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New Europe Print Edition Issue 1030

New Europe Print Edition Issue 1030

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New Europe Print Edition Issue 1030
New Europe Print Edition Issue 1030

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Published by: New Europe Newspaper on May 12, 2013
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Year of Publicationnumber 103012 -18 maY, 20133.50
 nw lmnt urfcd in th JohnDlli dimil nd unvild hi in-nocnc, th c turnd into  politi-cl tndoff. Dllit h wiftly volvd intoBrroot, bcomin th bit cndl of Europ inc th Trty of Rom. Tho thttill cnnot  it r ithr politiclly blind orchooin to b.Th fct, onc in, in hort: On Octobr16, 2012 th Pridnt of th Europn Com-miion dimid Hlth Commiionr JohnDlli ivin him hlf n hour to cho btwndimil nd rintion.Th dimil w th rult of th unub-tntitd nd unprovn concluion of n (untilrcntly crt) rport md by OLAF tht hknw  tobcco compny w ttmptin to in-flunc him nd tht  third prty hd olicitd brib on hi bhlf.Dlli did not rciv ny mony nd didnot ltr ny liltion,  w th wih of thindutry. Furthrmor, th indutry ll thtthy wr dvid it would bt to propt (in hrin nd mtin with th Europn Pr-limnt nd ny othr communiction) flttimony by OLAF nd Mlt Polic. BothOLAF nd Mlt polic hv dnid thclim.Th upicion of Dlli’ knowld of th f-fir w ubquntly provn to b unfoundd, but th Commiionr w lrdy dimid without vn hvin rd th OLAF rport, which in ny c did not crry ny ccutionfor th Commiionr!Now, w r bfor th uniqu opportunity to rintt jutic nd dmocrcy in th houof Europ nd rtor th confidnc of citiznto th Europn dminitrtion. In thi wy w will convinc citizn tht th ovrnmnt of th Europn Union, tht i th Europn Com-miion, rturnd to bcom th trnprntnd ccountbl intitution w ll wnt, cpblnd trutful to rul hlf  billion popl. Thi inot utopic, it i fibl nd w cn do it!Th world h chivd pror, dmoc-rcy nd proprity bcu of fw courou,crtiv nd dtrmind mind, prt of thmintrm tht drd to oppo it. GliloGlili, Mhtm Gndhi, Albrt Eintin, St- v Job, nd othr lik did it nd chnd th world. Thy wr brillint mind, dp bliv-r in thir miion, “th crzy on” who hvchnd th world. If thy did it, w cn do itnd w cn chn Europ.Now it i th tim for OLAF, th nti-frud rvic of Europ, to dmontrt it’indpndnc, nd to tk ction int thunwrittn lw of th “tblihmnt” (thomrt in plc to rv nd oby th wihof th Commiion Pridnt) nd brin thchn w nd.OLAF, bid tkin th inititiv of rfr-rin th Dlli doir with ll nw lmnt toth Fdrl Blin Procutor, mut opn nw intrnl invtition to dicovr wht hp-pnd to th Tobcco Product Dirctiv ftrth unwrrntd dimil of John Dlli.Th crii of Europ i bir thn w think.It i  ytmic crii of vlu. Thi Commi-ion, th prnt ovrnmnt of Europ, i inpowr ovr iht yr nd th crii i l thnfour yr old. To tho tht r not politiclly df, thi my y omthin. An in-dpth invtition ovr th TobccoProduct Dirctiv my trir th chn wnd to mk popl bliv in in th Euro-pn drm, rmk Europ in th concincnd th hrt of th popl of Europ nd brinu out of th crii.
Gianni Pittella: the transatlantic ties that bind
It's mourning in Europe |
 A th EU nd US r currntly nd innotition for  lndmrk trd dl, Nw Europ it down with Vic Pridnt of thEuropn Prlimnt, Ginni Pittll, jut bck from mtin ky US fiur, to dicutrntlntic trd propct, how trntln-tic co-oprtion cn t u out of th co-nomic crii,  wll  hi own futur politi-cl mbition.
European BusinessSummit gathers industry 
Th Europn Buin Summit will thrin th Cinquntnir on 15-16 My to tlk  job nd rowth nd how indutry cn hlptimult Europ' futur.
