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AIFTP Times April 2013

AIFTP Times April 2013

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Published by yagay

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Published by: yagay on May 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A p r i l , 2 0 1 3
Rnal Subscriptin t AIFTP Jurnal and Vluntary Cntributin tPalkivala Natinal Tax Mt Curt Cmptitin and Rsarc n Tax 
Dear Members,We have posted bill for renewal subscription of AIFTP Journal and Palkhivala Foundation in 1st week of March, 2013. Members are requested to send the DD or Cheque in favour of “All India Federation of Tax Practitioners” payable at Mumbai as early as possible.Members can also download the subscription and an Appeal for voluntary contribution from our website;i.e.,
and send us the subscription.Thanking you,
Fo All India Fdation of Tax PactitionsNArAyAN P. JAIN
Secretary General 
Nn-Rcipt f AIFTP Jurnal and AIFTP Tims
AIFTP Jounal
is posted to all AIFTP Journal subscribers on 23rd of every month.If the subscriber does not receive the AIFTP Journal on or before 30th of the month please send a e-mail
o itt itimatio to t of of t A Idia Fdatio Of Tax Patitio to ab t of to tak
corrective action.
is posted on 4th of the month to all members.If the member does not receive the AIFTP Times on or before 10th of the month please send a e-mail or written
itimatio to t of of t A Idia Fdatio Of Tax Patitio to ab t of to tak otiv
action. The AIFTP Times can also be downloaded from the website of AIFTP i.e.
.aiftponlin.ogMitsh Kotcha
, Journal Committee
FOr querIes PleAse cOnTAcT Any OF The FOllOwIng OFFIce BeArers
nam T. (O) Fax Mobi e-mai
National President 
— s. K. Podda,
0651-2202787 2309407 9431115265 sheojipoddar40@gmail.com
Deputy President 
— J.D. nakai,
022-22841717 22831717 9821034867 jagdish@nankanis.com
Secretary General 
— naaa P. Jai,
033-22821100 22820180 9830951252 npjain@vsnl.com
cA. hai n. Motiaa 022-22002103 22094331 9819422300 motiaa.a@mai.om
Dat & Month Pogamm Plac
16 to 18-10-2013 AOTcA cof at haoi Vitam26 to 28-12-2013 (popod)* natioa covtio Mmbai*
Subject to conrmation
 Volu 4 - No. 4
April, 2013
A p r i l , 2 0 1 3
Ma Popod. god too bd t popoa.
The long standing fervent and ardent desire of All India Federation of Tax Practitioners and itsmembers to organise and hold taxation seminar on
Timaa at t abod of lod si Vkataa a
become a reality practically and theoretically. Thishas become truthful on account of the incessantand collective efforts of all the members of theManaging Committee of the zone as well as the
i, ot ad tad ffot of t natioa Joitsta fo t sot Zo M. Maadi siivaarao. T aid dt midd, i itiv ad
workcoholic person threw all his weight in continuouslypersuading the respected Chairman of Tirumala
Tipati Dvataam Boad of Tt ad textiv Offi i t mot fo aotmtof bak Daa ad pia VIP daa fo t
participants and ultimately was successful in arranging
app ad atifato daa of t lod to o ad
all. I would be failing in my duty, if I don’t mentionwith lot of appreciation of the continuous and steadysupervision and monitoring of the arrangements atthe uphills in respect of accommodation, cateringand other services excellently demonstrated by the
Vi caima fo t stat of Ada Pad,si AVs Kia Moa, Advoat ad t adta of t Zo si s.s. sataaaaa o
have frequently visited Tirumala at their cost of the
ok. utimat a t t, dvotioa ad
duty minded efforts of the above-mentioned triohave culminated in a very grand successful seminarorganised by the Federation, not ever before 15thMarch, 2013 at any point of time and certainly withno repetition after 16th March, 2013. The servicesof the trio with selflessness and service mindedgoal really require every kind of application byone and all. Therefore, one has to notice that 16thMarch, 2013 is golden lettered day in the interest of AIFTP.
T mia a aid b t bovd natioaPidt si s.K. Podda, Advoat of rai o
had undertaken a very painful, hectic and tedious
 jo fom rai to Timaa. It i t fotof t sot Zo to av to miai a gtof hoo si P. c. Joi, Advoat ad D. K.sivaam, Advoat ad Pat natioa Pidt of t Fdatio. hov t bami p of t imiati poaiti am t natioaPidt ad t ot to gt of hoo av
adorned the dais and illuminated the venue, though tosome extent and for some time, the absence of the
ot gt of hoo ad t Dpt Pidt a
caused a shadow of gloom over the dais.
T i ad ditiii fat of t smia
was that individual appreciative citations with thespecific photograph of the felicities have been alsopresented and to the absentees the citations arebeing arranged through a suitable mode for beingdelivered to the respective personalities. As a mark
of taditio fo ivoki t bi of lod, tnatioa Pidt ad to gt of hoo otd b t Vdi Padit ati Vda it
