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CVWP PSS Stonewalling

CVWP PSS Stonewalling

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Published by pandorasboxofrocks
CVWP PSS Stonewalling
CVWP PSS Stonewalling

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: pandorasboxofrocks on May 11, 2013
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RESPONSE: As required by 16 NYCRR 1000.5(g) CVWP is providing a summary of material comments received on the PSS and a reply to such comments. CVWP has given seriousconsideration to all of the comments provided to date, including those on the PIP, regardingProject design, potential Project impacts and benefits. CVWP is giving the same considerationto all comments on the PSS and will be enhancing the scope of the PSS with thorough repliesto comments where appropriate. CVWP will utilize the comments received on the PIP and PSS to further inform the methodology and/or type of studies to be conducted for the Project which will form the basis for the Application. By enhancing the scope of the PSS viastakeholder comment, where appropriate, CVWP anticipates filing a comprehensive Application that addresses all stakeholder concerns.RESPONSE: CVWP will make use of comments received on the PSS to revise, whereappropriate, proposed methodologies and the scope of studies as a starting point for continuing to engage with the reviewing agencies, municipalities and other interested parties.CVWP looks forward to working with parties during the stipulations process to further refine protocols and a final scope for applicable studies.RESPONSE: CVWP will provide Staff with the requested information this month.RESPONSE: CVWP will work with DPS to address this comment.RESPONSE: CVWP will work with DPS to address this comment.RESPONSE: Cape Vincent Wind Power, LLC is a New York limited liability company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BP Wind Energy North America Inc., a Delaware corporationheadquartered in Houston, Texas. BP Wind Energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BP. BP hasinvested more in the United States over the last five years than any other oil and gas company.With more than $52 billion in capital spending between 2007 and 2011, BP invests more inthe U.S. than in any other country. The company is the second largest producer of oil and gasin the U.S., a major oil refiner and a leader in alternative energy sources including wind power and biofuels. With 23,000 U.S. employees, BP supports nearly a quarter of a million domestic jobs through its business activities.BP is marketing for sale its Wind business as a going concern with physical assets, customer contracts and a committed and skilled workforce, which will provide the buyer with a solid  platform to grow and develop the business. The company continues to pursue thedevelopment of projects in its portfolio as it adds value to the business moving forward. Assuch, it is business as usual for the Cape Vincent Wind Farm and BP remains fully committed to continuing to pursue the Article 10 process for the development and successful permittingof the Cape Vincent Wind Farm.To this end, despite an internal BP communication on March 28th announcing that it would be marketing its wind business for sale, the company demonstrated its commitment to the
Cape Vincent Wind Farm project by submitting its Preliminary Scoping Statement (PSS) onMarch 29th. It is worth noting that the PSS submittal was accompanied by a check of approximately $100,000to cover the costs of Intervenor Funding for the PSS stage of the Article 10 process.RESPONSE: Overhead collection lines are not anticipated at this time, although may beutilized if necessary. The underground connections for the collection lines to the wind turbine generators will be part of the preliminary drawing package to be submitted with thePreliminary Design Drawings required under 16 NYCRR 1001.11.RESPONSE: The Application will include the data and information of specific turbines or turbine sizes needed to determine potentially significant adverse impacts. Studies conducted will state the turbine dimensions assumed in the analysis.RESPONSE: The Application will put forth a project layout with 124 turbine locations as well as other alternatives, per the requirements under 16 NYCRR 1001.9RESPONSE: The maximum Project output level that has been identified in reports filed withthe NYISO is 285.2 MW.RESPONSE: The Application will put forth a Project layout with 124 turbine locations as well as other alternatives, per the requirements under 16 NYCRR 1001.9RESPONSE: After construction is complete, the connecting transmission operator (NMPC)would be responsible for owning and operating the interconnection switching station as well as that portion of the generator connection line that continues onto the Lyme 115kV tap.RESPONSE: The Application will include a map showing the location of all project componentsin relation to the Coastal Area boundary.RESPONSE: For the Application, CVWF will include feedback tables that are organized in sucha way that enables the reader to follow: the date of a comment; how a comment was presented and from whom; a summary of the comment; and the timing and how a responsewas presented. CVWP will work with DPS Staff to make sure the format is well organized and will allow a reader to understand the information presented.RESPONSE: The Public Involvement Program plan contains an extensive stakeholder list that is updated as new information becomes available.RESPONSE: The outreach is conducted by Richard Chandler, BP Wind Energy North America,700 Louisiana Street, Floor 33, Houston, TX 77002, phone: (713) 354-2100,info@capevincentwindfarm.com. Cape Vincent Wind Power uses the DPS methodology (included in Attachment 3 to the DPS comments on the initial PIP submission) for trackingsuccessful consultation or outreach, and consultation is deemed successful if information
relevant to the affected agency or stakeholder was provided to the affected agency or stakeholder, information was gathered to help advance the PIP process and preparation of the Application, and follow up meetings or consultations are either scheduled or will bescheduled, if deemed necessary.Cape Vincent Wind Power prepares a monthly spreadsheet-style tracking report identifyingPIP activities conducted by CVWP. This report provides summaries of feedback received insuch activities and summaries describing any actions taken by CVWP in response to given feedback. Cape Vincent Wind Power designs the report in a manner that makes it easy to
track CVWP’s progress towards achieving its public involvement goals. The report is posted onCVWP’s website; Appendix C provides a co
 py of the latest monthly tracking report.RESPONSE: Printed materials are used for the various events associated with publicconsultation and community outreach, and include fact sheets on the following topics:CVWF Project Overview; Economic Benefits; Article 10; Intervenor Funding; Company information; Project site map; Turbine transportation; Project schedule; Transmission; BP Wind Energy safety message; Sound; How wind turbines work.The CVWP team also uses Newsletters and Advertisements to disseminate information about the Project, the Article 10 process and to encourage participation in the Article 10 process viacomments and the use of intervenor funding. Public comment sheets are available at all publicevents and the CVWP office. Public comments may also be provided through the CVWF website. CVWF Office 114 S Esseltyne St. Cape Vincent, NY 13618. This local office is openTuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 9am-5pm.Open House Meetings held in Cape Vincent, NY Open House Meetings held in Cape Vincent, NY Public workshop sessions: Article 10, Intervenor Funding, PSS, Application Process, Pre-Construction, Post-ConstructionRESPONSE: Copies of pertinent Project information, including but not limited to: applicationmaterials, studies, reports, meeting presentation materials and media releases is and will be provided on the Project website http:/www.capevincentwindfarm.com. Repositories havebeen set up for key documents at the Cape Vincent public library, Lyme public library,Watertown public library, Clayton public library.RESPONSE: The Application will more fully explain changes made to the wind turbine layout  plan for the Cape Vincent Wind Farm due to public and stakeholder engagement and  feedback.RESPONSE: A monthly public involvement tracking report detailing public involvement  program activity including, but not limited to stakeholder meetings, is available on the CapeVincent Wind Farm website at: www.capevincentwindfarm.com.

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