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Blood Covenant

Blood Covenant

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Published by Ambassador's Voice

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Ambassador's Voice on May 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is blood?
Blood is the carrier of life. The life of a person or an animal is
the blood.
For the life of the flesh is in the blood:and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls...
Today we do not see blood the way God made it. Movies are full of blood. It is lookedupon as gruesome, is associated with death and horror.Truth is, blood represents life, because the life or the soul of a person or an animal is inthe blood!It is a very precious fluid! In the Old Testament blood had to be treated with respect,because the soul is in it. Hunters had to cover the blood of animals with dust as a signof respect for the life that was in the blood. (Lev. 17:13) All life comes from God, andbelongs to Him.
The blood of animals
Since ancient times people drank the blood of animals and used in rituals to draw power from it and to connect them to the gods. God forbids the eating and drinking of blood of animals. Why? When
meat is eaten with blood, the soul of the animal is ‘eaten’.
Thesoul of the animal enters the person eating it.
Lower rank
 God created humans in His image and likeness. He appointed humans to rule over theworks of His hands. An animal is lower in rank of creatures than man and it has a carnal nature.So, if man eats its blood, he unites with
life. His soul unites with the soul of the
animal. He becomes one with a lower life, something carnal. God’s desire for man is topartake of Someone’s blood much higher than his own; the blood of Jesus!
God’s Blood Pact
 What is a blood covenant?
It is a strong agreement, pact, or contract. In ancient times contracts were sealed withblood. Blood gives the power because it has life!
Covenant means to ‘cut’ the flesh of something until blood flows. People who made
covenant were faithful to each other and loyal unto death. God loves faithfulness, Heloves honour and loyalty. He loves covenant...
How was covenant made?
Close friends often made a pact of loyalty to one another. It is a partnership. It says; twoare better/stronger than one. Cuttings were on the hands with a knife or a sword for blood flow.Hands were shaken after the cut was made. Their blood would mingle. The claspedhands symbolized union.
Blood was the ‘binding substance’ or glue for such a pact. Their souls and personalities
merged, because
life is in the blood 
. It was serious and eternal and could not be broken.Each individual gave up on his own identity to embrace something better, somethinggreater; the unity of shared life.
When we receive Jesus as our Saviour means we do the same, we let go of our oldidentity, and live in a new life where we are bound to the Divine, we are bound to theSon of God!
Why did they make a pact?
Blood brothers would protect one another with their lives. They would also provide for one another. If one would fall, the other would pick him up. In a true pact the one wouldesteem the other higher than himself, it is a lifelong commitment. It is giving up your own life and rights to see the other person prosper.
Jesus is our Blood Covenant Brother Only with mankind
It is amazing to think that God made covenants with humans, but not with angels.Humans were made in the image and likeness of God. Adam had the breath of Lifebreathed into his nostrils. He was created to have unbroken fellowship and communionwith God. When he sinned, God had a plan of salvation to save mankind from thewages of his sin, which is death. Fallen angels on the other hand had no chance torestore their inheritance; there was no plan to save them.In His great compassion and mercy God reached out His hand to man who sinned. Heloved the people so much. He gave His own Son to die for them. He wanted them tocome back to Him.
Lonely God
God commanded the Israelites to build Him a tabernacle. He wanted a house, to liveamong His people. Thing is, He is so holy, sinful people could not just approach Himand live. This made Him lonely.His heart longed for friendship, but His sacred presence had to remain behind a thickcurtain of the tabernacle for centuries. Only once a year the high priest came with bloodto meet Him... imagine one visitor, once a year, approaching with fear and trembling!God wanted to open the curtain wide and let everyone in. He wanted to rip the wholeveil apart, because He wanted friends...So He sent His Son to die. As His flesh torn on the cross, that thick dividing curtain,stained with blood of thousands of animals, were torn from the top to the bottom! Theway was finally opened, the glory could now freely flow out and His beloved peoplecould approach Him unhindered at long last!Everyone is invited to come now, not just Jews, not high priests only, not men only, notgrownups only, not once a year only, with blood of animals in fear and trembling of death! No, the way is opened now. Prostitutes may come, drug addicts, murderers,rapists, orphans, thieves, criminals, heathens, ordinary people, Jew and Gentile, twenty-four-seven, all may come - with joy!
Take His hand

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