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Service Marketing

Service Marketing



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Published by nisha

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Published by: nisha on Apr 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Multiple Choice Single Answer Question It is an alliance made visible :-Correct Answer Co branding Multiple Choice Multiple Answer Question Advantages of a Range brand policy are:-Correct Answer Creates brand capital , Cost of launch is low , Focuses on single brandimageSelect The BlankQuestion Employees response to customer needs & requests is called as ________.Correct Answer Adaptability. True/FalseQuestion Coupons cannot be printed on the backs of ATM receipts.Correct Answer False Multiple Choice Single Answer Question It is a concept that serves to offset the limitations of postponing and to monitor the means of expression, the unity and durability of a brand :-Correct Answer Brand identity Multiple Choice Multiple Answer Question The important aspects of tangible dimension of Quality are:-Correct Answer Employee appearance , DressMatch The FollowingQuestionCorrect AnsweApplication of service blue printComputer systems analysisService blue printTop down and bottom up approachService processElement of extended marketing mixService areIntangibles Match The FollowingQuestionCorrect AnswerYour AnsweService operationService personnel & physical facilities.Servuction ModelVisible & invisible factorsFedEx CorporationAll the sides of a triangle well aligned.The inanimate environmentAll the non living features of service encounter. True/FalseQuestion The benefit from source brand strategy lies in its ability to provide a two tieredsense of difference and depth.Correct Answer True True/False
Question Frontline employees are key to a brand's success.Correct Answer True Select The BlankQuestion The service delivery is concerned with ________, when, & how to deliver serviceto customers.Correct Answer Where Multiple Choice Single Answer Question During which stage of 'Innovation Adoption ' model, the customers are satisfiedand decide to make regular use of the product?Correct Answer Adoption Multiple Choice Multiple Answer Question Reasons for extending a brand are:-Correct Answer Adds to image , To defend a brand at risk , InnovationMultiple Choice Single Answer Question It is the value of the brand over and above its commodity value :-Correct Answer Brand equity Multiple Choice Single Answer Question It is a common element that sends a single message amid the wide variety of itsproducts, actions and slogans :-Correct Answer Brand identity Multiple Choice Multiple Answer Question Inseparability of services are described and interpreted differently by differentworkers due to :-Correct Answer As they require customer participation in production process. ,Performance can not be separated from performers. , Person/ equipment can not be separated/stored.Select The BlankQuestion Nature of service quality is ________.Correct Answer Multi dimensional Multiple Choice Multiple Answer Question Reasons for customers to buy from virtual stores are :-Correct Answer Convenience , Broad selection , Better pricesMultiple Choice Single Answer Question The type of facility based failures that are most likely to occur is:-Correct Answer Cleanliness issue True/FalseQuestion In service development of new tangible products it involves construction of product prototypes & testing for consumer acceptance.Correct Answer TrueMultiple Choice Single Answer Question This phenomenon is inherent in the luxury goods sector :-Correct Answer Brand Extension Select The BlankQuestion One of the greatest benefits of blue printing is ________.
Correct Answer Education Multiple Choice Multiple Answer Question People are emotionally connected to a brand for following reasons:-Correct Answer Admirable brand , Intense brand , Unique brandSelect The BlankQuestion Service employees basically perform ________ functions.Correct Answer Marketing (chapter-10) Multiple Choice Multiple Answer Question Service skills and interactive training is required for:-Correct Answer Managers , Supporting the staff , Front line employeeMultiple Choice Multiple Answer Question Communities can be created offline through which of the following techniques?Correct Answer Community based grass root events , Customer contests , MembershiporganisationsMultiple Choice Multiple Answer Question Key elements of 'NPV of future earnings ' model are:-Correct Answer Financial forecasting , Role of branding , Brand riskTrue/FalseQuestion For a retailer, brand is a means and not a necessity.Correct Answer True Select The BlankQuestion ________ is the focal point around which an organisation defines how it willuniquely deliver value to the customer for a point.Correct Answer Brand Select The BlankQuestion Creating ________ is the ultimate objective behind building a brand.Correct Answer ApostlesMultiple Choice Single Answer Question It describes a product or an item that is actually a brand name but has nowbecome a part of our standard vocabularyCorrect Answer Generic name Multiple Choice Single Answer Question Many service firms offer their customers variety of :-Correct Answer Service related activities. Multiple Choice Single Answer Question All marketing activities are essential for :-Correct Answer Building and maintaining relationships with customers. Multiple Choice Single Answer Question Which of the following is the characteristic of goods?Correct Answer Inventoried. Multiple Choice Multiple Answer Question Value of a brand is a function of which two factors?Correct Answer Earnings , Strength

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