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Rep. Dan Maffei's statement honoring Cpl. Kyle Schneider

Rep. Dan Maffei's statement honoring Cpl. Kyle Schneider

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Published by Citizen newspaper
U.S. Rep. Dan Maffei's statement honoring Marine Corporal Kyle Schneider. Schneider, a Baldwinsville native, was killed while serving in Afghanistan. The post office in Baldwinsville will be renamed in his honor.
U.S. Rep. Dan Maffei's statement honoring Marine Corporal Kyle Schneider. Schneider, a Baldwinsville native, was killed while serving in Afghanistan. The post office in Baldwinsville will be renamed in his honor.

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Published by: Citizen newspaper on May 11, 2013
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 Extensions of Remarks
 May 9, 2013
Medical City in southeast Orlando. As a newmedical school, the college plays a vital partin the foundation and the growth of the Med-ical City at Lake Nona and is strongly sup-ported by the entire Central Florida commu-nity. UCF College of Medicine has a vision tobecome the nation’s premier 21st century col-lege of medicine and a national leader in med-ical education and research. UCF’s College ofMedicine empowers its students to discovertheir healthcare specialty of choice for theirupcoming residencies and, in doing so, furtherprepares them to enter the healthcare profes-sion.I trust that the charter class of 2013 com-mencement will be an exciting day for theUCF community to celebrate their many ex-ceptional accomplishments. On behalf of thecitizens of Central Florida, it is my pleasure tocongratulate President of UCF Dr. John Hitt,Dean of UCF College of Medicine Dr. DeborahGerman, the charter medical school grad-uates, and the facility and staff of the Univer-sity of Central Florida College of Medicine onthis outstanding accomplishment. I wish themall great success in their future pursuits.
Thursday, May 9, 2013
Mr. MAFFEI. Mr. Speaker, it is with greatpride that I rise today to honor fallen MarineCorporal Kyle R. Schneider, who made the ul-timate sacrifice to protect his fellow Marinesand the freedoms of the United States ofAmerica.On December 28, 2012, President Obamasigned into law H.R. 5837, legislation renam-ing the post office at 26 East Genesee Streetin Baldwinsville, New York, in honor of Cor-poral Schneider.Kyle Schneider embodied the same valuesthat make this country extraordinary: Dedica-tion, Honor and Pride. I am moved that theVillage of Baldwinsville will have this oppor-tunity to pay a lasting tribute to Kyle’s Legacy.Corporal Schneider was born in Syracuseand grew up in Baldwinsville, New York. Kylewas an avid athlete, playing baseball, football,and track, before graduating from C.W. BakerHigh School in 2006. While at OnondagaCommunity College, Kyle realized that hewanted to do more for his country. As a result,in March 2008, Kyle fulfilled a lifelong dreamand joined the United States Marine Corps.In January of 2011, Kyle was deployed toAfghanistan in support of Operation EnduringFreedom with the II Marine ExpeditionaryForce. Kyle earned many distinguished militaryawards while in Afghanistan including the Pur-ple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon, Good Con-duct Medal, National Defense Medal, Afghani-stan Campaign Medal, Global War on Ter-rorism Service Medal, Sea Service Deploy-ment Ribbon, and the NATO Medal. On June30, 2011, Corporal Kyle R. Schneider died asa result of enemy action in Helmand Province,Afghanistan. He was 23.Kyle is survived by his parents, Richard andLorie Schneider; a brother, Kevin Schneider ofPhoenix; his fiance, Theresa Lynn Dodge ofW. Columbia, TX; his maternal grandparents,Richard and Dianne Vrotny of Baldwinsvilleand maternal grandfather Gary E. (Helen A.)Younis; and his paternal grandparents, CarolSchneider and John Rouselle of CentralSquare.Mr. Speaker, in appreciation of this youngman’s love for country who gave his life pro-tecting this great nation, I ask this HonorableBody to join me in honoring the legacy of Ma-rine Corporal Kyle R. Schneider.
Thursday, May 9, 2013