poornakumbham which is a rarely conferred privilegeat the temples and the seminars on the heads of the
ovi stat a  a t jdiia. T VdiPadit ivokd t bi of lod si Vkataa
by offering in, the holy water and prasadam. As acontinuity of the tradition of the Federation threesenior professionals were felicitated. It is also verymuch gratifying to notice that the AIFTP does notsimpliciter believe in seminars, education and ethicsalone. It believes that achievement of excellence inethics would be possible only when the AIFTP alsoinvolves itself in the service of the society. When the
AIFTP a dtak a natioa Taxatio smiao 16t Ma, 2013 at t abod of t lod at
Tirumala with all pomp and colours, it was feltexpedient to demonstrate the service mindedness
of t Fdatio to t lod i i ditio tnatioa Pidt ao it t Pat Pidt siP.c. Joi, Advoat ad t caima of t ZocA Pa Kma fad off t vi ativit
by distributing towels, clothes, sarees and bedsheetsto the needy and poor people at the venue to markthe closure of inaugural session, whereafter in thecellar where the dining hall is located food was alsodistributed to the hungry and poor people. Thusthe Federation has proved itself that it is pioneerin service activity also in addition to the excellence
i pofioaim. T smia opd fo t
technical sessions namely on implications of Finance
Bdt, 2013, pok b cA sampat raata of cai, aid b cA Timaai of hdabad, tsod Tia sio o Admiitatio of sviTax a a add b si Vaitaa, Advoatof cai aid b si P.c. Joi, Advoat of Mmbai ad t Tid Tia sio pot o admiitatio of VAT ad Dti of ai
B D. M.V.K. MOOrTHy, Chaiman, AIFTP (SZ)
naaa P. Jai,
Secretary General 
A p r i l , 2 0 1 3
authorities was handled by two learned speakers Mr.
M.V.J.K. Kma, Advoat fom hdabad ad cA M.saja Daia fom Ba ad t io a
chaired by the Deputy Commissioner of Commercial
Tax, no M. M.D. Imtiaz. T mia am to
a close by 4.30 p.m.As is known to everyone, the idea of holding the
mia o t pi at t abod of lod a
initially objected to by all the concerned familiar with
t taditio of t tmp ad t pa. hov
the very ardent and fervent idea of firm nature tohold the seminar at Tirumala against all risks wasflexibly encouraged and blessed by the presiding
dit si Vkataa sami, o tood bid
all of us and blessed for an accomplished successfulseminar. Thus the desire has been transformed into areality both theoretically and practically. The seminarwas attended by nearly 200 delegates. The colourful
additio i t patiipatio of t ofia fom t
legal cell and accounts department of TTD for whose
patiipatio podi  ofia id b tptd extiv Of diti of of t
above two departments to attend the seminar andreport compliance.The organisers namely All India Federation of Tax
Patitio, sot Zo, oa o-oai amTipati Tax Ba Aoiatio ad Tipati sa Tax
Practitioners Association were all thankful for thesuccessful seminar and it is also achieved that
t to oa Ba Aoiatio av ad to joi
the Federation as Associate Members and shortlythe applications will be routed through the zonalsecretariat.It is also an additional interesting and welcoming
fat tat 17 ad pofioa fom A gjaat
Federation of Tax Consultants led by its president
si sai Dai ad aot idtifiab joviaad a fid si sam s. Jai, Advoat fomJaad i gjaat stat av attdd t miait ti famii ad t t aid Ba Aoiatio
successfully endeavoured to be identified as a Co-organiser of the seminar. All the persons responsibleand accountable for the success of the seminar havebeen suitably recognised and felicitated and everyparticipant, it is believed to have returned home withlot of happiness and satisfaction after having Darshan
of t lod ivoki i bi it va additio
of professional knowledge.
Fia t caima of t Zo aboi tood mia at difft pa i t stat of Ada Pad a  a t ot stat itotiv ffot of i tam of of ba poftak t natioa extiv committ fo it mt
in the evening of 16th and for the opportunitygiven for holding the seminar at Tirumala on 16thinstant.
[See Rule 8]
1. Place of Publication : All India Federation of Tax Practitioners
215, ra camb, 31, n Mai li, Mumbai 400 020.
2. Periodicity of its Publication : Monthly
3. Pit’ nam & natioaity : si Kota Mit Ai, IdiaAdd : sta hou, 1t Foo, 56, Tiity stt, Dobi Taao, Mumbai 400 001 (M.s.)4. Pubi’ nam & natioaity : si Kota Mit Ai, IdiaAdd : sta hou, 1t Foo, 56, Tiity stt, Dobi Taao, Mumbai 400 001 (M.s.)5. edito’ nam & natioaity : si Kakaa sivaam Kittaa, IdiaAdd : 2d Foo, eat wt Buidig, Opp. Bombay stok exag,Bombay samaa Mag, Fot, Mumbai 400 001.6. nam ad Add of idividua : A Idia Fdatio of Tax Patitioo o t pap ad 215, ra camb, 31, n Mai li,
partners or shareholders holding Mumbai 400 020.more than one per cent of the capital
I, si Kota Mit Ai, by, da tat t patiua giv abov a tu to t bt of my kodg ad bif.
Dat : 28-3-2013. sigatu of t Pubi

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