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Alabama Senate Joint Resolution 25

Alabama Senate Joint Resolution 25

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Alabama Senate Joint Resolution 25
Alabama Senate Joint Resolution 25

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Published by: Kelly Caldwell Kazek on May 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1SJR252147775-13By Senators Scofield, Allen, Beasley, Beason, Bedford,4Blackwell, Brewbaker, Bussman, Coleman, Dial, Dunn, Fielding,5Figures, Glover, Holley, Holtzclaw, Irons, Keahey, Marsh,6McGill, Orr, Pittman, Reed, Ross, Sanders, Sanford, Singleton,7Smith, Smitherman, Taylor, Waggoner, Ward, Whatley and8Williams9RFD:10First Read: 14-FEB-13Page 0
1147775-1:n:01/31/2013:DSM/tj LRS2013-5202345678EXPRESSING SUPPORT FOR AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS WHO9PRODUCE WORKS OF FICTION SET IN REAL ALABAMA TOURISM10ATTRACTIONS.1112WHEREAS, tourism helps to create and sustain jobs in13the economy of the State of Alabama, helps to stimulate local14economies through consumer spending, and generates tax15revenues for municipal, local, and state government programs;16and17WHEREAS, consumer spending represents a critical18percentage of the state economy and job base and 70 percent of19the national economy; and20WHEREAS, recent federal tax increases will have a21dampening impact on Alabama's economy and consumer spending22levels, requiring some type of method to increase consumer23spending to avoid a negative impact on economic growth; and24WHEREAS, new marketing and technological advances in25publishing allow readers to instantly learn about real tourism26attractions within the stories they read if writers andPage 1
1publishers connect them through informational guides and2links; and3WHEREAS, readers tend to connect emotionally with4frictional characters and the places in which those characters5interact, creating a significant but largely untapped6potential for boosting tourism around the state in an entirely7new and effective way through the private sector fiction8publishing market; and9WHEREAS, nationally, few publishers or writers have10taken advantage of or applied this new marketing technology to11tourism fiction; and12WHEREAS, the Southeastern Literary Tourism13Initiative, an Alabama project, has provided working models14for tourism fiction projects that could be used by many15writers, publishers, and municipal and county governments; now16therefore,17BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, BOTH18HOUSES THEREOF CONCURRING, That the Alabama Senate:19(1) Invites authors and publishers to consider using20real Alabama tourism attractions as settings for fictional21stories and novels, thereby boosting the state economy.22(2) Expresses support for those private sector23writers and publishers who produce tourism fiction projects24set in real Alabama tourism attractions.25(3) Encourages municipal, county, regional, and26state governments to develop ways and means to attract authorsPage 2

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