getting sickerand sicker. Why?
Whether it promotes vaccines – many of which are known to haveharmful side-effects – or mercuryamalgam dental fillings, this govern-ment is ignoring the evidence of harm to our health these things cancause.Whose health are they looking after?Ours, or the pharmaceutical compa-nies’?It condones genetically engineeredfood, and promotes failed cancertreatments like chemotherapy andradiation (which may themselvesbe carcinogenic). It pushes toxicfluoride into our once pure drinking water, and allows poisonous sprayson the food we eat, ignoring the suc-cesses of organic agriculture.If this weren’t bad enough, the gov-ernment is once again (!) trying tomake it illegal to sell health-giving vitamins, minerals and herbal sup-plements.This is because the multi-nationalpharmaceutical corporations havedeclared war on the NZ naturalhealth industry – and the governmentis enforcing their agenda.In fact Medsafe*, the governmentagency supposedly there to ensureour safety, is threatening companiesthat make and/or distribute natu-ral health products! Natural healthpractitioners such as naturopaths andherbalists have also been targeted.In 2007, the Labour-led governmentattempted to ruin NZ’s natural healthindustry by selling it out to Austral-ia’s notorious TGA. (The TGA “regu-lated” hundreds of nutritional andother natural health products out of the Australian market, greatly dimin-ishing the people’s health choices – and pushing up the prices of manyremaining products.)But thanks to thousands of NewZealanders who pressured their MPsof ALL PARTIES, the NZ governmentshelved their TGA-type “anti-vita-min” bill.So what happened then? Medsafehired a team of “enforcers” to silencethe natural health industry, demand-ing website owners remove referenc-es to research, clinical trials and linksto other websites that have the proof that natural products have thera-peutic benefit. If this is permitted tostand up, no one will be permittedto “make claims” about any “thera-peutic” product – even water (as it“cures” dehydration)! If Medsafe hasits way it will become illegal evento tell people that orange juice willhelp their cold! They have alreadythreatened one practitioner with ahuge fine simply for “making claims”about the efficacy of time tested rem-edies like lavender oil.Medsafe maintains it is “protecting”the NZ consumer. But this is simplyuntrue. Vitamins are safer than food, with no proven deaths from vitaminsrecorded in the last 20 years in NZ,according to the NZ Coroner. By contrast, conventional medicine isthe 3rd leading cause of death in NZ with about 1400 deaths per year!Medical fascism has arrived in NewZealand, and if it is allowed to contin-ue we will surrrender our cherishedfreedom to make our own healthchoices. If the government succeedsin destroying New Zealanders’ rightto use vitamins and other naturalmedicines, what will they do next?Will they try to make vaccination,antibiotics or chemotherapy com-pulsory? Will they make it illegal togrow or use culinary herbs that alsohave medicinal properties? Much of this happened in Australia; it couldalso happen here.We stand at the precipice. Naturalmedicine has made tremendousstrides in recent years, and in manycases has cured the incurable, whereorthodox medicine has failed. It isnow thanks to these successes that itis coming under such intense pres-sure, in New Zealand and around the world. (google:Codex.)
Autumn 2008SEE: www.uncensored.co.nz; healthfreedom.co.nz; and/or www.celestialessentials.co.nz
Your Health at Risk as Government 
Tries to Ban Vitamins
Government DeclaresWar  on Natural Medicine
The Medsafe-Big Pharma Agenda:
Many doctors are now embracingnatural medicine – a good sign to allbut the pharmaceutical giants that view this development as an eco-nomic threat, and are using govern-ments to quash it.However, the battle involves muchmore than mere economics. Formillions of people this is a matter of life or death, as they rely on naturalmedicine to maintain good health ortreat illness.More than 70% of all New Zealand-ers take nutritional supplements,and if these become unavailablethanks to the government’s follow-ing the orders of the pharmaceuticalgiants, their – and perhaps your own – health will suffer as a result.Now is the time to act. This is of theutmost seriousness.
* Medsafe is the branch of the Minis-try of Health charged with regulatingmedicines and medical devices. Theyare now trying to define anything of therapeutic value as a medicine”.
What this meansfor you and your family:
Your access to nutritional supplements of all kindswould become severely restricted and/or made prohibi-tively expensive.
In Australia where this has alreadyhappened, more than 600 products are no longeravailable. Naturopaths and health food stores are be-ing forced to shut down.
The Australian people are noteven permitted to import many natural products for per-sonal use from other countries. (Queensland excepted.)In NZ, nutritional medicine, traditional Chinese and Indian(ayurvedic) medicine, Chiropractors, sports nutrition peo-ple – and even Maori herbal medicine – are now underthreat by a bureaucracy that is making up the law as itgoes along.
Medsafe now maintains that it is illegal for any naturalhealth practitioner
to even refer you to the literatureon nutritional supplements
! No recommendations, nowebsites, not even articles or books! Medsafe says thatthis means that they are “making a claim” and they wantto forbid it,
even if these “claims” can be proved
This is medical fascism. There is no other term for it.Herbal and Nutritional medicine often WORKS so WELLthat it has taken away business from the pharmaceuti-cal companies. Now these companies have apparentlydecided that they must be stopped at any cost.Medsafe and Big Pharma don’t want an educated public,questioning their doctor and using nutritional therapies toget well and stay well. They don’t seem to want a healthypopulation, either, that doesn’t need its drugs.
