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Group Projects - World Financial Institutions

Group Projects - World Financial Institutions

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Published by travelerpat
Group Project 3 - Questions for each group's project
Group Project 3 - Questions for each group's project

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Published by: travelerpat on Apr 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Group ProjectsBusiness English 2Global Financial InstitutionsSome of the information for your presentations is in the article “The Bretton Woods Trio,” pages 28-36. Youwill also have to do independent research on your topic.Group 1 – Bretton Woods Conference1.What was the Bretton Woods Conference?2.Who was Keynes? What did he propose?3.Why was his idea not adopted?4.What was adopted instead?5.Describe how the American dollar works as “the dominant currency of international exchange.”6.Why are economists and politicians at the G-20 Conference saying this system no longer works?7.What are they proposing as a replacement of the U.S. dollar?8.Do you think it is a good idea? Why?Group 2 – International Monetary Fund (IMF)1.What was the mission of the IMF when it was first created?2.Is that still its mission?3.What does the book say were the 3 parts or functions of the IMF’s job?4.What does its website say are its 6 functions today?5.How many member nations does the IMF currently have?6.What bigger international institution is the IMF a part of?7.Besides (in addition to) loaning money, how does the IMF help countries? Can you find examples of IMF projects?Group 3 – International Monetary Fund (IMF)1.How does a country get a loan from the IMF?2.How long does it have to repay the loan?3.What are SDRs (Special Drawing Rights)? How do they work?4.What is the size of the United States’ SDR? Of China?5.What does the size of a country’s SDR mean? What does it allow that country to do?6.When the IMF gives a loan to a country, are there “strings attached”? What does “strings attached”mean? What are some examples?7.What changes do China and other developing countries want made to the SDRs and to the IMFitself? Why?8.Were these changes adopted by the G-20 Conference?Group 4 – World Bank1.What are the two organizations that make up the World Bank?2.How does the World Bank get its money?3.When it was founded at the Bretton Woods Conference, the mission was to help Europe rebuildafter World War II. What is the current function or purpose of the World Bank?4.What are the Millennium Development Goals of the World Bank?5.Describe what developing countries have determined their economies need in order to grow andattract business and jobs.http://web.worldbank.org/WBSITE/EXTERNAL/EXTABOUTUS/0,,contentMDK:20040565~menuPK:1696892~pagePK:51123644~piPK:329829~theSitePK:29708,00.html

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