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San Mateo Daily Journal
San Mateo Daily Journal

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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on May 13, 2013
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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
May 13,2013
Vol XII,Edition 230
San Antonio Spurs’Tim Duncan and Golden State Warriors’Andrew Bogut fight for position on a reboundduring Game 4 of their NBA playoff basketball game in Oakland Sunday.
By Sally Schilling
Last week, Cody Wilson, the25-year-old head of DefenseDistributed, became the first per-son to successfully fire a bulletfrom a handgun made from a 3-Dprinter. The anarchist posted hisgun design online for the public todownload. Wilson’s actions haveprompted government officials torespond.State Sen.Leland Yee, D-SanFrancisco/SanMateo, is pro-posing legisla-tion to requirebackgroundchecks “at thevery least” forindividualsproducingfirearms from 3-D printers.“It’s outrageous,” said Yee.“Any criminal or terrorist can goout and make these guns.”Yee plans to try to regulate theprinting of these homemade guns,but said if that does not work, hewill try to ban them altogether.“These guns are not traceable,there is no serial number,” he said.“The individual that makes theguns should go through some kindof background check.”Currently, California law wouldonly require someone to belicensed if they were selling theprinted guns, said Yee.Individuals making their ownguns with 3-D printers are notlegally required to go throughbackground checks or registertheir guns. Unregistered gunswould make it more difficult tosolve crime, said Yee.“There would be no way of hold-ing criminals accountable,” hesaid. “We’ve got to link a personto the weapon.”Yee is also concerned aboutsecurity screenings. Metal detec-tors at Transportation SecurityAdministration checkpointswould not detect plastic guns, hesaid.Wilson’s design for his hand-gun, called “The Liberator,” wasreportedly downloaded more than100,000 times. However, the
Lawmaker takes aim at 3-D guns
Leland Yee proposes legislation to place restrictions on ‘homemade’weapons
Leland Yee
By Don Thompson
SACRAMENTO — In responseto a federal court order, Gov. JerryBrown pushed a novel approachthrough the Legislature two yearsago to dramatically reduceCalifornia’s prison population.People convicted of feloniesthat were considered non-violent,non-sexual and non-serious wouldserve their sentences in county jails rather than state prisons.Once released, they would besupervised by local probation offi-cers instead of state parole agents.The shift in California’s penalsystem, referredto as “realign-ment,” is one of the nation’slargest criminal justice experi-ments and hasdone its job inat least onerespect: Thepopulation inthe state’s 33 adult prisons hasdropped so much that the systemnow ranks second to Texas in thenumber of inmates, even thoughTexas has 12 million fewer resi-
Prison shiftexperimenta dilemma
By Heather Murtagh
Bringing the BurlingameDowntown Specific Plan to liferequires input from residents —which city officials are seekingduring a second community meet-ing Wednesday, May 22.In 2010, the Burlingame CityCouncil adopted the BurlingameDowntown Specific Plan, whichprovides the framework for thebusiness area. Later this month,the city will sponsor the second ina series of workshops for stake-holders to explore and identifyopportunities and options for par-ticular aspects of downtownBurlingame. The workshops repre-sent a continuation of the city’sefforts to implement the policiesof the Burlingame DowntownSpecific Plan, with a specific focuson the central sites, particularlyparking lot E, between Lorton
Second workshop plannedfor downtown B’game plan
By Michelle Durand
Doing city business in SanCarlos could be getting moreexpensive if the City Councilsigns off on fee adjustments thatwould bring in about an extra$604,000 annually.The city currently recoversapproximately 68 percent of thecost of user and regulatory fee-related services. If the council everadopted a 100 percent recoverypolicy, the city would bring in anadditional $1.1 million butAdministrative Services DirectorRebecca Mendenhall wrote in areport that there are “many eco-nomic, political and behavioralreasons” why that isn’t recom-mended. The city doesn’t study itsfees annually but Mendenhall saidthat it needs updating now becausethe council opted to move fromdepartment to program/perform-ance-based budgeting.Some of the fees on the schedulecan’t be configured purely for costrecovery because they are limitedor set by other authorities, such astowing service or how much can becharged for returned checks.Some fees like photocopiesremain unchanged at 25 cents perpage while others dropped such asthe hourly rate for BuildingDivision work from $177 to$140.New fees being recommended tothe council include:• California EnvironmentalQuality Act needs including miti-gated negative declarations andenvironmental impact reviews isrecommended at actual cost with a$5,000 deposit;CEQAstaff management andreview is recommended at actualcost with a $3,000 deposit;• Design review is recommendedat 50 percent of cost, particularly
