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Questions about Benghazi

Questions about Benghazi

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Published by Kenric Ward

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Published by: Kenric Ward on May 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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42 National
January 11, 2013
Jan. 1—President Obama swore an oath to “supportand deend the Constitution against all enemies or-eign and domestic,” as did every member o the U.S.Senate and House o Representatives. Obama hasbroken that oath by supporting the enemies o the U.S.Constitution. As several members o the House For-eign Aairs Committee pointed out in recent hear-ings, the issue is the policy o the Obama Adminis-tration, which contributed to causing the deaths o Amb. Chris Stevens and three other Americans inBenghazi, and i continued in respect to Syria, threat-ens to bring the world to the brink o thermonuclearwar.Congressional demands or explanations o theSept. 11, 2012 Benghazi attacks, must begin with athorough airing o the ongoing alliance between theObama White House and al-Qaeda. Nothing short o athorough probe will prevent a replay o the rst two9/11 attacks, perhaps on a ar grander scale.What makes this particularly urgent, is that inusing al-Qaeda to overthrow Assad in Syria, the Brit-ish Empire, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and British stoogeObama, are pushing the world to the edge o a thermo-nuclear war with Russia and China. The crimes o Obama o ailing to provide sucient security to theU.S. mission in Benghazi and not responding ater theattack by providing military assistance, are the resulto the underlying policy.The crimes o Obama are not the result o bureau-cratic sloppiness. These crimes and the lies o theObama Administration’s “talking points,” which weredesigned to cover them up, are a result o the underly-ing crime o having allied with known enemies o theUnited States o America. As Regional Security OcerEric Nordstrom testied beore the House OversightCommittee in October 2012: “In my view, the Talibanis inside the building.”
LaRouchePAC Takes Initiative
The killings o the our Americans in Benghazi werecarried out by the very terrorists Obama and his masters
supported to overthrow Qadda, and aresupporting now to overthrow Assad.The U.S. designation o al-Nusra in Syria as a ter-rorist organization is just a g lea. As reported in theSept. 11 memo sent by Ambassador Stevens to Wash-ington, Wisam bin Hamid and al-Garabi told U.S. o-cials on Sept. 9 that “fuid relationships and blurrylines” dene membership in the brigades in Benghazi.“They themselves were members o multiple bri-gades, they said.” The same is true in Syria.Over the past three weeks, LaRouchePAC has pro-duced a series o updated act sheets, which conclu-sively document that the Obama Admministration has
 The Questions CongressMust Ask About Benghazi
 by William Wertz
January 11, 2013
National 43
been in bed with al-Qaeda in Libya; and, as the Syrianopposition itsel has armed in respect to Syria (byproclaiming that “we are all al-Nusra”), with the al-Qaeda-dominated Syrian opposition as well. These actsheets have all been provided to Members o Congress,who, in act, have access to even more precise inorma-tion than that available to LaRouchePAC rom thepublic domain.While the initial questioning o State Departmentocials in the House Oversight and GovernmentReorm Committee hearings Dec. 20 began to pin-point some serious issues, Congress has much more todo. To aid in the process, LaRouchePAC has ormu-lated the ollowing policy questions to be asked byCongressional investigators.
The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) waslisted as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) bythe U.S. State Department, the UN Security Council,and the U.K. Home Oce, beore it ocially dis-banded in February 2011, and merely renamed itsel the Libyan Islamic Movement or Change. In 2007,al-Qaeda had announced its merger with the LIFG.There are numerous links between the LIFG and9/11/2001 known to the U.S. rom interrogations inGuantanamo. Thus, Congress must ask:
 How does the Obama Administration justiy allyingwith leading members o the LIFG in Libya? Did Obama authorize the decision to work with the LIFG?Given the U.S. State Department designation o the LIFG as an FTO, did anyone in the State Department object to this policy? Why has the Administration not designated the Libyan Islamic Movement or Changeas an FTO?
The emir o the LIFG,Abdel Hakim Belhadj,ought alongside Osamabin Laden in Aghanistan,and then moved with himto Sudan in 1992. He rantraining camps or al-Qa-eda in Aghanistan in thelate 1990s. He fed Kabulin 2001, and went withbin Laden to Tora Bora.He was listed as a co-con-spirator in the 2004Madrid bombings. In Libya, he received weaponsrom Qatar, in a transaction approved by Obama. Hebecame the military commander o the Tripoli Mili-tary Council in August 2011, and was responsible orsecurity at all oreign embassies. Thus Congress mustask:
