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Music That Defiles

Music That Defiles

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Published by Ambassador's Voice
Deliverance Prayer Evil Music
Deliverance Prayer Evil Music

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Ambassador's Voice on May 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Music is a very powerful medium; it can affect the soul for good or bad. People oftensuffer depression when listening to heavy metal and other kinds of music. They feel thatthey are affected negatively by it. Some bands are involved in destructive practices,such as satinism and make transactions with darkness to bind their followers to them.I wrote this prayer for those who want to break free from such bonds.Heavenly Father, I repent for allowing music to defile me. Please forgive me andcleanse my soul with the blood of Jesus.
Please deliver me from any evil programming and the influence of destructive music fe.
I repent for making music my god.
I repent for allowing music to drug, poison or bewitch me.
Please break every evil spell that came upon me through music in Jesus name.
I turn away from music that propagates immorality, law breaking, rebellion, destruction,vandalism and hatred. I reject these negative influences and banish it from my life andmy children.
I pray that You will deliver me from depression and oppression I inherited fromdestructive music.
I repent for listening to music that encourages mutilation and destruction. I pray that Youwill forgive me for hurting myself and others.
I repent for allowing music to destroy my sexual morals and values, and make me aslave to immorality.
I give up all evil ideas and world views I received from music. Please break all thesestrong holds.
Father in Jesus name I give up the negative
‘image’ I got from evil music.
I repent for allowing myself to be programmed by evil to love chaos, discord, anarchy,death and violence. I reject it in Jesus name.
I repent for polluting my heart with evil music.
I am sorry for listening to any satanic, and anti-Christ bands and those who slander You,and Christianity.
I repent for listening to music that loves death, depression and suicide. I reject all suchlyrics. Please delete it from my memory with the blood of Jesus.
I repent for conforming to popular culture with beliefs apposing You and Your Word.
Please remove my name from their altars in Jesus name.
I repent for entering the spirit realm through music and drugs and opening myself up to evilthrough music. I ask to be disconnected from these evil spirits.
I repent for allowing my sense of reality to be altered and distorted through drugs andmusic. Please restore my perception of reality in Jesus name.

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