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: Corbett McP. Torrence
Office location
Office hours
: 802-673-3689
: ctorrenc@uvm.eduM
eeting Location and Time
: Lafayette (requested)
Required Text
: Seeing Anthropology; Cultural Anthropology Through Film.Heider, Blakely, and Blakely, ISBN 0-205-48355-0.
Course Description
Discover the world of cultural anthropology through film. This course focuses on thecultural aspects of humanity and explores how anthropologists study and think about culture.From personality and self, to families, lineages, and clans to the way societies organizethemselves, examine the different ways people link themselves together. What are these bindingforces? How do different cultures produce, distribute, and consume the things they need andwant and who decides how it should be done? How do science, religion, and magic shape worldviews? These questions are explored through direct observation of documentary and Hollywoodfilms and first hand, through original research. Independent and critical thinking encouraged!
Learning Objectives
This course introduces students to Cultural Anthropology with an emphasis on criticalthinking, research methods, and producing written reports. Learn how individuals are linked to abroad array of diverse social networks that operate at a variety of different scales. Appreciate theways that different people think and how these thoughts shape their families, societies, and worldviews. Become familiar with, and apply, anthropological research methods. Learn where andhow to access accurate information and how to communicate effectively through the writtenword. Improve your academic skills and prepare yourself for college level studies at UVM.
Teaching Philosophy
I believe that learning should be fun and intriguing! If you are having difficulty or haveconcerns about any aspect of this course, you should not hesitate to visit me during my officehours or by making an appointment. I have designed a grading system that does not weigh tooheavily on any one responsibility, as I realize we have different skills and our good- and bad-days as well. The graduated grading scheme allows you to become familiar with work expectations, while enabling you to reach your full potential over the course of the semester. Agoal of this course is to improve your academic success both in- and out-side of anthropology.
Student Responsibilities
Students are required to attend all classes and attendance will be taken. Absences will notbe excused unless granted by the instructor prior to class. All medical excuses must bedocumented in writing by a physician. Assignments must be completed as scheduled in theCourse Outline. No late assignments will be accepted unless an extension is granted by theinstructor prior to the due date, which is the beginning of each class-day as noted on the CourseOutline. Students are required to know and understand UVM’s academic honesty policies andthe potential consequences of infractions.In accordance to college academic standards, students must complete readingassignments, a photo essay, a reaction paper, two one hour exams, and three research projectsReading assignments facilitate an ability to participate successfully in class discussions and,along with in-class activities, enable essential course knowledge. The two one-hour examsprovide a quantitative assessment of your progress. The second exam is cumulative, but willfocus primarily on recent material. All exams must be taken at the scheduled time. TheTelevision Content Analysis, and Grocery Store and Cemetery Investigation projects (see courseoutline) require additional “
” including data collection, manipulation, and presentation.All written assignments must typed in 12 pitch font, double spaced with one inchmargins, left justified and, if necessary, include a references cited section. College level writingskills are expected. Research papers may be resubmitted for grade-change prior to Aug 3, 2013.
Academic Problems
If you are having academic difficulty with this course or have other problems that arepreventing you from performing to your potential, it is advised that you inform the University,and me, of your situation as soon as you recognize the problem. UVM student counseling isreadily available, caring, and concerned. Do not wait until the last minute, or the end of thesemester, as academic solutions are monitored and limited.
Personal Photo Essay ……… 10 pointsReaction paper ……..……… 20 pointsFirst Exam …………………. 25 pointsTV Content Analysis……… 30 pointsGrocery Store Analysis …… 25 pointsCemetery Investigation ……. 35 pointsSecond Exam ……………... 35 pointsClass participation ………… 20 pointsTotal Available Points …… 200 points
Final grades
A+ 190-200 points C+ 152-157A 180-190 C 144-151A- 175-179 C- 138-143B+ 170-174 D+ 130-137B 164-169 D 120-129B- 158-163 F >120

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