City considering fee changes
 Jerry Brown
San Carlos officials weigh more charges for design,building work 
Seth Meyers to replace Jimmy Fallon late at night
NEWYORK — Seth Meyers is mov-ing from his “Weekend Update” deskto his own late night show on NBC.The network said Sunday that the12-year “Saturday Night Live” castmember will replace Jimmy Fallon atthe 12:35 a.m. “Late Night” shownext year. Fallon is moving up an houras Jay Leno’s replacement on the“Tonight” show.Meyers was considered the lead can-didate for the “Late Night” job eversince Fallon’s promotion wasannounced. The announcement solidi-fies Lorne Michaels as the comedykingmaker at NBC. He’ll be the execu-tive in charge of “Late Night,”“Tonight” and “Saturday Night Live,”which will all originate from NewYork’s Rockefeller Center.Meyers, 39, has been the head writerat “Saturday Night Live” for eight sea-sons. He’s in his seventh year as“Weekend Update” host, to which hedevotes all of his on-air time now.And like Fallon before him, Meyersis making the move from “WeekendUpdate” to “Late Night.”“We think Seth is one of the bright-est, most insightful comedy writersand performers of his generation,”said Bob Greenblatt, NBC entertain-ment chairman. His topical comedy is“perfect for the ‘Late Night’fran-chise,” he said.The late-nightshow began withDavid Letterman in1982, and its otherhosts have beenConan O’Brien andFallon.Meyers is aNorthwesternUniversity graduateand began his com-edy career in Chicago. His chief tele-vision competition will by CraigFerguson on CBS and “Nightline” onABC. Like television in general, thelate-night audience has dispersed inseveral directions, with DVR viewingof shows taped earlier a big alternativeat night.Late-night comedy is one of theNBC’s few strong suits, with“Saturday Night Live” often drawing abigger audience than most of what thenetwork airs in prime-time. WithMeyers’appointment, NBC is hopingfor a smooth transition to a youngergeneration.
‘Idol’judges dramaupstaging competition
LOS ANGELES The ratings aredown. Randy Jackson is out. MariahCarey and Nicki Minaj are still at it.All is not well on TV’s once domi-nant “American Idol,” despite a shake-up at the beginning of this season thatwas supposed to rejuvenate the agingFox talent competition. Instead, thebehind-the-scenes-and-sometimes-in-front-of-the-scenes drama continuesto cast a shadow over the series, rightup to Thursday’s coronation of “Idol’s” 12th season champion.Jackson’s declaration last week thathe was departing the show means pro-ducers could plan a proper send-off forthe lone remaining original judge thisweek, much the same way they did forSimon Cowell during the ninth seasonfinale in 2010. However, ‘the fates of the other three judges remain uncertainamid reports they’re out, too, and Foxand “Idol” producer FremantleMediaaren’t commenting.It’s oh-so-familiar territory for theshow, whose panel has revolved likean amusement park carousel since theaddition of songwriter KaraDioGuardi at the beginning of theeighth season in 2009. The will-they-or-won’t-they speculationsparked publicity for years, but manyviewers — the ones who are left, any-way — have seemingly grown tired of the guessing games.“It’s a disservice to the talent onthe show,” said Lyndsey Parker,Yahoo’s music editor who writesabout “Idol” and other televisedsinging competitions on the“Reality Rocks” blog. “I’m quitefatigued by all the emphasis on the judges, especially when they stepdown or aren’t asked back or whatev-er, and the speculation begins aboutall the potential replacements.”
May 13,2013
The San Mateo Daily Journal
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Dennis Rodman is52.
This Day in HistoryThought for the Day
English colonists arrived by ship atthe site of what became the Jamestownsettlement in Virginia (the colonistswent ashore the next day).
“I can usually judge afellow by what he laughs at.” 
— Wilson Mizner,American playwright (1876-1933).
Actor HarveyKeitel is 74.Actress CandiceAccola is 26.
Manchester United’s Shinji Kagawa of Japan lifts the English Premier League trophy at Old Trafford stadium in Manchester,northern England Sunday.
Mostly cloudy. Patchy fog anddrizzle in the morning. Highs in the lower60s. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph.
Monday night:
Mostly cloudy. Patchyfog after midnight. Lows in the upper40s. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph.
Cloudy in the morning thenbecoming partly cloudy. Patchy fog inthe morning. Highs in the lower 60s. Northwest winds 5 to15 mph.
Tuesday night:
Partly cloudy in the evening then becom-ing mostly cloudy. Patchy fog after midnight. Lows in theupper 40s. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph.
