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Published by Aiken Standard

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Published by: Aiken Standard on May 13, 2013
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idland Valleyonthly
MAY 2013
Senator Shane Massey and Attorney Everett K. Chandler
“Real MenRead”Program
April 14-20 was National Library Week.In celebration o this week, GlovervilleElementary School held its frst annual“Real Men Read” school-wide readingprogram. Tis event was created by theschool’s media specialist, Mrs. JennierPinckney, and school’s guidance counselor,Ms. Katrina Brooks, to show the studentsthat “real men” read too. Tis two-day eventwas held on April 17th or community readers and April 19th or athers,grandathers, and uncles. Te turnout oreach day was remarkable. Guest readerswere assigned a Reading Ambassador, 4thand 5th grade students, to escort them totheir assigned class and introduce them tothe students. Guest readers came armedwith their avorite childhood book or weregiven a book to read.
Reading Ambassadors
Landen Adams, Emily BoatwrightMallory Brown, Annabel CanoEmily Gresham, Jacquelynn GreshamKyle Hall, Ansleigh HashJasmine Landaverde, Matthew LankordCarla Moreira-orres, Liya PatelManshi Patel, rent PetersenEliana Pinckney, Madilyn WardZaire Williams, Megan Willing
Gloverville Elementary School“Real Men Read” ProgramParticipants April 17, 2013
Chie Charles Barranco
City o Aiken Public Saety Director 
Stuart Bedenbaugh
City o Aiken Assistant Manager 
Mike Brandt
USC-Aiken Head Womens Basketball Coach
Israel Butler
David Caver
 ACPS Deputy Superintenden
Everett Chandler
Chandler Law Firm
Garen Coer
Principal, Aiken High School 
Sgt. Selwyn DeLoach
 Aiken County Public Saety 
Sgt. Jason Feemster
 Aiken County Public Saety 
Ray Fleming 
 ACPS Board Member 
Justin Harrelson
Willar Hightower
 Aiken County Council 
Bill Inman
 Aiken Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Earl Ishmal
Principal, Jackson Middle School 
Tom Johnson
King Laurence
 ACPS Associate Superintendent or Instruction
Senator A. Shane Massey 
SC State Senator District 25
Deputy John McCord
 Aiken County Public Saety 
Andrew Merriman
 Aiken Assistant County Administrator 
Dr. Sal Minolo
 ACPS Director o Special Programs
Rev. Jimmy Napier
Gloverville First Baptist Church
Bryan Skipper
Principal, South Aiken High School 
Dr. John Tifany 
Southside Pediatrics
Tray Traxler
 ACPS Comptroller 
Warren Wintrode
Principal, Ridge Spring-Monetta HighSchool 
Dr. Tim Yarborough
 ACPS High School Academic Ofcer 
Kyle Hall (Reading Ambassador), David Caver (ACPS Deputy Superintendent), BryanSkipper (Principal at SAHS), Emily Boatwright (Reading Ambassador)
Te Senate is in session or 2013 withJune 6 as the last day o regular session. Ihope that you nd this update helpul andinormative. I I can help you with anissue, please let me know.
SRS - Workforce Impact Update
Latest News:
As you know, SavannahRiver Nuclear Solutions (SRNS) hasurloughed 2500 employees to 32 hourweeks with a 20% reduction in pay. Lastweek, the impact o that pay cut was elt by aected SRNS workers in their paychecks.Te short term x to the problem is orthere to be reprogramming o unds atthe ederal level. Tis has to start with theOce o Management and Budget (OMB).I reprogramming o some money isdone, those 2500 employees get to returnto ull time work. Afer OMB allows thereprogramming, the request has to gobeore Congress or approval or whichthe Congressional delegation is waiting.My understanding is that the process iscurrently stonewalled in OMB or somereason (see below or what you can do). I the reprogramming does not occur beoreMay 22, then 700-900 people will be laido until the beginning o the next FederalFiscal year. Tis would be very harmul tothe economic vitality o Aiken County, theCSRA, and the state o South Carolina.
Community Impact:
Most amiliescannot sustain a twenty percentreduction in pay or an extended period o time especially with little advance notice.As it stands right now with the urloughs,the aected workorce is losing collectively about $3 million per week. Tat loss o income ripples into the community atabout 2.3 times. Eventually, i 700-900 arelaid o and 1600-1800 remain in 32 hourweek, this will be an even greater nancialloss.
Statewide Problem:
Te situation atSRS is a statewide problem. Many o thesub-contractors serving the site in someorm are rom other parts o the state. Teloss o personal income in the workorcewill cause state sales tax dollars to godown. Further, the recently downsizedDepartment o Employment andWorkorce will have to set up in AikenCounty to handle all the unemploymentclaims although they are now doneelectronically.
