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101 Way to Transform Your Life

101 Way to Transform Your Life

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Published by parthm

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Published by: parthm on Apr 11, 2009
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101 Ways To Transform Your Life
Wayne W. Dyer1.Begin. You need to begin looking forward at who you are and why you arehere instead of outward at the physical world or anything in it. This is yoursacred quest.2.Grow. Know that there is an invisible intelligence in everything. You havethe power to make contact with this Divine Intelligence and create a life ofbliss.3.Draw your inner energy from the beauty that surrounds you. When you doso, this energy reception will become a source of strength and sustenancein your life.4.Attempt to remove all enemies from your thoughts. The same intelligencethat flows through you, flows through all human beings. When you knowthat, you are connected to all, you cannot fathom striking out at others, letalone feeling hatred for them.5.Be peaceful, experience silence, meditate, and really listen to God. Theresult will be that you will find the solution to each of your problems within yourself -- be it related to relationships, finances, health, or self-image.6.Keep in mind that grievances bring turmoil, while communication bringspeace. If you are angry at someone in your life, work at communicating withthat person about your aggrieved feelings -- no matter how difficult it maybe.7.Write down this ancient truth and reread it on a daily basis: When youseek happiness for yourself, it will always elude you. When you seekhappiness for others, you will find it yourself.8.Work at being content with who you are, rather than pleasing others bybeing inauthentic. Say to yourself, "I am what I am, and it is okay as longas I am not hurting anyone else in the process."
9.Relax about the future, and let it go. Instead, make an active commitmentto enjoy this day a little more. It is very difficult to accomplish anythingwhen you are stressed over the outcome. When you relax and get peaceful, you become inspired and efficient.10.Let go of the concept that more is better. This idea keeps us exclusively inthe physical domain. You can replace the more-is-better belief with aninner serenity that does not need "more" to be acceptable.11.Forgive yourself for your transgressions. See that mistakes are lessonsfor you to transcend. Release yourself from the tyranny of self-recrimination. Make the decision to be free.12.Entertain the thought that you remove habits from your life by coaxingthem downstairs one step at a time. Try to catch individual toxic thoughtsin the moment they are occurring, one moment at a time, one day at a time,and you will be able to achieve the transition from toxic to pure.13.Be still and know. These four words will help you get past striving and help you get to know the bliss of being here now. When you allow yourself to bestill, you will understand the futility of constant striving or chasing aftermore.14.Get back to nature. Give yourself time in the woods, trekking in themountains, walking in open meadows, or walking barefoot on the beach.When you take the time to drink in the beauty of the natural world, you willrelease your belief that things and accumulations are needed for you tofeel complete.15.Shed your faultfinding tendencies. Know that you are the creator of yourlife and that a loving presence is within you. Your ability to be self-reliantwill overtake your habit of assigning blame.16.Learn to allow others to work out their difficulties without feeling that youare the only one who can fix things. Your ego is pushing you to intervene,while your higher self wants you to experience peace and harmony. Choosethe latter.
17.Put this affirmation in as many places as possible: In my world, nothingever goes wrong. Look at it each day and let it remind you that everythingthat is happening to you is in divine order and comes with a lesson.18.Be conscious of your thoughts, of the makeup of your internal dialogue.Know that any thoughts you repeat that are contrary to your divine eternalessence are keeping you from experiencing the joyous and complete life youdeserve.19.Lighten your material load, starting TODAY. As you do so, less energy isspent hoarding, insuring, moving, polishing, and so on. The less attached youare to your possessions, and the more you are able to share them withothers unconditionally, the more peaceful your life will be.20.Redirect your thought. If your first inclination is to have a judgmentalthought about the physical appearance of someone, notice that you aredoing so, and redirect your thought to consider the fullness of God withinthat person.21.Make an attempt to shift your career objectives from self-absorption to a"calling." Use your talents and special interests to fulfill your service with your calling. Your life work will take on a dramatic shift toward abundance,and you will feel that you are "on purpose."22.Make an attempt to tame your ego. By catching yourself when youpersistently use the pronoun "I", you can make the decision to take thefocus off of yourself. The more you cut back on "I", the more personalfreedom you will experience.23.Remember that you are not your country, your race, or your religion. Youare an eternal spirit. Seeing yourself as a spiritual being without labels is away to transform the world and reach a sacred place for all of humanity.24.When you feel an inclination to blame someone else for your circumstances,take an instant to say a prayer of thanks for the lesson. The lesson is tobecome aware that you are the one experiencing the feeling.25.If you are engaging in addictive behavior of any kind, the most effectiveway to rid yourself of the addiction is to go directly to your higher self and

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