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The Day That Dodger Moves Into the Pit

The Day That Dodger Moves Into the Pit

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Published by Ehlena Ghardian

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Published by: Ehlena Ghardian on May 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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September 4, 2011 The day Dodger moves into the Pit 
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September 4, 2011 The day Dodger moves into the Pit 
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would like to take this time to thank the creators of the BDB~Unbound group,the original Vishous and Jane. Without their vision we would not be here now. Those of us who have played with them have been blessed with many memoriesand many lessons, the placement of commas is most memorable, and how many different words one can use for male and female anatomy. The newer members of the group still can feel their presence in the rooms, with the original statements of each room, the documents, the contract, and the questionnaire that each has filled out before joining, were all constructed by them. *bowing to each in turn, withhand over heart* We owe them a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid exceptwith a life-long friendship.
et me set up this story-line. The HBJ (Human Behind Jane) also played ouroriginal Amalya. Amalya, and the other Chosen at the time, as part of theacclimation to the human world, each had a pet. Layla had a goldfish that died;Selena had a cat, named Angel; and Amalya had, yes you guessed it, Dodger thecurious ferret. There were no profiles made for any of the pets at the time, exceptfor Boo and George. When the HBA decided to give up the role of Amalya, itwas decided that Dodger would live with Vishous and Jane. Now unbeknownst to Jane or anyone else, Vishous created the profile of Dodger and gifted Jane withthis, their first Storyline and bonding. Vishous did not know at the time, that by this one act of creation, he had created one of the
 Most Beloved 
character in Our
world. So without further delay: The ORIGIAL Jane,Vishous and Dodger of the
BDB Unbound ©2013 Rated NC17/18+ only Adult Content/Language ~in no way affiliated with J.R. Ward just fans that want to honor her characters 
September 4, 2011 The day Dodger moves into the Pit 
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