Ms. HAHN. Mr. Speaker, under current fed-eral law, individuals convicted of ‘‘mis-demeanor crimes of domestic violence’’ aredisqualified from possessing firearms. Thispolicy has proven crucial to protecting victimsof domestic violence from serious injury ordeath.However, many states do not define stalkingas a type of domestic violence crime, allowingconvicted stalkers to own and purchase fire-arms and leaving victims of stalking unpro-tected. Moreover, while federal law prohibitsthe sale of firearms to someone ‘‘subject to acourt order restraining them from harassing,stalking or threatening an intimate partner,’’not all stalkers have a romantic relationshipwith their victims and thus don’t fall into thiscategory. However their lack of a romantic re-lationship does not preclude the fact that theystill pose a considerable threat to their victims.The Protecting Victims of Stalking Act of2013 works to remedy these gaps in federallaw. All victims, whether or not they have hada romantic relationship with their stalker,should be afforded these critical protections.The Protecting Victims of Stalking Act of 2013closes these dangerous loopholes by prohib-iting the sale of firearms to any person subjectto a restraining order for stalking as well asprohibiting any individual convicted of stalkingfrom buying or possessing a firearm. Only byaddressing these glaring vulnerabilities can webegin to reduce the many injuries and deathsoften associated with domestic violence.
Thursday, May 9, 2013
Mr. BARR. Mr. Speaker, I rise to recognizethe accomplishments of a Kentucky native,Bishop Simon P. Rawlings. Bishop Rawlingswas the Second Chief Apostle of the House ofGod, International, whose National Cathedraland World Headquarters are located in Lex-ington, my hometown and the center of thesixth Congressional District which I represent.The House of God, International haschurches in Africa, Australia, Canada, and Ja-maica, but I am proud to state that the churchwas founded in the United States of America.Bishop R.A.R. Johnson initially founded the‘‘Commandment Keepers’’ in 1910. The doc-trine evolved and the church was firmly estab-lished in 1918 as the House of God, Inter-national. The Hebrew-Pentecostal denomina-tion is based on Old Testament law and doc-trine and is enthused by the joy, fervor andzeal of Christ’s New Testament of spiritual re-vivalism.Bishop Rawlings was born August 2, 1914in Stamping Ground, Kentucky. He joined theHouse of God at the age of 16. He later ex-claimed that God sent him to Lexington tobuild Him a church, also giving him a highercalling as detailed in Psalms 50:5 ‘‘gather mysaints together unto me, those that have madecovenant with me by sacrifice.’’For 11 years he preached over the airwayseach Sunday night; a program that was en- joyed by many in the Christian community.With his lovely wife, Elect Lady Mary ScottRawlings of Charlottesville, Virginia, whom hemarried on July 3, 1935, and other dedicatedchurch members, Bishop Rawlings set upchurches throughout the country and over-seas. They built their first little church on BlackStreet in Lexington in 1937 and the followingyear they built the second church on AshStreet. In 1959, the church purchased theChandler Arms School, a landmark of Ken-tucky Black history. They renovated the prop-erty. So, the next year in 1960, a host ofmembers and friends marched from the AshStreet church to the new church at 548Georgetown Street.In 1947, he was ordained as a bishop. In1950, Bishop Simon Rawlings was installed asthe second Chief Apostle of the House ofGod, International—a position in which hehumbly served for 40 years until his death onJanuary 1, 1991. He received his Bachelor ofSacred Theology and Master’s Degree fromthe Cooper Institute of Jacksonville, FL and aDoctor of Divinity degree from the KentuckyCollege of Contemporary Religion. He wasvery instrumental in the formation of the col-lege and later served as its president until hisdeath.One of his greatest achievements was in1987 when the church purchased the JuliusMark property, another one of Lexington’sBlack historical landmarks. In February 1990,Bishop Rawlings shared his vision with hiswife, church and city officials, church mem-bers, and the general public at thegroundbreaking ceremony of the present Na-tional Temple and World Headquarters, whichis situated on that site located at 866 George-town Street.During his 40 years of service as ChiefApostle and General Superintendent, and 56years as pastor of the Lexington congregation,he held the following positions:1. National Y.P.U. President2. State Superintendent of Georgia3. State Superintendent of South Carolina4. Southern Division Superintendent5. President of the Black Church Coalition ofthe Bluegrass6. Honorary Citizen of Lexington Award(1991)7. Kentucky ColonelThough he was in failing health, BishopRawlings was able to attend the pre-dedica-tion service of the National Temple he envi-sioned and built. He gave his farewell sermonduring the Feast of Tabernacles in October of1990.Sadly, Bishop Rawlings did not live to seethe visionary temple, but his legacy lives on in
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