Does this all sound familiar? The NZ Labour-led gov-ernment tried to pass an “anti-vitamin” law in 2007 but un-
able to get sufcient support, they “shelved” it. After that,
the bureaucracy – Medsafe – began harassing the naturalhealth industry. Unless Medsafe are stopped as well,there will soon be no alternative health care available in
New Zealand. We must all ght this, together.
There is a world-wide economic war being waged by thepharmaceutical industry against Traditional Medicine andNatural Health – and the NZ government is helping to wageit. Here is WHAT YOU CAN DO TO STOP THE AGGRESSIONAGAINST NATURAL HEALTH:
• Write and/or ring the ofce of David Cunliffe, NZ Minister of Health.
Tel: 09 - 827-3062. Email: Ministerial.Ofce.of.Hon.David.Cunliffe@
) and let him know what you think about the Medsafecampaign of harassment. • Ring your local talkback show: RADIO LIVE0800 723 465; ZB TALKBACK 0800 80 1080 RADIO WATEA (09) 257 0603• Write to your local newspaper. Contact your local MP. This is an electionyear. You can help make this a political issue asap.
www. uncensored.co.nz
www.celestialessen-tials.co.nzand/orhttp://www.iahf.com/world/index.htmland/orhttp://  www.iahf.com/world/index.html
A donation to support this campaign is AN INVESTMENT in the futurehealth of you, your family and generations to come. Please give gener-ously to help us inform the country about what’s happening!
Donate at www.healthfreedom.co.nz
Subscribe to
to help us get the word out!
PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY COPIES OF THIS REPORT. (See backcover for details on bulk orders.)
 Aspartame is a chem-ical widely used indiet soft drinks andother products as anartificial sweetener.Everyone who drinks(or eats) it assumes itis safe – otherwise itwould not be allowedon the market, right? Wrong.
 Aspartame was shown to be acancer-causing agent more than 30years ago, and in fact was opposedby a majority of scientists atthe US Food and Drug Admin-istration (FDA) – until DonaldRumsfeld, known today as thearchitect for the invasion of Iraq, pushed it through when he was part of the US Administra-tion in the 1970s.So what did the experts sayback then, and what are theysaying now?1. Aspartame is a neurotoxin. Itcauses brain damage.2. Aspartame degrades intomethanol and formaldehyde. Bothare deadly poisons.3. Aspartame actually increases thecraving for carbohydrates. Far fromhelping people lose weight, it helpspeople gain weight, and may bepartly responsible for the epidemicof obesity we are seeing now in western countries.4. Aspartame is highly addictive. Itis very hard to get off it. It is like adrug.5. Aspartame can cause rashes andconvulsions. Its effects are cumula-tive. While you may not immediatelyexperience health problems, overtime you probably will.6. Aspartame is implicated in Par-kinson’s Disease. (Remember theactor Michael Jay Fox? Addicted toDiet Pepsi, now he’s almost com-pletely disabled.)7. There are 92 documented symp-toms associated with Aspartame – from coma to death. That’s right,people actually may die from aspar-tame poisoning.8. Other symptoms may includeheadaches, dizziness, seizures, con-fusion, visual impairment and jointpain, cramps, vomiting, memoryloss, fatigue and weakness.So, with what we now know aboutthis harmful chemical, why is it stillbeing sold in schools as a “healthyalternative” to sugar? Why does theNZ Ministry of Health still allow thispoison to be put into our food sup-ply? The answer, unfortunately, hasto do with corporate profits whichoften take precedence over publichealth. Companies now largely dic-tate to government agencies, ratherthan the other way round.The issue is so important that wedon’t think we should wait forschools to ban this poison in yearsto come. Rather, we should takeresponsibility NOW for what weeat and drink, based on the facts – rather than simply accept what isreadily available from the tuck shopor the vending machine.Perhaps if we stop buying productsmade with aspartame, the message will get through to the schools as well as the suppliers.Students (and others) need to un-derstand that not everything beingsold as food is good or wholesome,and that poisonous “additives” indiet drinks will have an effecton our health and our well-being – sooner or later.Too many people are dyingnow from PREVENTABLE can-cer, including brain tumours.Boycott diet soft drinks now. You will feel better for it.Check labels on everythingyou eat. (Aspartame is num-bered 951 on the label.) Alsolook for the warning “con-tains phenylalanine” on thefood/beverage labels. Foods with this warning may alsocontain aspartame. A three year Italian study on Aspar-tame in rats revealed a connectionbetween the artificial sweetener andleukaemia, lymphoma and malig-nant brain tumours. It conclusivelyproved that aspartame is a carcino-gen, say the study’s authors.
Why isn’t Medsafe do-ing its job? Why are thesepoisons for sale?
Diet Soft Drinks ArePoison 
What has Medsafe done about this? – Nothing.
http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame/ http://www.safefood.org.nzhttp://thisisyourbrainonpsychdrugs.blogspot.com/2008/04/aspartame-and-brain.html

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