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Custom Audiences - Match Process

Custom Audiences - Match Process

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Published by Zohar Urian

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Published by: Zohar Urian on May 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Custom Audiences
Match Process
Learn how your email address, phone number and Facebook user ID lists areused to build custom audiences in your Facebook account.
Custom Audiences: Match Process | 2
What are custom audiences?
Custom audiences let marketers to find their offline audiences on Facebook. Using emailaddresses, phone numbers or Facebook user IDs to make the match, you can now find the exactpeople you want to talk to, in custom audiences that are defined by what you already know.This means that in addition to targeting the
of people you want to reach among theFacebook population, you can now also reach segments of
people based oninformation you have about your own, offline audiences.
How does custom audience creation work?
Audience definition:
You segment your known customer base into groups of people youwant to target with specific messages or objectives. Each audience is represented by a list ofemails, phone numbers or UIDs. Each list should represent a meaningful audience segment.2.
When you upload your list into power editor, Facebook’s browser-based admanagement tool, the tool hashes the list on your own computer. This converts the list’scontents into a set of encoded hashes.3.
The list of hashes is sent to Facebook’s servers. Your list of emails or phone numbersis not sent to Facebook.4.
The hashed list is compared to hashed records in the Facebook system.5.
Custom audience creation:
Whenever there’s a match, the corresponding Facebook UID isadded to the custom audience you created in your account. At the end of this process, matchedand unmatched hashes are discarded.
Ad targeting:
Your custom audience is stored in your account for use in ad targeting andexclusion. The size of your matched audience is visible in the power editor, along with a reachestimate for any ad targeting you choose. No personal data about the individuals is shared.
Custom Audiences: Match Process | 3
Data Processing — Top things to note:
The list that you upload is not shared with Facebook.
When you input a list of emailaddresses or phone numbers, the list will be one-way hashed on your computer before beingsent to Facebook. Facebook only receives a list of hashes.
Facebook’s system does not convert your hashes back into plaintext addressesor phone numbers.
Rather, the uploaded hashes are matched to Facebook’s hashes,generating your custom audience of matched Facebook users.
All hashes are discarded after the matching process
 , whether or not each onematched successfully. Only the custom audience of matched Facebook IDs is preserved.
You can’t segment the audience through Facebook.
To create meaningful audienceson Facebook, choose customer segments that are important to your business objectives, andupload lists that correspond to those segments.
The custom audience of matched Facebook IDs is stored in the account
in whichit was created. It will not be shared with other advertisers for targeting without yourconsent.
If you remove people from an existing audience, the system will update the remove the IDsfrom the audience and won’t maintain a record of removed users or deleted audiences.
Facebook does not share personal information about the people in an audience withadvertisers.

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