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Ryerson May 2013 news

Ryerson May 2013 news

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Published by Gill_Ville
School Newsletter
School Newsletter

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Published by: Gill_Ville on May 14, 2013
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Attendance Line: 519-570-8123 X 3726 School Line 519-653-5532
Principal: Mrs. Deb Duncan Peacock VP: Mrs. Beverlie Stewart Office Manger: Mrs. Wendy KnowlesSchool Council President: Mrs. Amy Willard-Brown
Principal’s Message 
It has been a fast-paced April and it looks like wewill have many exciting events to share as we moveinto May and June. Families will be hearing all of the dates very soon regarding end of year trips andother school-wide activities.There were many very successful school-wideevents during the month April. Please take amoment to peruse the Newsletter to hear about our Talent Show, Craft and Bake Sale and MusicMonday! During the month of May, watch for more information about Jump Rope for Heart andour Volunteer Breakfast. Many thanks in advanceto our staff and School Council for their on-goingsupport of extra-curricular and community events atRyerson!As families get involved in the busy activities of spring and early summer, we encourage families tomaintain those very important bedtime routines sothat children can arrive on time, ready to learn.Enjoy the beautiful spring weather withopportunities to play, rest and learn together!
Special Dates
May 9 School CouncilMay 10 Character Education AssemblyMay 20 Victoria Day
No schoolMay 23 Volunteer BreakfastMay 24 Jump Rope for HeartMay 27, 29 Junior EQAO testingand June 3May 30 Kindergarten Information night@ 6:00 pmMay 31 PD Day
no schoolJune 4, 5, 6 Primary EQAO testingJune 13 Family Picnic and Science Event
May 2013
Ryerson P.S. 749 Grand Valley Drive
You are invited!Family Barbecue and Science EventJune 13, 2013, 5:00-8:00 PMat Ryerson School
Ryerson School Council will be hosting an evening of family entertainment onJune 13. Food and drinks will be available to be purchased. A flyer will go homelater in May detailing the food choices. After enjoying an outdoor picnic, familieswill be invited into the school to participate in a variety of hands-on science
activities planned and presented by the University of Waterloo’
s SQR team.Save the date, participate and enjoy the fun!
Character Education at Ryerson
The Character Education Key for themonth of April was
This is it
! This is It!means making the most of each momentand telling yourself "just do it" evenwhen it may not be something you like todo. The Students of the Month voted for the key of 
This Is It!
Mrs. Haefling & Mrs. Shergill - Zander H.
Mrs. Fowler & Mrs. Warburton - Lucas S.
Mrs. Edgell & Mrs. Sanderson - Aoun W.
Ms Munroe & Mrs. Gute - Aboodi S.
Ms Campbell & Ms Hodgson - Santoshi N.
Mrs. Kewley - Alice B.
Mrs. van Rees - Ainn W.
M. Hoyte - Lance M.
Mrs. McKinnon - Sarah E.
Mrs. Smith - Nadia A.
Mrs. Kiefer-Cox - Sharjeel A.
Miss McMullen - Quinlan E-S.
Miss A. Bates - Catherine K.
Mme Claus - Rohin S. & Jessica L.
Mrs. Piraino-Crandon - Vishvan K.
Ms Roberts - Nathan V.
Mrs. Roberge - Saif A.
Miss L. Bates - Angela J.
Mr. Grant - Susan T.
Miss Nichol - Alycia B.
Ms Gill - Andrew R.
The Focus Key for May is
which is beingwilling to change and try new things.
Music Monday
Since 2005, students, teachers,educators and musicians havecelebrated the importance of musiceducation on the first Monday inMay. This year, students learned aspecial Music Monday song calledI.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing), composed byCanadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield and CanadianMusician Ed Robertson. Students at Ryerson wereexcited to be part of the first song ever performedtogether on Earth and Space. Students have learnedmany things about life in space from Chris
Hadfield’s communications on blogs,
twitter andvideos. Many website links can be found on the
“Classroom Links” page on Miss Bean’s webpage.
 On Music Monday, May 6, students watched a livewebcast concert between The Ontario ScienceCentre and the International Space Station. At1 p.m., Ryerson joined students from acrossCanada, Chris Hadfield and Ed Robertson in a livesong performance of I.S.S. What an exciting eventto celebrate the importance of music in our lives!
Jump Rope for Heart
Ryerson's Jump Rope for Heart Daytakes place on May 24th. Students will bring home pledge forms on May 10th.Jump Rope is a great way to inspirestudents about a healthy lifestyle andsocial responsibility. All participating students areHeart Heroes.Did you know that only 7% of Canadian childrenand youth are meeting the daily recommendation of 60 minutes of physical activity? Every child has theright to grow up healthy. This is one way for us toachieve this goal.Here's how the money raised can help:
