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Secrets of My Success

Secrets of My Success



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Published by mprince30
The Robin Harpe Radio Show interviews author and top life coach Michelle Prince. Michelle's book "Winning in Life Now" helps people learn to live happier lives. Michelle reveals her secrets to success and how you can live a live you love.
The Robin Harpe Radio Show interviews author and top life coach Michelle Prince. Michelle's book "Winning in Life Now" helps people learn to live happier lives. Michelle reveals her secrets to success and how you can live a live you love.

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Published by: mprince30 on Apr 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Secrets of MySuccess
 The Coach Robin Harpe RadioShow InterviewsAuthor & Top Life CoachMichelle Prince
Michelle Prince4/6/2009
Robin Harpe:Hi, this is Coach Robin Harpe at the Coach Robin Harpe Show, and we arehere bringing you another wonderful, exciting interview with Michelle Prince.She's going to give us some rockin' and rollin' information on how to win inlife now.The Coach Robin Harpe Show brings you timely, focused interviews oninteresting topics to help you navigate your life to success. I am so excitedto have our guest today. Let's get started to see what Michelle has in storefor us, and I know you are going to be excited too.Now, as I always advise, if you are not driving and you're at a place whereyou can get a pen and paper ready, you'll want to do that so you can takesome notes. As well, if you are driving we will be recording this, so you cancome back later and pick it up. So if you have to stop or do something elseor have to leave, then it will be available in its entirety and you'll be able tocome to www.blogtalkradio/coachrobinharpeand be able to pick that up. As well, on the Website you will get an announcement that it is ready; so makesure you do that.Michelle, how are you?Michelle Prince:I'm great, Robin. Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to be here.Robin Harpe:I am so excited to talk with you. I mean, your background is just amazing,and I'm real excited to find out some more about you. We've developed arelationship and done some other things together, and you're just a fabulousperson.I know you have some great information for our listeners today, and I want to just get into that a little bit. Let me tell our listeners a little bit about you sothat if they're not familiar they'll have a little background.Michelle has embraced personal development and goal setting and thedesire to improve her life since the age of 18. She's been exposed to, andworked for, some of the most influential motivational teachers, authors andspeakers in the industry. She even worked at the Zig Ziglar Corporation;many people know of course Zig Ziglar, and her professional career was inthe sales division there. She received numerous awards, including theSalesperson of the Year. She was able to take her passion for personaldevelopment and match it with her expertise in sales.Michelle spent the majority of her 20-year sales career in informationtechnology and software, and she's received numerous awards andaccolades with a proven track record of success in sales.
She says that she wanted to start her own program. She says in here that,"Because I am passionate about self-development, training and self-esteembuilding programs, I decided to create my own program. Any techniques andstrategies that can help another person become more of who God createdthem to be is exciting to me. I'm a lifelong learner and love to discover waysto be the best me that I can be."Wow, that sounds like a lot.Michelle Prince:Wow, what an intro. Thank you.Robin Harpe:I love that. So tell us a little bit more about who Michelle Prince really is, howyou got where you are and how you developed a move from sales intopersonal development.Michelle Prince:As far as who I am, I'm really no different than anyone else that's out there.I'm a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, just trying to do my best day in andday out just like everybody else. But I am passionate about life, and I'mpassionate about achieving my goals. And I've had that passion for a long,long time, and I just happen to have followed my dreams, which is why I'mhere today.But so can anyone else who wants to go farther in life, and I guess the point Ialways say is, "I have my own struggles day in and day out just like everyoneelse. I've just chosen a different way of handling those struggles." and it'sbrought so much joy and happiness and peace in my life, and I wanted toshare that with others.Robin Harpe:Wow. Well, you certainly have the background for that. You say that with alittle guidance and accountability you can achieve your goals and live ahappier, more successful, prosperous life. And you ask people, "What areyou waiting for?" and that is an amazing question, really. I mean so manypeople are so despondent right now, and they're wanting to change.Can you kind of expand on the question "what are you waiting for?" for our listeners?Michelle Prince:Oh sure. We've gone through some traumatic things in our lives, in myfamily life, and we've had a death in the family that was very traumatic. It'sduring those times that you really get perspective on life.

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