Mostly cloudy in the morning then becom-ing partly cloudy. Patchy fog. Highs in the lower 60s.
Wednesday night:
Mostly cloudy. Patchy fog.
Local Weather ForecastLotto
(Answers tomorrow)FABLE RATIO ASSIGN MAYHEMSaturday’sJumbles:Answer:They called the general by his —“SIR-NAME”Now arrange the circled lettersto form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
©2013 Tribune Media Services, Inc.All Rights Reserved.
   J  u  m   b   l  e  p  u  z  z   l  e  m  a  g  a  z   i  n  e  s  a  v  a   i   l  a   b   l  e  a   t  p  e  n  n  y   d  e   l   l  p  u  z  z   l  e  s .  c  o  m   /   j  u  m   b   l  e  m  a  g  s
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May 11 Pow
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On this date:In 1846
, the United States declared that a state of waralready existed with Mexico.
In 1918
, the first U.S. airmail stamps, featuring a pictureof a Curtiss JN-4 biplane, were issued to the public.
In 1940
, Britain’s new prime minister, Winston Churchill,told Parliament: “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil,tears and sweat.”
In 1958
, Vice President Richard Nixon and his wife, Pat,were spat upon and their limousine battered by rocks thrownby anti-U.S. demonstrators in Caracas, Venezuela.
In 1968
, a one-day general strike took place in France insupport of student protesters.
In 1973
, in tennis’first so-called “Battle of the Sexes,”Bobby Riggs defeated Margaret Court 6-2, 6-1 in Ramona,Calif. (Riggs had his standing challenge to female playersaccepted by Billie Jean King, who soundly defeated Riggs atthe Houston Astrodome in September.)
In 1981
, Pope John Paul II was shot and seriously wound-ed in St. Peter’s Square by Turkish assailant Mehmet AliAgca (MEH’-met AH’-lee AH’-juh).
In 1985
, a confrontation between Philadelphia authoritiesand the radical group MOVE ended as police dropped a bombonto the group’s row house; 11 people died in the resultingfire that destroyed 61 homes.
In 1992
, the Falun Gong movement had its beginnings inthe northeastern Chinese city of Changchun.
Ten years ago:
Ajudge ruled that Oklahoma City bombingconspirator Terry Nichols should stand trial in state court on160 counts of first-degree murder. (Nichols was later foundguilty on 161 counts; the 161st count was for the fetus of apregnant victim. Nichols was sentenced to life in prison.)The government unveiled a more colorful version of the new$20 bill.Actor Buck Taylor is 75. Author Charles Baxter is 66. ActorFranklyn Ajaye is 64. Actress Zoe Wanamaker is 64. SingerStevie Wonder is 63. Producer-writer Alan Ball is 56. Actor-comedian Stephen Colbert (kohl-BEHR’) is 49. Rock musi-cian John Richardson (The Gin Blossoms) is 49. Actor TomVerica is 49. Singer Darius Rucker (Hootie and the Blowfish)is 47. Actress Susan Floyd is 45. Contemporary Christianmusician Andy Williams (Casting Crowns) is 41. ActressSamantha Morton is 36. Rock musician Mickey Madden(Maroon 5) is 34. Actress-writer-director Lena Dunham is 27.Actor Robert Pattinson is 27. Actor Hunter Parrish is 26.
1 19 20 39 49 28
May 10 Me
ga Mill
9 7 6
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ree ev
In other news ...
Seth Meyers
 The Daily Derby race winners are Solid Gold,No.10,in first place;Gorgeous George,No.8,in secondplace;and Big Ben,No.4,in third place.The racetime was clocked at 1:45.90.