What Can You Do?:
Our locallegislative delegation continues to work onthis issue. However, you can help by doingthe ollowing:
elephone Sally Ericsson at OMBat (202) 395-3120 and Sherron White at(202) 395-9145 to request that they authorize reprogramming o unds atSavannah River Site. 
elephone the ollowing members o our Congressional delegation:Senator Lindsey Graham– (202) 224-5972Senator im Scott– (202) 224-6121Congressman Jim Clyburn– (202) 225-3315Congressman Joe Wilson– (202) 225-2452Congressman Je Duncan-- (202) 225-5301ogether, we must be vigilant in our eortsto encourage ederal policy makers toallow the transer o unds at SRS toalleviate the impact o the urloughs onour state and our community.
Other News
Bridgestone – Opening of Expansion:
 Early last month, Bridgestone producedthe rst tire in its new 740,000 square ootexpansion o its passenger tire plant nearGraniteville. Te expansion will increaseproduction capacity at the plant by 12,750tires to a total o 37,750 tires per day and13.4 million tires annually. We areortunate to have Bridgestone located inAiken County.
Boeing Expansion:
Boeing announcedon April 9 that it will create an additional2,000 jobs and invest another $1 Billionin South Carolina between now and 2020.Te company plans to move more o itsproduction operations and part o its Iworkorce to our state. Many o the jobswill be in engineering and the creationo an inormation technology center o excellence. Te state’s incentives packageincludes $120 Million in inrastructureimprovements or the land whereBoeing’s expansion will be located. Testate will own the land where theinrastructure improvements will be madeand Boeing will enter a long term lease onthe property. With the expansion, Boeingwill have 8,000 employees and will haveinvested $2 Billion in our state sinceannouncing the plant in 2009.
State Economic Outlook:
TeDepartment o Commerce released areport in mid April stating that the state’seconomic indicators are the best since2008. Some o the positives in the reportinclude the ollowing: 
1.7% increase in personal income inthe ourth quarter o 2012. otal personalincome grew to $164.8 billion.
5.3% gain in the S.C. stock index.
1% increase in nonarm employment.
0.1% increase in the labor orce to2.179 million.
0.1% drop in the unemploymentrate or February, down to 8.6% rom theprevious month.
1.4% increase in manuacturinghours, which averaged 42.1 hours perweek.
1.2% increase in available online jobpostings.
Prevent High School Dropouts –Volunteers Needed:
Te Choicesprogram is a local program being used inAiken County middle schools with eighthgraders to encourage more children tonish high school. Several localbusinesses and individuals have volunteered their time. Te programneeds more volunteers. I you are willingto volunteer, please email Debbie Hubbardat dhubbard@aiken.k12.sc.us or call her at593-7300.
Senate News
Road Infrastructure Update:
In lateApril, the Senate Finance transportationsubcommittee met three times and took testimony on various inrastructure billspending in the Senate. Tey planpresent a comprehensive proposal to theull committee by May 7. According to theSCDO Inrastructure ask Force reportreleased last December, the state needs$600 million more a year in state unds orthe next twenty years to meet projectedinrastructure needs.
Extended Credit Protection:
On April10, the ull Senate gave second reading tolegislation authorizing the Governor’soce to negotiate up to 10 years o identity thef protection or S.C. taxpayersthrough the state’s competitive bid process.In its negotiations, the Governor’s sta is to consider oering saeguards againstraud involving banks, phone and utility services, government benets, andgovernment documents such as taxreturns. Te bill needs one more readingand then it goes to the House. Te bill alsoincludes the ollowing:
Centralizes responsibility or cyber-security within state government under aDepartment o Inormation Security thatreports to the governor; 
ax credits or South Carolinataxpayers to buy additional creditprotection on top o or in lieu o whatthe state oers afer the competitive bidprocess is complete; 
An identity-thef unit at the S.C.Department o Consumer Aairs; 
A committee to recommend statewidetechnology and cyber-security policies;and 
A und to reimburse taxpayers orsome costs associated with identiy thefi aected taxpayers can prove that theirlosses occurred as a result o the state’scyber breach last October.
Appraisal Management LegislationPassed:
On April 24, the Senate passedlegislation relating to state oversight o appraisal management companies by thestate appraisal board. Tis move isnecessary in order to keep our statein compliance under the Dodd Frank Consumer Protection Act. Failure to doso would mean that lenders in our statewill not be able to market their bundledloans to the secondary market. Te resultwould be that banks in our state wouldhave limited capital to loan money to ourstate’s citizens. Passage o this legislationwas necessary to head o these potentialproblems.
Concealed Weapons Permit –Restaurant Carry:
On April 23, the Senatepassed this bill (S.308) with anamendment prohibiting concealed carry into restaurants serving alcohol afermidnight and beore 5 am; increasing thepenalty to up to 3 years in prison or violat-ing; and not allowing carrying a concealedhandgun and lingering in the bar section o a restaurant serving alcohol -- doing so is a violation. Now it goes to the House.continued to page 4
PAGE 2MAY 2013
Keeping YouInformed
by SC Rep. Tom Young, R-District 81
PAGE 3MAY 2013

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