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a2 Film Top Level Revision Overview

a2 Film Top Level Revision Overview

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Published by candifilmstudies

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Published by: candifilmstudies on May 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hong Kong1988France1995Germany / Turkey2004Estonia / Sweden2003
Wong Kar WaiMatthieu KassovitzFatih AkinLukas Moodysoon
Time and place set
Kowloon & LantauIslandHong Kong, late 1980sParis, mid 1990sHamburg / Istanbul,2000sEstonia / Sweden,2000s
Wah / Fly / NgorSaid, Vincent, HubertCahit, SibelLilya, Volodya
Main themes
Triad life and honour /relationship come andgo with the passing of time – the city alwaysstaysXenophobia,unemployment & classstruggle / youth culturefacing ruling ideology &authorityMulticulturalism and thedifficulties this can bringSex slavery /Christianity – life can behell for some people –why?
Representation of theCity
Seedy / dark /rundown / neon / 24hour / nocturnalHigh rise blocks /enclosed / graffiti / dirtyEmpty / dark /rundown / bocks of flats/ graffiti / nocturnalDark / dreary / high riseblocks / decaying
Influence of city on thecharacters
Entrapment & addictionto environment /continual cycle of consequence / cannever escape itEntrapment but with asense of community &belonging / ‘apart’ fromthe beauty of the city /tied to the city and their place in it due their social class and ethnicstatus.Entrapment & addictionto the environment –the city helps them to‘escape’ reality / theyuse the urbanenvironment rather thanit using them so theycan escape at the end.Entrapment & despair /banality of lives / limitedchoice of opportunity or employment / only onereal way to escape.
Representation of power 
Gang warfare /hierarchies within gangs/ male superiority & thebrother hood / anunderclass that givesstatus within thehierarchy / triad familyhas a powerful bondPhysical violencebetween youths &police / power of authority seen throughpolice & middleclasses / focus on malecharacters / 2
 generation workingclass ethnic minorities /bond between the 3friends powerful andstrong sense of duty Anger & aggression,physical harm offersrelease / sexual power to gain feeling of power / male charactersappear to hold power but female charactershave the power / power of family ties andcultural traditions / loveand relationships aspowerful, destructive &addictive.Power through sexualviolence & rape / limitedpower of social workers& teachers / women aspowerless, used by menfor their gratification /power of social classand materialpossessions / power within family hierarchy –respect for and traditionof elders
Representation of poverty
Wah is successful buthas no obvious materialwealth & Fly is drivenby the need to bematerially successful /poverty of education –has been on the streets& in the Triadhierarchy / fewopportunities offeredand trapped by honour of the brotherhoodwhen they ariseMaterial possessionsidentify different statusof the 3 characters /some sense of materialpoverty on Banlieuwhere they live /education doesn’t getthem anywhere sotherefore isn’t valued /few opportunities –Hubert looses his gym,nothing for them to doin Paris etc…Sense of materialimpoverishment withCahit – chooses to livethis way / Cahitemotionallyimpoverished, need for drink, drugs, destructiona result of inability toexpress emotionalpain / Sibel deniedopportunity to expressherself by family &Cahit denies himself theopportunity to feel alive. Abject material povertyseen in environment &lack of possessions /limited emotionalresponse – life is hardget on with it / limitedopportunity for education & unlikely tolead to a job / very fewopportunities – highunemployment and noprospects.
Representation of conflict
Physical conflictbetween Triadmembers /Psychological conflictbecause Wah wants toescape but can’t leaveFly / emotional conflictPhysical conflictbetween police & skinheads / emotionalconflict seen throughVince – he wants toavenge friend’s deathbut anger is a reflectionCahit as a physicallyconflicted person – heis quiet but can bephysically violent /psychologically his is inconflict because hewants to hate the worldConflict seen physicallythrough the use of sexual violence andLilya’s psychologicalconflict – she isdesperate to escapeform her situation but
in love for Ngor butfeelings of loyalty toTriad life / materialconflict as need tomaterial objects toreflect status leads toFly’s eventual downfall /social conflict in thatthey are the underclass& conflict is createdwhen they try to climbthe social ladder / wah’srelationship with Fly &Ngor in conflict / Fly haslittle respect for familyvalues other than thoseof the Triad brotherhoodof his own lack of voicesocially / material objectof the gun as a sourceof conflict throughout –gives Vince somestatus but ultimatelyused to kill by Hubert /social unrest betweenrioters & police,interaction with middleclasses in art gallery &conflict with skin heads& police all show socio—cultural conflict /conflicting friendships of the 3 characters / littlesense of conflict in thefamily – appear to bewarm, lovingbackgrounds.& die but ends up lovingSibel and wanting tolive / Material conflict isseen through Cahit whoshuns all materialpossessions – hisexperience is emotionaland physical – hedoesn’t need materialobjects / cultural conflictis evident through Sibelwhose multiculturalismmeans she wants toexperience a westernlifestyle but her parentsTurkish origins forbidthis / Sibel & Cahit’srelationship is a sourceof conflict – film drivenby their desire to betogether but ultimatelyends in them beingapart / Sibel driven bythe conflict with her familywants to be there for Volodya too / emotionalconflict seen in Lilja asemotionally she hasalready left Estonia &escape no matter whatalthough she lovesVolodya / resorts toprostitution to affordmaterial items andbasics such as food –gone against her moral /no cultural conflict aseach big city ispresented as the same,as is Lilya’s place withinit / Lilya & Volodya’sfriendship is in conflictwhen Lilya begins arelationship with Andrei / conflict withfamily – mother & aunt Anna is key to the plotdevelopment
Narrative devices
Linear but no clear time-scale –fragmented throughuse of ellipses
Closed ending
Driven by actioncodes
Linear over 24 hoursbut is fragmentedthrough use of ellipses
Open & closedendings
Driven by action
Linear narrativestructure – ellipsesbetween time thatCahit is in jail andSibel in Turkey andwhen the two meet
Open ending
Begins with a flash-forward but followlinear narrative withsome ellipses of time
Restricted narrative
Driven by actioncodes Closedending

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