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Sun Dance

Sun Dance

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Published by Jess F
"Jasper hadn’t said the exact words ‘we might die’, but I knew that they were coming. I didn’t have to be told."

It's All Happening Again - the running, the screaming, the fear. But this time, there looks like there's no way out.

There's No Such Thing As A Happy Ending, Dollface. At Least Not With Those Wings

Copyright Jessica Folley 2009
"Jasper hadn’t said the exact words ‘we might die’, but I knew that they were coming. I didn’t have to be told."

It's All Happening Again - the running, the screaming, the fear. But this time, there looks like there's no way out.

There's No Such Thing As A Happy Ending, Dollface. At Least Not With Those Wings

Copyright Jessica Folley 2009

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Published by: Jess F on Apr 12, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Sun Dance by Jessica Folley
Sun Dance by Jessica Folley
Chapter One
\u201cMa petite voiture.\u201d I said it out loud and proud as I circled my tiny little Vauxhall and
climbed in the drivers side.
It was one of many new things to my life. For starters, I had passed my driving
test over the summer. A hectic summer, one of which I was never planning to survive.

With the attack of the Others mixed with the potential loss of Jasper, kidnappings,
things going missing and general family issues, like my choice of not going to college, I
was planning to be either killed by
a) my Dad due to my choice of rejecting college,
b) Petunia and the Others in their desperate bid to get the Orb of Twilight. An Orb so
powerful that it controlled the moon, bla bla bla. Another fairytale that turned out to be
true in my life. And then option
c) losing Jasper. If I\u2019d have lost him, then I couldn\u2019t be here today. Not wouldn\u2019t,
couldn\u2019t. If I\u2019d have lost him when I first showed him what I was, then I\u2019d have died of
heartbreak. Time would have healed me, even if it were to be incredibly slowly, even if I
weren\u2019t healed completely. After all, I had forever. If the Others were to have killed him,
then I\u2019d have followed behind. Any amount of time away from him was painful, and
there seemed to be no rational explanation for my feelings towards him.

And this was only the supposed beginning of my life as a fairy. I had been kept in
the dark until shortly before my 17th birthday. Apparently, I had been the child they
thought wouldn\u2019t handle it very well, and, as expected, I didn\u2019t. I immediately felt the
need to tell Jasper, something which then led to more trouble. Because he knew, and the
Others knew what a strong bond I had with him, they kidnapped him. It was a hard time
in my life for me, and I hoped that it was now over.

I also learned, after escaping Brazil alive, that Jasper was something just a little
bit out of the ordinary. His family doesn\u2019t know themselves what they are, but they are
different. Super strength mixed in with the sixth sense, super speed, being able to hear
heartbeats as well as the ability to vanish and reappear at free will is pretty damn special,
and way more impressive than being able to sprout wings and say a few little

The final thing I learnt that summer, was that being a fairy was not easy what so
ever. Stuff flowers. There was more action involved than a kung-fu movie, and it was
tiresome. I looked forward to kicking back with ma petite voiture and Jasper. Everything
was at a calm, and I could be normal again. No more need to ever get those wings out.

I couldn\u2019t wait to watch the dust collect on them.

I was smiling manically all the way home from work. I hated the job, it was more
like slave labour. Low pay and high working hours. I really did live on tips. Plus the
commute was a pain. The caf\u00e9 I now worked in was shoved in the centre of Hemel
Hempstead, and the traffic was usually thick and irritating. My boss was a small wiry
man who had nothing better to do with his time than to shout at us. He was not a
motivator, and I was surprised that I\u2019d managed to last the two weeks I\u2019d been working
there, let alone still planning to go next week. I usually came home smelling of bacon fat,
and being dead on my feet. I lived for the weekends. Two days I could spend with the
people who mattered most. My Dad wasn\u2019t entirely supportive of this plan, but he was

Sun Dance by Jessica Folley
glad that I wasn\u2019t running off with Jasper straight away.
He\u2019d rather that I came home from head to toe in cow poo than do that, however
much respect he now had for him.

My Mum, on the other hand, was just happy to see that I was happy. As long as I
came home with a smile on my face, she was fine with whatever I did. And so was Jasper.
Except that he didn\u2019t like me going home to my family. He wanted me to go home to

I did always go and see him after work, or he came to see me, but it was never
enough. My Dad didn\u2019t want me to move out, nor did my Mum, but I did need more
space and less restrictions. I just wasn\u2019t sure I was ready to give into Jasper\u2019s demands. I
had decided myself that I was going to wait until after Christmas before I make any big
decisions. Then it would have looked like I\u2019d put some sort of thought into it, even
though I knew that I would move in with him anyway. I didn\u2019t want to do it, but I didn\u2019t
want to upset him.

As the engine rattled into life, I turned up the volume on my CD player. The low autumn sun bounced off of the red bonnet of my car, highlighting yet another dent in it. It had only cost a couple of hundred quid, but it moved and played music, so I was a happy bunny.

Surprisingly, for a Friday night, the traffic was rather thin. I managed to speed
home within forty minutes, gaining enough distance between myself and work to relax.
Two whole days to do whatever I pleased, to be with whoever I wanted to be with, before
I had to go back to slavery, and I was never going to complain about that.

I pulled into Jasper\u2019s driveway just as the sun finally sunk beneath the horizon. Half of the trees down the narrow lanes were part bare, and the floor was almost always damp. It rained heavily at night time, but very rarely during the day, and for that I was grateful. However much I loved the rain, I still wasn\u2019t a very confident driver.

You could tell I was expected. I didn\u2019t need to open my door- Jasper was already
there waiting to pull me out into his warm embrace. He pulled me out of the car and
scooped me up into one arm, using the other to remove the key from the ignition. He
kicked the door shut as he kissed my lips briefly. Then, as always on a Friday, he carried
me in through the door of his parent\u2019s house and dumped me on the sofa, his smile broad
and life threatening - in the sense that it stopped my heart to the extent where it nearly
refused to beat again.

\u201cHey, stranger.\u201d I beamed. I loved our little private jokes. The sort of things you
never got the time to build in a relationship when you were darting to the other side of the
world and stuff like that.

\u201cWhy, howdy, Missus. And what\u2019s a pretty young\u2019un like you doin\u2019 round these
here parts?\u201d He pretended to tip up his cowboy hat. He stared down at me, intensely,
setting thousands of butterflies free around my tummy.

The grass is always greener on the other side. With Jasper, that is always true. In the bad times, his eyes were green, but dull, hopeless. Now they were bright, lively and even more captivating. I could just sit there all day and gaze. I wouldn\u2019t need food or drink or anything, just looking at him would do that for me.

I forced myself right to the back of the sofa and patted the empty space in front of me. He shook his head before putting his hands on my back and sliding me forward and then jumped into the small gap he had created. He kissed my neck as he reached for the


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