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Shah Naimat - Predictions of a Muslim Mystic & Seer

Shah Naimat - Predictions of a Muslim Mystic & Seer

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Published by: Mujahid Asaadullah Abdullah on Apr 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. I am telling the truth, there will be a King in this world. His name would be Taimur and he will be theConqueror.Taimur Shah attacked Indian in 1398. Muhammad Tughlaq was the King of India at that time. He wasdefeated and Taimur Shah got hold of India. He returned to Samarkand later. Died in 14122. After Him, Meeran Shah, Sultan Muhammad Mirza will appear in this world who will be the friend of the conqueror Taimur Shah3. When He will leave this world, then will appear the King of Humans and Ginnis. That is Sultan AbuSaeed Mirza who will be brave and Powerful.4. After Him, Umer Shiekh will be the King and he’ll be a Kind one5. After that Umer Bin Sheikh will be the owner of this land and he’ll indulge into a lot of riches andluxuries.6. After him shall come The King Babar who will be the king of Kabul, Dehli and whole of India.7. After Sikandar [Lodhi], When the time reaches of Ibrahim, Behold there will be unrest and discord inhis Kingdom.8. Then the God will appoint Humayun as the King of Indian but at the same time an Afghan will appear.Zaheer-uddin-Babar was the fifth Generation of Taimur. He attacked India for 5 times. In his last tryhe was successful. His Govt. was from 1526-15309. Then will happen an incident in the life of Humayun. An Afghan with the name Sher Shah will appear.Humayun will run to the land of Iran. To the line of the prophet. The Iranian King will helpHumanyun. When Humayun will attack India, by the time, Sher Shah will be dead and his son will beruling the land.Humayun Attacked India in 1545 and conquered the land by 1555.10. Then will come the Akbar as the King.Akbar Ruled India from 1556-160511. Then Will appear Jahangir the ruler. He will sit on the Throne like the bright sun.Jangir Noor-uddin Muhammad ruled from 1605-162712. When He will leave the world, Shah-jahan, The second Conqueror will appear.13. Will rule about 40 years and his son will sit on the throne in front of his eyes.14. There will be unrest and discord in his times and the country will be in bad conditions. Availability of Food will be surprising15. When the world will be like this, the people will be extremely worried. The Jupiter will be like a flamethrower
 16. He will rule for 20 years till the youngest of his sons will appear.17. His powerful voice will fill the world. He will take care of the people.Shah-Jahan ruled from 1627-1658. He had 2 sons. Dara-Shikoh and AurangZeb. There was discord inbetween them and fightings. The people were also divided. In 1650, there was a fearsome war inAurangzeb and Dara. Dara was defeated. Aurangzeb Alamgir ruled from 1658-1707.18. Then the God will show his decision. Muazam the King will appear.Bahad-ul- Shah Muazam ruled from 1707-1712.19. At that time, the people will be united, peace everywhere. He will be like cure to the wounds.20. He will rule for few years and will leave the earth. His son will become KingThe son of Bahad-ul-Shah was Farrukh Seer. Who ruled from 1712-171921. With his arrival, there will come peace and the unhappiness and jealousy will finish. There will behappiness everywhere.22. Then will come an extremely powerful king called Muhammad. Will come to India and become ruler.Muhammad Shah ruled from 1719-1740.23. The time of Muhammad’s Kingship is 21 years. Then will be come a ruler of the rulers.24. Nadir Shah will come from Iran to get the throne of India. Mass killings of Delhi people will occur.Nadir Shah attacked India in 1739. Muhammad Shah was defeated and he asked for truce. Nadir Shahentered Delhi as the guest of Muhammad Shah. After few days, a rumor appeared that Nadir Shah ismurdered. So the soldiers of Delhi started killing the army of Nadir Shah. Nadir Shah was extremelyangry and he ordered the Mass murder of Delhi. In 12 hours, 150000 people were murdered. At therequest of Muhammad Shah, this mass murder was stopped. Nadir Shah returned to Iran after gettingTa-oo-s the Throne, the diamond of Kohinoor and lot of treasure.25. When the ruler of India will leave this world to continue his journey forward, his family will be inproblems.26. Then will come powerful Ahmad the King. He will rule India and people will listen to his orders.After the death of Muhammad Shah Rangeela, his son Ahmad Shah was the ruler for few years. Allthe ministers were involved in chaos and wars. In 1758, one of the his ministers conspired against himand then Alamgir the Second became the king. Alamgir the Second ruled from 1759-1806. Akbar theSecond ruled from 1806-1837 and Bahad-ul-shah Zafar the Second was the ruler from 1837-1857.There is no Stanza available about them in any of the available manuscripts or publications.27. When Akbar will be the King, there will appear a Saint.28. His name would be NANAK. A world will put attention on him. The realm of this powerful Fakir[seer] will be famous.29. He will be famous in Punjab and Sikh nation will become his follower. He will be the spiritual leaderof this nation.Guru Nanak was born in 1441 and died in 1538.
30. The Sikh Nation will become cruel towards Muslims and this era would be of 40 years31. Then The Christians [English] will get hold of India. Will remain there for 100 years.32. When the limit of cruelty and one-sidedness will reach, the Christians will harm the religion.English ruled India for about 100 years. Lord Crison or Krison put a ban on these predictions sayingthat HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT WE RULE ONLY FOR 100 YEARS. During the reign of Englisha scholar called Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sow the seeds of discords in the religion of Islam.33. The Christians [English] will be involved in the war of the Germany. The signs of destruction willappear.34. The Christians will win the war over Germans but the war will weaken their system of rule.35. The Christians will leave the India but before doing so, they will sow the life-taking discord among thepeople.36. India will be divided into 2 countries and so, the blood of humans will run. Destruction and anarchywill rule.37. The muslims will leave their homes due to the wrath of the Hindus. That is shift the country. Thedignity and honor of Muslims will be in ruins. Their women and girls will be kidnapped.38. Muslims will be in peace in the area of their forefathers. After Punishment and problems, their destinywill appear.India was divided into India and Pakistan in 1947. Mass murder of Muslims, kidnappings and rapesoccurred while they shifted from India to Pakistan.39. The banner of muslims will be the prominent for 23 years. Then again will come their punishment.40. Their own land will become narrow for them. Destruction and anarchy will be the destiny.Yahya Khan Ruled from 1969-1971. There was a war in the India and Pakistan. The east part wasdefeated and about 100,000 soldiers become POWs. About 1.5Million Bangali and non-Bangali werekilled.41. After their destruction. The God will send blessings, victory and help from neighbors.42. An army of Mongols will come from North to help. Iran and Turkey will help too.43. This help will come after the Pilgrim. When God will send the help from neighboring countries likeAfghanistan, Iran and turkey.44. I am seeing all this with deep understanding. That Muslims will be the victor.45. When these predictions were written, it was the year 570 Hijra. So the God wills and will appear in thesame manner.THE END====================================

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