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Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

Pierre Teilhard De Chardin



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Published by Timothy
Pierre Theilhard de Chardin is a Jesuit and one of the godfathers of the New Age movement in the Western world. His impact is reached today. What isn't known too much is about his New Age and fraudulent briefs on Evolution. This article talks about these subjects in greater depth.
Pierre Theilhard de Chardin is a Jesuit and one of the godfathers of the New Age movement in the Western world. His impact is reached today. What isn't known too much is about his New Age and fraudulent briefs on Evolution. This article talks about these subjects in greater depth.

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Published by: Timothy on Apr 09, 2009
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The Jesuit Pierre Teilhard De Chardin 
The New Age Movement is a complex religious philosophy. It's common threads are itsembrace of the occult, the godhood of man, mysticism, reincarnation, and the praise (or evenworship) of Nature.Today, most New Ageism is a merging of Eastern evolutionary pantheismand Western evolutionary views (including Western occultism).In essence when you get downto it, the New Age Movement is not new. It’s nothing more than the modern expression of theancient tenets of the Mystery Religions. The New Age reached the forefront of Western culturein the 1960's. This period in the 1960’s was called the Counterculture. Its effects have been felttoday in 2009 from the language we use to the clothing we dress. The Hippies loved it, butmany of the lower level Hippies didn't realize that the leadership of the Hippies had ties to themilitary industrial complex (that includes the government, U.S. military, and U.S. intelligence).One of the Hippie leaders was Professor Timothy Leary.
He was a drug guru thatpromoted LSD like candy. He was not only Jesuit trained in the College of HolyCross in Worchester, Massachusetts. He also supported Aleister Crowley
.Crowleywas apart of British Intelligence during WWII, he was a Satanist, he was apart of the GoldenDawn & the OTO, and wanted society to break down traditional morality to accept the SatanicAge of Horus. Crowley admitted that the cinema would be a means to grow the possibility of
the New Aeon (or the New Age) to arise in the world. Leary said that he was carrying on thework of Aleister Crowley (like embracing the phrase do what thou wilt shall be the whole of thelaw under love.Leary added under love since Crowley's original motto didn't include those 2letters). Leary's ally was pro-New Ager Robert Anton Wilson who wanted to attack Christianity.Timothy Leary was accused of being a CIA agent.We do know for certain that the CIA andUniversity professors promoted LSD in experiments and started much of the Hippie Movementthat flourished in the 1960's (in other to control people and stagnant real improvements inAmerica along. The Hippie Movement was a distraction during the continuation of the evilVietnam War). MK-Ultra was even created in 1947 by the CIA to test mind control drugs on theAmerican people to test out their behaviors in certain circumstances. Aldous Huxleysupported these LSD experiments.The Hippie Movement damaged much of the culture stablesof America and many ex-Hippies even admit to this. Music occurred in that time that promotedthis New Age themes from the Beatles to others.Theilhard de Chardin was a famous Jesuitand a father of the modern New Age Movement. He promoted a New Paradigm shift in thewrold. A Paradigm shift is a holistic view that wants the world more integrated instead ofbroken apart. This shift accepts New Age thinking of the world. To New Agers, the OldParadigm is about seeing things as a mechanical system of building blocks. One famousexposing the New Age movement was the top former New Age leader named Randall Baer. Hebecame a born again Christian to expose the occult Nature of New Ageism in his book entitled“Inside the New Age Nightmare.” He died mysterious. He wrote that:
“…This agenda is nothing less than the complete revolutionizing of the veryfoundations of not only America but the entire world. Such a plan calls for the totalrestructuring of planetary civilization into an enlightened One World Federation inwhich national boundaries and sovereignty are secondary, and 'planetarycitizenship' in the 'global village' is the order of the day. This (conspiracy) offers aworld in desperate need a grand solution to profound global problems. Apparentworld peace and unprecedented opportunities ... are to be unveiled."