n 1912, Contract #1 was issued for thepaving of El Camino Real from OrangeAvenue in South San Francisco to SanMateo. In front of the ever-popular and well-patronized Uncle Tom’s Cabin roadhouse, theproject of paving El Camino Real was begunby the state.El Camino Real: In 1776, after much pre-liminary exploration along the Peninsula, amission outpost was erected at the northerntip, Mission Dolores, and at the southernend, Mission Santa Clara. The two missionswere within a day’s travel by walking if thetrip was begun early in the morning. Fields,meadows, sand, solid and loose dirt, mud,creeks and willow marshes had to be traversedto reach the missions in either direction. Thecreeks full of water and treacherous in the win-tertime, proved to be the greatest challenge.The easiest path, along the foothills in manyplaces, became well established in the fol-lowing years.Mission Doloresagricultural outpost inSan Pedro Valley (Pacifica) met with wide-spread disaster in the early 1790s. Measlesand other infectious diseases decimated theIndian population and put a halt to its use asthe “breadbasket” for the mission in SanFrancisco. The flat area along the Bay wasideal for raising cattle and growing food andthe church put its effort now into using thesection around San Mateo for crops. Therewas abundant water available, flat expansesand transportation to the missions over thewell-established Mission Road (El CaminoReal) was much easier. The Indians who wereto be taught farming were moved to the areaand used as laborers until they could attain theskills necessary to till their own land (Thatwas the original avowed plan of the church.Much time passed, however, before anyIndians obtained this promised land).Although church records have been lost, allindications are that in 1793 or 1794 a 22- by147-foot granary was built by San MateoCreek along the trail from Mission Dolores toMission Santa Clara. This first granary waserected at the site of the Moraga campsite onthe south side of San Mateo Creek. This wasdestroyed in an 1808 earthquake. Crude wood-en bridges were built to span the deep and trou-blesome creeks that flowed out from the hillsto the west. As wagons and, later, stagecoach-es became more common, the bridges wouldrequire a lot of care and repair when theywashed out or were damaged by use. Much timewas spent by travelers getting around thesebarriers, and over the years these obstacles totravel created the need for rest stops. Some of them developed into roadhouses, such asUncle Tom’s Cabin (the 14-Mile House) thatserved the public for a hundred years.In the early 1900s, this main route wasgiven the name of El Camino Real (the“Royal Road”). Avestige of the early mis-sions, it was a symbol of the nostalgic pastto Mrs. A. S. C. Forbes of Los Angeles. Earlyin the 1900s, she became an avid devotee of the new craze, the automobile. Travel in thesedays meant taking off across the country onroads that were little more than unimprovedpaths, often severely rutted and without signsthat indicated businesses or directions totowns. After an exasperating trip from LosAngeles to the San Francisco Peninsula thatfound her frequently confused by directions ortaking the wrong roads in her search for theruined missions, she vowed to do somethingto aid future travelers on El Camino Real.Whoever first used the name El CaminoReal is lost to history, but it was an apt des-ignation for the time-honored path that hadbeen blazed in the 1700s by the explorerswho traveled up and down California’s coast.It became a lifeline between the missions.Daly City/John Daly Avenue: John Dalywas a true individualist who developed asplendid reputation for generosity and kind-ness to a community. By 1911, the city wasready to incorporate and, remembering thegood and generous deeds of John Daly, thecity was named for him.Easton Avenue (Burlingame): Ansel IvesEaston was one of seven children, and hisbrother was Aschell Samuel Easton whobecame the San Mateo County surveyor in the1860s. Aschell married Georgette Tilton of San Mateo. Ansel migrated to California in1852, after the initial Gold Rush had subsidedbut he nevertheless made much money in thebooming real estate market, along with otherbusiness dealings. He married Darius OgdenMills’sister Adeline, for which Adeline Creekin Burlingame is named. When Jose AntonioSanchez died in 1843, the southern 1,500acres were purchased by Ansel Ives Easton,and north of him, his brother-in-law D.O.Mills bought 1,500 acres. Eventually the twofamilies would own almost 8,000 acres of theoriginal 15,000-acre Rancho Buri Buri.
Rediscovering the Peninsula by Darold Fredricksappears in the Monday edition of the Daily Journal.
May 13,2013
Police reports
Seems like a safe place
Awoman in possession of drug para-phernalia was found on the train trackson Broadway and California Drive inBurlingame before 4:47 p.m. Monday,May 6.
The window to a vehicle wassmashed and a laptop was stolen on the firstblock of Anita Road before 6:02 p.m.Saturday, May 4.
Aman shoplifted alcohol on the1800 block of El Camino Real before 10:39p.m. Friday, May 3.
Juveniles threw water balloonsat passing vehicles on the 2300 block of Trousdale Drive before 6:16 p.m. Friday, May 3.
Aman interrupted a person bur-glarizing his home on the 400 block of Dwight Road before 10:38 a.m. Friday, May 3.
An unlicensed taxi driver wascited on the 1300 block of Broadway before1:13 a.m. Friday, May 3.
A37-year-old South San Franciscoman was arrested for possession of a con-trolled substance at the intersection of Linden and Serra avenues before 1:56 a.m.Sunday, May 5.
Abike was stolen on Shell Boulevardbefore 8:57 p.m. Thursday, May 2.
Awoman was arrested for drivingwithout a license on Chess Drive before7:45 p.m. Thursday, May 2.
More paths,trails and road names
In the early 1900s,this main route was given the name of El Camino Real (the “Royal Road”).

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