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The Pilot -- May 2013 Issue

The Pilot -- May 2013 Issue

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Find out the latest about what's going on in our neighborhood with this month's issue of Redwood Shores Community Association's monthly newsletter, The PILOT. Find out more about what's going on in Redwood Shores at http://www.rsca.org/
Find out the latest about what's going on in our neighborhood with this month's issue of Redwood Shores Community Association's monthly newsletter, The PILOT. Find out more about what's going on in Redwood Shores at http://www.rsca.org/

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Published by: Redwood Shores Community Association on May 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume 43 Number 5Redwood Shores Community AssociationMay 2013
RSCA Calendar
•2013 Summer Concerts - at Marlin ParkSundays from 5 to 7pmJune 23THE HOUSEROCKERS -
2013 Levee Cleanup Saturday –August 248am to 12:00pm at Mariner’s Park.Barbecue lunch to follow2013 Recycling –Saturday –September 710am - 2pm at Redwood Shores Library2013 Save The Music –Sunday –October 611am - 5:30pm Twin Pines Park in Belmont
Well, really, it’s Membership REMINDERMonth.If you haven’t yet joined RSCA for 2013, you soon shouldreceive either a reminder email or letter. If you don’t receiveeither one, there’s a membership form at the bottom of Page 3.Why be an RSCA Member? If you or your children, grand-children, nieces, nephews, cousins, or friends of the familyparticipate in any of our events, you should join RSCA.If you believe that events like our Eggstravaganza egg hunt,our Summer Concerts, or our other holiday eventscontribute to the quality of life and value of our community,you should join RSCA.If you read The PILOT (provided at no cost to you) each month,you should join RSCA. If you believe that a geographicallydistinct community like the Shores needs a dedicated voiceand advocate for our unique issues like the recent levee crisis,you should join RSCA.And, please…
Be a Part of Our Email List 
Why do we want your email address? It’s the MONEY!It costs a minimum of about 45¢ just to send a postcard, andalmost triple that to send a letter. An email takes less timeto prepare (we’re all volunteers), and there are no printingor postage costs. Each email costs just fractions of apenny. So we can send information much more frequently.And…Each email address you provide saves RSCA more than$2.00 each year!That’s money we can use for events like ourEggstravaganza egg hunt, the Summer Concerts, theHalloween Walk, and
Santa Comes to the Shores.With over 5,300 residences and 700 business in theShores, we use our email list to keep more people informedabout our community and events during the year. Simply goto our web site at
and under 
, clickon the “
Join our email list” button.
Redwood Shores Youths WinThe Tech Challenge Award
A team of Redwood Shores students from Carlmont High School,Ralston Middle School, and Crystal Springs — Rachel Chen,Winson Luk, Austin Tang, Alex Yang, Iris Wu, and Connor Soohoo — competed at the Tech Challenge 2013 and won the highschool division’s Judges Choice First Award in Best Research.The Tech Challenge is a signature program of The Tech Museumin San Jose. It is an annual event and also a vigorous challengefor students who are interested in science based competitions.The primary goal is for students to design solutions that would be practical in real life. This year’s challenge was to create alaunching device and carrier that could safely transport fragileequipment (eggs) onto remote platforms, which simulate rockyand slanted surfaces of asteroids in space.
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270 Redwood Shores Parkway, PMB #205Redwood Shores, CA 94065 - 1173rsca.org2013 Board
PRESIDENTHarris Rogers....................................harrisrogers@rsca.orgVICE PRESIDENTSue Nix......................................................suenix@rsca.orgSECRETARYLynn Adams........................................lynnadams@rsca.orgTREASURERStephen Bellingham...............stephenbellingham@rsca.org
Doug Crisman................................dougjcrisman@rsca.org
The Board of Directors meets promptly at 7pm,the third Thursday of each month atThe Redwood Shores Library
