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AutoCAD 2014 Tipsntricks by Lynn Allen

AutoCAD 2014 Tipsntricks by Lynn Allen

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Published by Inventorwizard
AutoCAD 2014 Tipsntricks by Lynn Allen.
Manny new things from AutoCAD 2014 presented by Lynn Allen
AutoCAD 2014 Tipsntricks by Lynn Allen.
Manny new things from AutoCAD 2014 presented by Lynn Allen

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Published by: Inventorwizard on May 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lynn Allen’s
Tips andTricks
Command LineCommand Line
You command line ans will love the manyenhancements, including transparency, auto-correct and content search.For those o you who are greedy withyour screen real estate, oat the resizeableundocked command line (which deaults toa single row) above the AutoCAD drawingwindow. Notice the semi-transparent prompthistory (displaying up to 50 lines) doesn’taect the drawing area.Select the customize tool on the commandline to control the number o lines o prompthistory as well as Input settings and Search,Transparency and Options.F2 (or the yout at the right end o theoating command line) will display the historywindow. Click on the >_ at the let to quicklyaccess previously used commands. You can make the command linenearly completely transparent so that it justdisplays when you hover over it.For those o you who preer the commandline at the bottom (or top) o the drawingwindow—you can dock it right back intoplace.Notice that the command name is alwaysdisplayed on the command line. You caneven click on the various command options(displayed in blue) rom the command line(my personal avorite!)Feeling groovy? Change the color o thecommand line rom the Colors tool (Displaytab, Options dialog box).
Timesaver alert! Now you can access layers,blocks, hatch patterns, text styles, dimensionstyles and visual styles rom the commandline! For example, i you key in “Door”, youcan quickly insert the preerred door blockrom the suggestion list. With all these new command lineoptions—you will nd some are displayedwith expandable categories. Simply selectthe + or use the tab key to cycle through allthe content
Synonym Suggestions
When you work on multiple CAD systems—it is easy to get your nomenclature mixedup! The new Synonym suggestions shouldhelp you nd an appropriate match (and it’scustomizable!) For example i you key inSYMBOL, AutoCAD will oer up the INSERTcommand. Customize your synonyms with the EditAliases tool (Manage ribbon tab).
Command Line
AutoComplete now supports mid-stringsearch capabilities. I you key in “PLANE” orexample, you will get all the commands and/ or system variables that contain the wordPLANE.Commands in the AutoComplete suggestionlist are initially displayed in order o theirgeneral popularity. As time goes on—thesuggestion list will adapt to your own usagebehavior (making your AutoCAD smarter andsmarter!)
No more o the dreaded “unknown com-mand”! Now i you mistype a command,AutoCAD will autocorrect to the most rele-vant command. (Hoorah!)The updated modern UI inAutoCAD
2014 sotware just gets easier and easier towork with.
Welcome Screen
Who doesn’t love a riendlywelcome to start yourAutoCAD day! The WelcomeScreen provides easy accessto drawing les, learningtools, and online content.Create new or open existingdrawings rom the Workpanel. You can also quicklyaccess recently used drawingles. Check out the “What’s New in 2014”videos to get up to speed in no time!Easily download a variety o valuable appsrom Autodesk Exchange Apps. Connect toAutodesk
360 and AutoCAD social mediaresources.
User Interace
Internet Search
Want even more inormation on a commandor system variable? Move the cursor over theintended command in the suggestion list andthen select the new Help or Internet icons inthe upper right corner.The new Input Search Options dialog (alsoavailable rom the right click menu) makes iteasy or you to customize input and searcheatures.I you preer not to see the WelcomeScreen when you open AutoCAD, simplyuncheck the Display at Startup option.
Command LineUser Interace

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