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5r Priprema Unit6 Test

5r Priprema Unit6 Test

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Припрема из енглеског језика за 5. разред
Припрема из енглеског језика за 5. разред

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Published by: Žika Savuljesković on May 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I) Present Simple or Present Continuous:
Welcome to American wrestling! The first fight tonight is between two men we all (1.love) ____________________to see - Big Joe and The Hurricane. The wrestlers (2. come) ____________________into the ring now. Big Joe usually (3. wear) ____________________ a black costume, but he (4. not wear) ____________________it tonight. There’s the bell, andnow Big Joe (5. pick up) ____________________The Hurricane. He (6. throw) ____________________ him out of the ring. The Hurricane (7.not like) ____________________that at all. He (8. climb) ____________________back into the ring.He (9. be) ____________________very angry, but Big Joe (10. wait) __________________ for him.
II) Past Simple:
My name’s John. I live in London, but I (1.not be) ____________________bornin England. I (2.not like) ____________________it here at first and I (3.feel) ____________________ lonely. But, when school (4.start) ____________________,I soon (5.make) ____________________lots of friends
III) Going to:
1. He/have a party
  ___________________________________________________________ 2. They/watch TV
 ___________________________________________________________ 3. I/ play rugby
  ___________________________________________________________ 4. She/wash up
  ___________________________________________________________ 5. We/stay home
IV) Choose and write the best word:
1. The guard is very _________________. (slow/slowly)2. Ryan opened his eyes ________________. (slow/slowly)3. He pushed Sally very _______________. (hard/hardly)4. She drove very _______________. (careful/carefully)5. It was a _________________ day. (terrible/terribly)
V) Complete with the correct form of HAVE TO:
1. You/learn all the lines
X ___________________________________________________ 
2. He/have lessons
3. He/stay in a hotel
? __________________________________________________ 
4. We/work 
? ___________________________________________________ 
5. She/travel a lot
X ___________________________________________________ 
VI) Irregular verbs:
InfinitivePast simplePrevod
VII) Fill in:
soap keep rushed slowly lost programmescinemagrabbed cartoon actress
The opposite of quickly is
.2. I sometimes go to the
with my parents to see a film.3. Mickie and Millie saw a
penguin.4. “
The Simpsons
” is a famous American
.5. I like quiz shows and
operas.6. Angelina Jolie is an
.7. Dr. X quickly
the bag and pulled hard.8. The guard heard some noise and
into the room.9. I’m going to watch all my favourite TV
10. I’m going to ______________________________the remote control.

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