$5 can help buy lab equipment like testtubes to use in lifesaving research
$40 can support the delivery of a CPR training course in local schools to teachchildren lifesaving skills.
$65 helps support the training of teacherswith information on children's physicalactivity
$150 helps a researcher learn why early lifechoices lead to childhood obesity and illness
$500 can help teach ten families how to save
a life with a CPR Anytime™ kit.
 We hope you will support this worthy cause. For more information, visit: JumpRopeForHeart.ca
Volunteer Breakfast
Calling all volunteers! We hope that all family andcommunity members who take time to volunteer inour school will come to our Volunteer Breakfast to be held on
Thursday, May 23
at 8:00 AM.
Wetruly appreciate all of the support and assistance provided by our volunteers and hope that this smallcelebration will give us the opportunity to expressour thanks. An open invitation has been sent outwith all of our students. We hope all volunteerswill RSVP and join us! Many thanks to our manystaff volunteers for their efforts to organize thisimportant event.
Soccer Skills Camp
The junior students at Ryerson areenjoying an intramural Soccer SkillsCamp, organized by Mrs. P-C, for themonth of May. Girls and boys havetheir own teams (Barcelona, Bayern,Manchester United and Juventus).They use skill-based play to improve their soccer 
abilities, learn good sport’s attitudes and compete in a
fun and fast-paced atmosphere. The finale includesseveral competitions, including the Right to PlayChallenge, where athletes need to make a soccer ballfrom scratch (using recyclables) that feels and plays likea real soccer ball.GOOD LUCK TO ALL PARTICIPANTS!
Primary and Junior Assessments (EQAO)
On Monday, May 27
, Wed., May 29
and Monday,June 3
, Grade 6 students will be participating in theProvincial Junior Assessment of Reading, Writing andMathematics. The Grade 3 students will participatefrom Tuesday, June 5th to Thursday, June 7th. Thecontent of the assessment covers the cumulativeknowledge of students learning throughout the primaryand junior grades and is based on the OntarioCurriculum in Language and Mathematics. If at all possible, please do not book appointments or other out-of-school activities for your Grade 3 or Grade 6 childrenduring this time. We thank you in advance for your support and understanding.If you would like further information about the EQAOassessments feel free to visit the EQAO website
Families of JK students
registered in our allday, every day Kindergarten Program for 2013-14are invited to an information meeting on
Thursday,May 30th, at 6:00 PM.
Watch for remindersforwarded in the mail! All who attend will participate in a variety of Kindergarten activitiesand receive a bag of resources. We look forward towelcoming our new Kindies to our Ryersoncommunity.
Staff Learning Teams
Our school Learning Goal at Ryerson in2012-13 has been to
“improve students’
 ability to communicate their thinking in
During the second term, several teacher teamshave been meeting with a focus onmathematics instruction. Our Kindergartenteam has explored meaningful ways tointegrate math learning into classroomlearning centres. They have also explored andimplemented small group lessons to further mathematical understanding with identified
children. Classroom teachers and ECE’s have
met together to plan math focused learningcentres and small group lessons. They havevisited four of our classrooms to observe andrecord math learning in action. They haveused their shared observations to create smallgroup learning opportunities.We have all learned so muchabout math learning andstudent engagement throughour focused conversationsand visits.Our Grade 1/ 2 and 4 /5 teams have also beenmeeting. They have met for a half day todetermine a math strand focus and develop aninstructional plan. They have then identifiedtwo classrooms to visit. During the visit daythe teams look at student work from the day before to help plan the problem-solving basedlesson for the day. They then go into theclassroom to implement or observe the lessonand carefully note the student learning. After the observed lesson, the teachers take thestudent work away to be assessedcollaboratively. Work is examined and afollow-up lesson planned that will usesamples of the student work to highlight thestrategies used by students and model nextsteps. What amazing collaboration and sharedlearning!!More information on the 3-part math lessonused in this process can be accessed on theMinistry Website. Check out:

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