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Over Actor Pilot1

Over Actor Pilot1

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Published by Timothy Bridge
A deadbeat, middle-aged, Hollywood actor struggles with his undeserved ego and sanity when he's hired as the director of a high school drama club.
A deadbeat, middle-aged, Hollywood actor struggles with his undeserved ego and sanity when he's hired as the director of a high school drama club.

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Published by: Timothy Bridge on May 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Over Actor" Pilot
FROM THE BLACK WE HEAR:The dramatic voice of our protagonist is heard:ANTHONY (V.O.)In my life, I have been gifted withthe ability BECOME others... giftedwith the ability... to act.EXT. STUDIO LOT - DAYWe open on a Hollywood studio lot. Many people are rushingaround with various props, cameras, film supplies.Anthony continues talking as we make our way through thelot.ANTHONY (V.O.)I have embodied the essence of someof the most complex charactersknown to man; Romeo Capulet,Fitzwilliam Darcy - I even spent aweek as a Mickey Mouse mascot atDisney World...INT. FILM SET - CONTINUOUSWe enter one building, weaving through workers and props,eventually arriving on a small, well lit set.Standing in a shiny fake kitchen is ANTHONY SPITZ (50,balding, ragged-looking, "protagonist"), wearing an apronand a chef’s hat.Anthony is gesturing with a spatula at a producer, DAVID(40s, holding a clipboard and wearing a headset).ANTHONYKnowing full-well my credentials,how do you expect me to say, withconviction...Anthony reads from the sheet of paper in his hand.ANTHONY (CONT.)..."My taste buds just got jackedby that tasty smackadoodle offlavor, son"?(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.DAVIDMr. Spitz, look, I’m not awriter...ANTHONYClearly! You know "smackadoodle"isn’t even a god damn word?DAVIDI mean I didn’t write the scriptfor the commercial...ANTHONYOh, sure, absolve yourself of anyblame for this... monstrosity!Anthony throws his script in the air, but since it’s onlytwo pages, they fall to the floor slowly and gracefully.Squinting at him, Anthony slaps David’s clipboard out of hishands.David sighs, bends down, and begins gathering papers, takinghis eyes off Anthony.DAVIDMr. Spitz, I’m sorry it wasn’t whatyou expected, and we try our bestto have the utmost respect for ouractors. We can solve this it’s a...CRACK!David looks up just in time to see Anthony slurping the foamfrom an overflowing, freshly-opened can of beer.DAVIDMr. Spitz, what are you doing?!ANTHONYTrying my best to have the utmostrespect for my producer. Cheers.He raises his beer, then chugs.DAVIDSir... my g... you can’t-Anthony holds up a finger to David’s face, still chugging.DAVIDYou can’t drink-(CONTINUED)

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