Many New Age tenets of Universalism, occultism, and Evolution are found in the MasonicLodge. That is why Freemasons like Erasmus Darwin and others agreed with Evolution. Thephilosopher and French mathematician Rene Descartes (1596-1650) believed in reductionism.Reductionism is an analytical approach to things that wants to break up thoughts (orproblems) into pieces plus arranging them in their logical order.It's a belief that you can learncomplex phenomena by breaking them down into their consitutent parts. So, the New Ageview is that all human life are fragments of the "Universal All." They want man to grow up andbe apart of the whole. Now, French Roman Catholic Jesuit Pierre Thielhard de Chardinaccepted the New Paradigm concepts. He is even considered the most influential individual ofthe New Age Movement. Chardin believed in Evolution. Now, Evolution is a Mystery religionconcept that relates to reincarnation. That is why New Agers typical accept the tenets ofEvolution. Evolution teaches that natural selection created all life forms from less complex tomore complex organisms (man is a final product of these chance filled gradual developmentsover billions of years). Reincarnation itself teach that man is evolving endlessly in manylifetimes until they reach perfection.
Eastern Mysticism teaches that the lower forms oflife evolve into higher forms of life and that eventually all men will evolve backinto godhood or the 'Source from which they came'. Chardin believed that mancan evolve into his true or Higher Self (and be more llike what God is).
This NewAge concept is about how they believe that man was already God, but he must go to thatSource to find his True Self. This evolution into godhood (which is embraced by Freemasonry,Mormonism, and many other false religions)is called the "Cosmic Consciousness." Thisblasphemy is a form of New Age Spiritual Evolution. It refuses to acknowledge that man needs
a Saviour or that man can never be like God.
 Evolution teaches that humans can potentially evolve into a god. Theilhard studied fossils, butsupported the Piltdown man hoax. Some believe that
Theilhard de Chardin
believed inpantheism or that God resides in all things. Other New Agers love that concept. Some New Age viewGod as an impersonal force that is your inner voice, higher self or intuition. They view it as immanentin all things like man. To the New Age Movement, God can be a he or a she. Oprah Winfrey is afamous person that has brought up into the lie that man can be a God as well (she denies JesusChrist as the only way to God the Father). Oprah follows the teachings of the New Age promoterEckhart Tolle. She feels that God is only loving. Yes, God is Loving and also a Judge. Oprah deniesthat God is Jealous. Top New Age figure,
Marilyn Ferguson said, "God is experienced as flow,wholeness, the infinite kaleidoscope of life and death. God is that organizing matrix we canexperience but not tell, that which enlivens matter." (Marilyn Ferguson, The AquarianConspiracy, pg. 382). Simply, New Agers ascribe nature as to God instead of worshipping theCreature. That’s a definition of a pagan as defined by the apostle Paul in Romans 1:22-24.
de Chardin also believed in the Omega Point or the view that everything will converge toward totalunity.
The notion of humanity evolving into a single consciousness is supported by deChardin's literature:
"Teilhard de Chardin though that 'besides His mystical body Christ also has a cosmic body spread throughout the Universe'". -Teilhard de Chardin, La Vie Cosmique,in Ecrits Du Temps De La Guerre, pg. 67-69 (Quoted in Fox, 137).
de Chardin also followed theideal of a Cosmic Christ (or a false Christ that fulfills all of the religions of the world). Matthew Fox, theDominican Scholar also said in his book, "The Coming of the Cosmic Christ" on pg 83 that Teilhard deChardin "...calls the Cosmic Christ the 'third nature' of Christ, meaning that it takes us beyond thefourth century conciliar definitions of Christ's human and divine natures into a third realm, 'neitherhuman nor divine, but cosmic'. Clearly de Chardin saw the paradigm shift that was implicit in powerfulcelebration of the Cosmic Christ." Here's another source on this man:
"Teilhard de Chardin though that 'besides His mystical body Christ also has a cosmic body spread throughout the Universe'". -Teilhard de Chardin, La Vie 

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Jesus Gil added this note
non-Christians are not New Agers. it's the ideology that has associated non-orthdoxy with New Agery out of hunger for greed. the Jesuit Cabal in the Vatican have a war with our minds and thoughts and everyone must wake up and act
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