OLAF mut invtit th forottn Tobcco Dirctiv
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From Barrosogateto the change we need
12 -18 May, 2013
Australia$3.4, AustriaEURO1.81, Balkans EURO4, BelgiumEURO3.50, Holland EURO2.69, Central AsiaUSD7.5, CentralEuropeUSD5, Canada$5, Denmark: DKK 19,95, Eastern EuropeUSD7.5, FranceEURO3.04, Germany EURO3.57, GreeceEURO4, Hungary HUF400, Japan Y900, Italy EURO3.62, Nordic coun-tries USD7, Pacific Rim USD8.5, RussiaUSD 4, SwitzerlandSFr4, UK GBP4.5, USA $2.95, all other countries EURO6
ThereisnoquestionthatcorruptionhasbecomeoneofthethorniestissuesintheentireEuropeanUnionincludingthestatemechanismsofthememberstates.MoresonowthattheUnionispreparing its expansion to 10 newmemberstatesthatemergedfromtheruinsoftheex-communistworld,wherecorruptionwasthenameofthegameandthemaincauseof"thefall."
 editorial p. 2
Undoubtedly, Greece's "healtharmour"representsoneofthemostbasic parameters for the successfulorganisationofthe2004OlympicandParalympicGamesinAthens,Greece.
Schroeder winsbig
Inwhatwasbilledasamake-or-break vote at a Social Democratic Party(SPD)congressonJune1,90percentofdelegatesbackedreformstosocial welfareproposedbyChancellorGer-hardSchroeder.
SwissPresidentPascalCouchepintoldagroupofleadersfrom11developingnationsbeforetheG8summitlaunchinEvian, France, that industrialisednationsmustmeettheirresponsibilitiesforemergingcountries.
 p. 20
Ukrainian Deputy Prime MinisterVitalyHayduksaidhisgovernmentisfacedwiththedifficulttaskofbringingitslegislationincompliancewiththatof theEuropeanUnionandotherWTOmember countries so that it canbecomeamemberoftheWorldTradeOrganisationbytheendof2003.
 p. 35
Europe reaffirmsstand on peace
EU and Canada buck world order
 EuropeanUnionandCanadianleadersmetinAthensrecentlyandreaffirmedtheirpart- nershipinthecurrentglobalenvironment.Theyagreedtointensifybilateraltiesatalllev- elsinordertoaddresspressinginternational challenges,strengthentransatlanticlinksand dealwithchangesintheirrespectivesocieties.TheEU,underthelightofitscurrentsou relationswiththeUnitedStates,isseemingly keentofurtherdevelopitstraditionaltieswithCanada.Thegoalforbothsidesisobvious; Europeneedsastrongallyontheothersideof theAtlanticandCanadawantstokeepsome distancefromitsomnipotentneighbour.Commongroundfoundbetweenthetwo sideswastheirstanceoverIraq.SotheEU  andCanadianleadersagreeditistheinterna-tionalcommunitythatmustundertakeIraq's reconstructionandeconomicrecovery.Of  coursetheyreferredtothelastUNresolution forthiswar-andpoverty-strickencountrybut EuropeandCanadawentabitfurtherbyintroducingthe"international"communityinthetask. LastbutnotleastEuropeandCanadaagreedto"worktogetherwithaviewtodevelopa concreteandaction-orientedmultilateral frameworkthatwillprovidetimelyandeffec-tiveanswerstoproblemsrelatedtotheprolif- erationofweaponsofmassdestruction."Thisisaclear-cutstatementfavouringinternation- al(i.e.UN)actionagainsttheproliferationof  armsofmassdestructioninsteadofunilater- alactionbytheUnitedStates.Finallythetwo sidesagreed,"toworkcloselytogetherto ensureasuccessfulWTOCancunMinisterialConference." Despitethegeneralcharacterofallthesestate- ments,EuropeandCanadamadeclearintheirjointcommuniquethattheywilloppose anyattemptstoovercomethemaintwoworld organisationsthatregulatethepoliticaland economicdifferencesintheplanet,i.e.UN  andWTO.