Why did we ally with a known terrorist to over-throw Qaddaf? Why did we allow Qatar to provide Belhadj with weapons, bypassing the Transitional National Council (TNC)? Did the Obama Administra-tion protest Belhadj’s becoming responsible or secu-rity at all oreign embassies?
The February 17 Brigade
Gen. Abdul FattahYounis, the military com-mander o the TNC, wasassassinated on July 28,2011. The assassinationpaved the way or Belh-adj to become the mili-tary commander o theTripoli Military Council.A deputy o Younis, Mo-hammed Agoury, told As-sociated Press that the February 17 Brigade wasbehind the assassination. Other sources have said thatAnsar al-Sharia was responsible. Thus Congress mustask:
Why did the Obama Administration hire the Febru-ary 17 Brigade to provide security in Benghazi under these circumstances?
The February 17 Brigade was ormed by Ismael al-Sallabi. Belhadj was in Benghazi in April 2011 to helporm the Brigade. According to the Senate HomelandSecurity Committee report, the Brigade was involvedin extrajudicial detentions o U.S. diplomatic personnelprior to Sept. 11, 2012. On Sept. 11, according to theState Department Accountability Review Board (ARB),the February 17 Brigade guards at the mission ailed tonotiy the Brigade barracks. According to the SenateHomeland Security Committee, the Brigade ailed torespond to two calls or assistance rom the CIA annex.Thus Congress must ask:
 Did the Obama Administration know that the Feb-ruary 17 Brigade was created by known LIFG opera-tives when we hired it? Why did the Obama Adminis-tration continue to employ the Brigade ater it 
 Abdel Hakim Belhadj
 Abdel Fattah Younis
44 National
January 11, 2013
conducted extrajudicial detentions, and ater its loy-alties were called into question?
Meeting in Qatar
Ater Belhadj becamehead o the Tripoli Mili-tary Council, he andIsmael al-Sallabi traveledwith TNC leader MustaaAbdul Jalil to Qatar tomeet with NATO ocials.Thus Congress must ask:
Why did NATO chooseto meet with known ter-rorists? Who authorized this meeting?
Ansar al-Sharia
Abu Suan bin Qumuis the head o Ansar al-Sharia, which took creditor the attack on the U.S.mission in Benghazi on itsFacebook page. TheSenate Homeland Secu-rity Committee reportsays individuals aliatedwith Ansar al-Sharia wereallegedly involved instorming the Tunisianconsulate in Benghazi on June 18, 2012. Bin Qumu isknown to be a member o the LIFG and al-Qaeda, andwas assessed to be a
risk to U.S. interests. He re-ceived a monthly stipend rom one o the nanciers o the original 9/11 in 2001. He began training rebel orcesin Derna in April o 2011. Thus Congress must ask:
What actions did the Obama Administration takeagainst him and Ansar al-Sharia beore Sept. 11, 2012?Why is Ansar al-Sharia not listed as an FTO? On what basis did Secretary o State Hillary Clinton argue that an entry on Ansar al-Sharia’s Facebook page takingcredit or the attack is not “evidence”?
Libya Shield
U.S. ocials met with Wisam bin Hamid andMuhammad al-Garabi on Sept. 9. The Library o Congress reports that bin Hamid is possibly theleader o al-Qaeda in Libya. He leads Libya Shield,which is the same as FreeLibya. He hosted a dem-onstration in Sirte in2012 which was attendedby the head o al-Qaedain Magreb. He partici-pated in another rally inBenghazi, sponsored byAnsar al-Sharia withother militias on June7-8, 2012. The Libraryo Congress reports thatthese militias “probablymake up the bulk o al-Qaeda’s network in Libya.” Itwas Libya Shield which detained U.S. orces sentrom Tripoli or three hours at the Benghazi airportbeore ollowing them to the annex. The attack onthe annex commenced shortly ater their arrival.Thus Congress must ask:
Why did U.S. ofcials meet with Wisam bin Hamid?Why did the U.S. rely on Libya Shield or security in Benghazi?
The Blue Mountain Group
The Senate Homeland Security Committee reportindicates that a current and a ormer employee o theBlue Mountain Group were suspects in the bombing o the mission on April 6, 2012. The ARB report says thata Blue Mountain guard may have let the gate to themission open, and had done so on a previous occasion.Thus Congress must ask:
Why did we continue to employ Blue Mountain?
The Syrian Connection
There are numerous reports indicating support bythe Libyan terrorist groups or the Syrian opposition.Thus Congress must ask:
 Did Obama know about the trip made by Belhadj toTurkey in November 2011 to meet with the Free Syrian Army and Turkish representatives? Did Obama ap- prove this trip? Did this trip result in an agreement to provide weapons, personnel, and training to the FreeSyrian Army?
Six hundred LIFG ghters went to Syria in Novem-ber 2011, led by al-Harati, the deputy commander o theTripoli Military Council under Belhadj. Congress mustask:
Creative Commons
 Mustaa Abdul Jalil Abu Sufan bin QumuWisam bin Hamid 

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