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Doctors Are Life and Death

Doctors Are Life and Death

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Published by Erwin Wahid

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Published by: Erwin Wahid on May 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Doctors are Life and Death
Erwin Wahid
Doctors are Life and DeathByDr. Erwin Wahid M.D., M.S., and Ph.D. student UNISEL
 One is to improve the health care remedy doctor-patient relationship inthe concept of healthcare, this is one way globalization hamper freemarket in its existing hospitals with neo-liberalism in all lines of businessalready in penetrating into the hospital, but not at the rates agreed withmedical by the world in the form of national health insurance healthcareconcept. As in China in 2009 has been completed healthcare reform,efforts to free up resources for consumer spending in the country byproviding more affordable health care. Its still low Human Development
Index (HDI) which is one of its indicators are life expectancy (AHH)illustrates that his supposed Indonesian health problems are moreserious attention from the government. It turned out very strange doctorsin Indonesia most sincere his work as the world though the lowest of hissalary. As many as 46 percent of doctors in Indonesia guilty of medicaldiscipline and professionalism. Most problems are related tocommunication 70 percent is not good from the doctor to the patient.Example in the UK because of the failure of health care hospitalStafford, estimated 400-1200 people die needlessly patients in 2005 to2008. This disaster caused by hospital managers to cut health carecosts and the number of nurses to establish national health security(NHS) can provide cost-effective services. Front page of the dailydemonstrations that highlight nrc.next do Dutch general practitionersrally on Thursday 06-10-2011. Doctors protest against governmentproposals to make savings of 132 million euros. It was nearly six percentof the total budget. According nrc.next, due to these savings, the budgetfor each general practitioner was reduced to 20 thousand euros. 20,000euro cash required to fund, for example, a part-time nurse, which helpsphysicians in their daily work. Hospital privatization of six and twenty-seven clinics in Madrid would mean saving 500 million euros more, thegovernment has proposed protests, demonstrations doctors, even manyof those who resigned, an estimated 40,000 medical tests and 6,000operations performed late as a result of the strike. Four members of thehospital staff and doctors on hunger strike have broken the spirit tonegotiate with the authorities. Spanish health budgets have been cutaround six billion euros this year (2012) and the United Nurses say thatpatient care is suffering. Around 15,000 doctors who were hired

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