eadersoftheG8industrialnationsconcludedthesum-mitatEvianbypredictingthe global economy wouldemergefromstagnationandintosolidgrowthlaterthisyear.Theleaders wereatpainstoburypastbitterdiffer-encesovertheIraqwar."We need to get together torebuildIraq,"saidFrenchPresidentJacquesChiracwhohostedtheGroupofEight(G8)summit.ChiracaddedthatwhiletheUnitedStateshadtakenaunilateraldecisiononwar,itcouldnotwinthepeacealone.CanadianPrimeMinisterJeanChretien-whosecountryhasoneofthestrongestG8economies-saidGermanyandFrance weremakingtherightdecisions.SaidChretian:"Thepastwasthepast-this wasthemotto."On the economic front, Chiracsaid: "Major downside risks haverecededandconditionsforarecoveryare in place." The French leaderrejected speculation that the rising valueoftheEuroagainstthedollarcouldcauseEuropetoskidintodefla-tion.Alsostrikinganoptimisticnote was German Chancellor GerhardSchroederwhosaid:"Germanyisonthewaytoagainbecomingtheeco-nomicmotorofEurope."Schroederstressedthathisplannedlabourmar-ketreformswerekeytoleadingGer-manybacktohighergrowth.Optimism in Evian contrasted withcurrenteconomicrealityinGer-many,FranceandItaly,whichareonthe verge of recession, and Japan, whichhassufferedyearsofstagnation.
 p. 3
Year,Number 524
New Europe
GIRP callfor safeguards
"Thepharmaceuticalindustry,throughitspositivecontribu-tiontotheUnion'stradebal-ance,provisionofhighquality jobsandthemanufactureanddistributionofmedicinestonationalhealthcaresystems,alreadyplaysavitalroleintheeconomyandpublichealthof the(European)Union,"observedHeinzZourek,deputydirectorgeneral(DG-Enterprise)oftheEuropeanCommission.ZourekwasaddressingtheannualgeneralmeetingoftheEuropean AssociationofPharmaceuticalFull-LineWholesalers(G.I.R.P.)inLondon. AddressingtheAGM,SeppoMorri,presidentofGIRP,said:"Theseareexcitingandchallengingtimesforfull-linepharmaceuticalwholesalers.Weoperateinanindustry wherespeedandefficiencymaybethedifferencebetweenlifeordeath.Weconstantlystriveforexcellenceandwaystoimproveourindustryandraisestandards.Iwelcomethefactthatwehavesuchadistin-guishedline-upofspeakersandpanelliststodaywitha wealthofknowledgeandexperienceofhowthisisbeingdonethroughlegislationorindustrydevelopmentsonadailybasis."
elll k
The nameof the gamein theEU: peace,loveand pros- perity 
G8 favours strong global economy, peace in Mideast 
Moscow seesimproved ties with Washington
espite Moscow's opposition to the war in Iraq,Russian-US ties developed further during themeetings between Russian President Vladimir Putinand his US counterpart George W. Bush in St. Peters-burg. Putin said Russia is ready to further developrelations with the United States. At a briefing earlier inEvian, Putin recalled Russia's firm position on Iraqand said that it could have caused President Bush "totake offence, not to come to St. Petersburg and head forfurther confrontation in the relations between Moscow and Washington. But Bush acted like a serious politi-cian who wants to develop relations with Russia andthe whole world. It would be stupid to push back a handoutstretched in friendship, to turn one's back and sulk. We are not going to make any coalitions."Putin said Bush agreed to expand connectionsbetween the two countries including those between theRussian and US administrations. Bush declared hissupport for Russia's entry into the World TradeOrganisation and said he would work with Congress onrepealing the Jackson-Vanik amendment.
“See over there that’s 163 kilometres to my new place, I meant, the Berlaymont,” |
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Evian’s waters ran a plenty 10 years ago as the G8took place in tis vicinity and with its thrist quench-ing taste Europe and the world gathered to not only share a joke but announce emergence from stagna-tion and into growth later in the same year. Mirror-ing some events playing out currently the Germansalso held their Socialist Party congress where Ger-hart Schroeder was voted with 90% of the votes as being the leader of the SPD. The Swiss pushed formore aid, and the Ukrainians were battling their way into the World Trade Organisation. Telling is thesmiling face of Tony Blair centre in the main pictureand the bottom left article on the beginnings of rec-onciliation between the US and Russia despite dif-ferences on Iraq…
 n e  1 0  Y e A  R  S  A GO
