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Physics 011, Elementary Physics, syllabusBrief description:
Algebra-based introductory physics, subjects including mechanics,oscillations, waves and thermal physics. Accompanying lab: PHYS 021.
: High-school algebra and trigonometry.
:Title: Physics, 9th Ed.; Authors: John D. Cutnell and Kenneth W. Johnson.ISBN-13 978-1118-12917-3
J. YangCook Building, A525; Phone: 656-0061; email:  jyang@uvm.edu. 
 Lectures: MT, RF, 9:00
11:15 AM, TERRILL-HOME EC 108.
Labs (all in Cook A409):
Labs provide good opportunities to have hands-on experience. Please follow guidance and rules by your lab TA. An instruction handout for each lab will be available on the blackboard prior tothe lab. You must be on time and have good team spirit.
Contact your lab TA for any matter regarding lab attendance and grades.
Z1 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm MF COOK PHYS SCI A A409Z2 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm TR COOK PHYS SCI A A409
Lab schedule:
 Note: First Lab Thursday, 5.23, for Z2 section and Friday, 5/24, for Z1 section.Lab 1, Introduction (data plotting and analysis basics).Lab 2, 1-D kinematics, First half, Week 2.Lab 3, Linear dynamics, Second half, Week 2.Lab 4, Work and energy, Second half, Week 3.Lab 5, 1-D collisions, First half, Week 4.Lab 6, Rotational dynamics, Second half, Week 4.Lab 7, Pendulum oscillations, First Half, Week 5.Lab 8, Standing waves, Second half, Week 5.
In lectures we will concentrate on introduction and consolidation of physical concepts and onthat basis, strategies in problem solving. We will also work on example similar to homework assignments. We will also go over key strategies regarding how to tackle MCAT physicsquestions on those subjects covered in this class.
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Homework assignments.
 You are responsible for all homework assignments and go over those assigned problems on your own. We will do some of them in class and explain some others upon inquiries.
Exams & Quizzes
There are four one-hour exams and a final exam, all close-booked. The final exam will use theentire class time (two hours and fifteen minutes). Mostly there will be two quizzes per week, bythe end of classes on Tuesday and Friday. Exams and quizzes are based on homework problemsand examples in lectures. An equation sheet will be provided for each exam. The equation sheetwill be posted on the blackboard (course materials). No equation sheet for quizzes.
Format of quizzes and exams.
Quizzes are intended for 10 minutes, mostly multiple choice questions or simple explanations of  parameters of equations.Exams are close-book, including problem solving, in addition to questions similar to those inquizzes. For parts of problem solving, we emphasize the setting up strategies, so you must showyour work. A simple numerical answer, even if correct, may result in hardly any grade point.
You should read the materials in the textbook before the class. The lecture will be more useful if you have also attempted homework problems.
Homework assignments are not graded. Average of quiz grades and the final exam each counts20%. Each of the four one-hour exams counts 15%.
University regulations concerning academic honesty apply to all work in this course.

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