DEADLINES DEADLINESThe deadline for the June Pilot is the weekof May 13th-20th
531 Shoal Circle, Redwood City, CA 94065thepilot@rsca.orgEditor, Carol Mertens............................................595-1595Advertising, Carol Mertens..................................595-1595Circulation, Carol Mertens....................................595-1595Shores Press..........................................................593-2802Design & Review Board Inquiries: adb@rsca.orgJim CvengrosCarol FordSue NixFor CC&R Copies, Carol Ford - carolford@rsca.org
is a monthly publication of theRedwood Shores Community Association (RSCA).Circulation: 6,000 Redwood Shores Households & BusinessesThe opinions published in the
are those of the authors andnot the expressions of RSCA unless so officially designated.President’s Memo Page 3RWS Tech Kids Win AwardPage 4RWC Re-Usable Bag OrdinancePage 4RWC Council Adopts Climate Action PlanPage 7RSTC Members Mania, CHP Sites DistractedPage 8Youngest Contestant Wins Music CompetitionPage 8Relay For LifePage 9Solo FlightPage 10Peninsula Home SalesPage 15Pre & Post Surgery AcupuncturePage 16Library, Be Kind To Animals WeekPage 17On The Move, Quick TipsPage 19Snooze NewsPage 20San Carlos TheatrePage 21Lynns Kitchen, Wine AppreciationPage 22History Museum, StudentsPage 23
Table of Contents
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(650) 212-0001
Lynn AdamsMayling BellinghamStephen BellinghanNina BoireDoug CrismanJim CvengrosCarol FordAmir HiggyMike MancusiCarol MertensSue NixHarris RogersClemencia RodriquezAndrew Young
A Tip On Opportunity
Opportunity does knock sometimes, but most of the time it’s just a salesman.
Page 3
President’s Memo for May 2013
by Harris Rogers
Once again: “LOOK OUT” 
The events in Boston were unfolding as I was preparing this column. While we live in one of the Bay Area’s safestcommunities, it bears repeating again – we need to take an active role in watching out for each other and in doing out partto keep the Shores a safe place to live. We can not say this often enough:
Let’s not make it so easy for those who would take advantage in our community. Lock your cars, even inyour driveways. Lock your home (front and back doors), even if you only step out for a few minutes. And don’t encouragea break-in by leaving valuables like cell phones, laptops, iPads, and GPS units in plain sight, either in your car or at home.
for your neighbors! If something doesn’t look right, call
If you SEE something, SAY something!
Please don’t hesitate to call and let the police check out anything thatlooks suspicious or out of the ordinary.Do your part and help us keep the Shores a safe place to live and work.
RSCA: What We Do
The primary purpose of the Redwood Shores Community Association is to be THE advocate on issues that affect thequality of life in all of the Shores.Our mission is to represent the interests of both residents and businesses in the Shores. RSCA is an inclusive organiza-tion that recognizes and celebrates the diversity of our community.
RSCA endeavors to:
1.disseminate information of significance to the Shores utilizing The PILOT (this monthly newsletter), email,the internet, and our roadway median signboards.2.encourage and promote a safe and healthful environment for family life.3.provide a forum for united community action by all groups within the Shores, and to assist homeownersand maintenance organizations in achieving common goals.4.present social, cultural, and other events for the Shores community.5.encourage responsible growth of property development in the Shores.6.advocate fairness in taxation of property in the Shores.7.carry on any business in furtherance of any of the above activities, or any other activities which the Associationshall deem to be in the community interest.8.implement the CC&Rs of Redwood Shores Subdivisions No. 1 and No. 2, Marlin Subdivisions No. 1 through and includingNo. 6, and Dolphin Subdivisions No. 1 and No. 2; to appoint members of the Architectural Design Review Boards to thoseSubdivisions; and to coordinate the enforcement of the CC&Rs of Redwood Shores Subdivisions No. 1 and No. 2 MarlinSubdivisions No. 1 through and including No. 6 and Dolphin Subdivisions No. 1 and No. 2 with the City of Redwood City.

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