 Jeroen Dijsselbloem didn’t have a good time of it when he vis-ited the European Parliament on 7 May. He was there ostensibly to talk about the loan to Cyprus, why it was necessary, what les-sons could we take from it, that sort of thing, instead, much to thechagrin of MEPs, he broadened the discussion. The Eurogrouppresident wanted to talk about austerity.Not that Dijsselbloem would use that term – “I prefer to call it ‘fis-cal discipline’” – but, he believes, prudent finances are the basisfor a sound economic future. The problem is, the policy isn’t aspopular as it once was; not just in the expressions of anger fromcitizens across Europe, but also from politicians who have decid-ed that austerity is no longer a viable vote winner.The recently-elected Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta has warned that Europe faces “deathby austerity, but managed tosound a bit more subdued on the subject when visiting some key European capitals as part of a whistle-stop tour he undertook shortly after assuming office at the end of April; while it is truethat talk is turning away from austerity and more towards growth,caution still prevails. Both sides have learned to accommodateeach other somewhat. When Letta met with European Com-mission President Jose Manuel Barroso, an austerity advocate, aspart of the tour, both agreed there were merits in each other’s ap-proach. The commission president, as with Economic and Mon-etary Affairs Commissioner, Olli Rehn, has softened his stance of late regarding austerity, but hasn’t abandoned it altogether. EvenLatvia, the poster-child for austerity having managed to turnaround its economy through a programme of fiscal discipline, in-sists it will only continue the policy by simultaneously maintain-ing a fair social model.There are holdouts; Finland, Germany and the Netherlands(where Dijsselbloem is finance minister). With federal electionsin Germany in the autumn, there is unlikely to be a policy changethere, but with the prospect of a grand coalition of centre-rightand centre-left, which could include a social democratic financeminister, a loosening of policy may be ushered in. After that, theEuropean Parliament elections need to be fought.The financial crisis initially benefitted the right. Parties affiliated with the European People’s Party (EPP) largely increased theirrepresentation in the European Parliament in the 2009 elections.The crisis also took two centre-left prime ministers, José LuísRodríguez Zapatero in Spain and George Papandreou in Greece.Since then, the left has seen a bit of an upswing, in Italy andFrance, for example, and also in Malta and Ireland (although themain centre-left party, Labour, has seen a recent decline in for-tunes). However, a major assault on the European Parliament isdifficult to predict; the political landscape is becoming ever morefractured. Across Europe there has been an upswing in votes to nationalist,populist and anti-EU parties, ranging from the far right to the farleft. Others, primarily comedian Bepe Grillo’s Five Star Movementin Italy, and also the United Kingdom Independence Party, are rev-elling in the spanner they have thrown in the works. These partiesare deriving their votes from a general anger and dissatisfaction with the current political system; it is beyond the normal protest. Austerity, of course, is one of the major drivers of this discontent. When told by Jeroen Dijsselbloem that she should be defending,not attacking, EU economic policy, French Liberal MEP SylvieGoulard responded by saying that she “cannot carry the elector-ate on the back of your policy.” It was a cutting truth.
The year of livingdangerously 
12 -18 May, 2013
‘More Europe does not mean more Brussels’
he curren economic crisis illusraeshe need or “a long overdue reormagenda” according o he EuropeanCommission presiden. Addressing he sae o he union coner-ence in Florence on 9 May, Jose Manuel Bar-roso said ha he crisis “has ampliied heurgen need or a sronger co-operaion andgovernance a European level and bold re-orms a naional level.”he sae o he union conerence, organ-ised by European universiies and naionalgovernmens, brings ogeher poliical lead-ers, academics and business people o dis-cuss he developmens and uure direciono he EU.Speaking a he even, Barroso said hahe economic crisis has been caused by a “dan-gerous combinaion o privae imprudence,public indulgence and economic ineiciency.”Srucural reorms, such as he inroduciono he banking union, and ying up he unin-ished business o Maasrich” should drive hereorm agenda.He said ha o implemen his new agenda“we have moved a number o key issues romhe backroom o he ron row.”“he crisis has cerainly been a serious wake-up call or Europe,” said Barroso, addingi “has clearly shown ha we will never havean eicien moneary union wihou a closereconomic union. Boh are needed or sabiliy. And we need sabiliy o beer resis inernalor exernal disurbances.”He said ha he EU’s response o hecrisis “is a comprehensive one addressing isroo cause ha is a dangerous combinaion o privae imprudence, public indulgence andeconomic ineiciency.” He was insisen hahere had been “very good progress made inhe European economic governance over helas wo years.”“he aim is o have a inancial secor a heservice o he real economy; governmen poli-cies promoing compeiiveness and soundpublic inances; and a genuine economicmoneary union wih a ully equipped oolbox including a banking union and a srenghenedsocial dimension.Resoring conidence is he key o eco-nomic recovery, said Barroso. He repeaedhe noion ha he addressed a he same con-erence in 2012; ha he choice or Europeshould is no beween auseriy and growh, bu beween “invesing in lasing susain-able growh while immediaely addressing hemos urgen issues and irs o all unemploy-men, which has reached inolerable raes.”He repeaed “ha we should show hesame speed and deerminaion in implemen-ing our growh agenda as we have already shown in iscal consolidaion.”“A year laer, I am happy o see ha hese views are now broadly shared,” he said.His commens come in he same week ha Economic and Moneary Aairs Com-missioner, Olli Rehn, and Eurogroup Presi-den, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, boh called orsrucural reorms o EU economic govern-ance. Speaking in he European Parliamen on7 May, he laer received a diicul ime romMEPs over his adherence o auseriy policies.he las ew monhs have seen a move away rom he rheoric o auseriy rom many gov-ernmens and leaders, including boh Barrosoand Rehn, who had boh upheld he principleor some ime.Speaking in Florence on 9 May, Barrososaid ha “he crisis has no only highlighedEurope’s increased economic inerdepend-ence,” bu has “also underscored ha hequesion o a poliical union can no longer beswep under he carpe. Bu his can only beachieved hrough a undamenal public debaeon how ar we wan o go wih our poliical in-egraion and how ar we are willing and ableo go in reorming our poliical insiuions.”he impac o resrucuring, boh a EUand naional level, he said, is boh “is poliical-ly challenging and socially demanding.” How-ever, he said his was “necessary” or susain-able growh and compeiveness in he uure.Barroso was quick o say ha “more Eu-rope does no mean more Brussels,” addingha he EU is “no abou power-grabbing buabou power-sharing.” While he said ha he undersands heanxieies and pessimism o ciizens, he saidha here mus be resisance o “inward-look-ing” and “naionalis” approaches.“More Europe means o deepen economicinegraion by recognising ha an inergov-ernmenal approach o economic and iscalpolicies is no suiable wih he exisence o a common currency,” he said. “Bu we haveo recognise ha our Union is under severesress, caugh beween wo opposing orces:his dynamic or change and a resisance ochange.”
Cillian Donnelly 
European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, addresses the state of the union conference, Florence, 9 May. “The crisis has amplified the urgentneed for a stronger cooperation and governance at European level and bold reforms at national level”. |
Barroso: crisis ‘uniqueopportunity’ for reform
Right of Reply 
 New Europe,
Having read David Cronin’s aricle in
 New Europe
’s 5 May ediion (
 Breaking Europe’sSilence over Bradley Manning 
), I waned oensure ha your readers were aware o Am-nesy Inernaional’s acual posiion on MrManning’s deenion.Mr Manning is currenly held in a mediumsecuriy prison in For Leavenworh, Kan-sas and aces a miliary cour marial rial aFor Meade, Maryland. In early 2011, Am-nesy Inernaional called on he US Gov-ernmen o end he unnecessarily harshand puniive condiions under which Brad-ley Manning was held in pre-rial deeniona he Quanico aciliy in Virginia. We un-dersand ha his condiions improved con-siderably aer he was ranserred o a medi-um securiy miliary prison a For Leaven- worh, Kansas, in lae April 2011. We have been consanly monioring proceedings inhis case, and will be sending an observero he rial. I should be noed ha his issomehing Amnesy Inernaional only does when he charges, elemens surround-ing he prosecuion, or he deendan’smoives, raise human righs concerns.I is common pracice or Amnesy Iner-naional o reach a decision in complex cases only once i has examined all he is-sues a he rial. I a governmen seeks opunish someone or releasing in a respon-sible manner and or reasons o conscience,inormaion ha he or she reasonably be-lieved o be evidence o human righs vio-laions ha he governmen was atemp-ing o keep secre, his would ypically begrounds or Amnesy Inernaional o con-sider he person a prisoner o conscience. Alhough David Cronin insiss o heconrary, we are simply no ye in a posi-ion o conclude wheher Mr Manningshould be regarded as a prisoner o con-science wihou knowing more abouhe specic allegaions and evidence, hismoives, and how his case is prosecued.Tis is inormaion which is only likely o come ou in he course o his rial.
aking a wider view o Amnesy Iner-naional’s reacion o he US auhoriies’conduc, we have spen he las welve years relenlessly denouncing coninuinghuman righs violaions by he USA, whichhave been commited in he conex o he so-called “war on error”, wheher i ishe US-led rendiion and secre deenionprogrammes, or deenion a GuanánamoBay. We have also unceasingly called or heUS auhoriies o be held accounable orhese acs. We shall coninue o do so. Yours aihully,Dr Nicolas J BegerDirecorEuropean Insiuions Ofce Amnesy InernaionalBrussels

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