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Paulding County Graduates

Paulding County Graduates

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Published by PauldingProgress

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Published by: PauldingProgress on May 15, 2013
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Nick Clippinger
Paulding High School
Born: November 25, 1994Parent: Penny ClippingerGrandparents: Larry & Cindy Grace, Bob & Ruth Riley
 Audrey Marie Greear
Wayne Trace High School
Born: June 19, 1995Parents: Rick and Donna GreearGrandparents: Don and Rita Collis,Kenny and Sandy Cluts, Gary Greear
 Courtney Danielle Seffernick
Wayne Trace High School
Born: May 14, 1995Parents: Jeanne Seffernick, Mark & Tina SeffernickGrandparents: John & Sue Guyton,Steve & Linda Seffernick
 Jacob Luderman
Paulding High School
Born: July 11, 1995Parents: Randy & Michelle LudermanGrandparents: Ed & Reba Luderman,Dan & Wanda Schlosser
Mikayla R. Pieper
Paulding High School
Born: January 12, 1995Parents: Jeff & Anne PieperGrandparents: Donna & the late Oscar Pieper,George & the late Helen Kelly
 Courtney St. John
Paulding High School
Born: September 15, 1994Parents: Scott & Carmen St. JohnGrandparents: Russell & Betty St. John andMike & Mary Nieto
Wednesday, May 15, 2013 Paulding Progress Baby to Grad - 1B
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 Sarah Marie Nardone
Paulding High School
Born: December 1, 1994Parents: Shannon & Alyssa NardoneGrandparents: Gary & Carol Sufridge,Dave & Sharon Dominique
 Savannah Roughton
Paulding High School
Born: September 23, 1994Parent: Eric & Shelly RoughtonGrandparents: Carolyn Roughton, Fran & RogerFlorence, Rollin Roughton & Tom Kieffer both deceased
 Avrial (Bug) Sawyer
Antwerp High School
Born: July 9, 1995Parent: Nancy SawyerGrandparents: Charles & Judith Sawyer
 Austin Drake Miller
Paulding High School
Born: June 23, 1995Parents: Michael J. and Tara MillerGrandparents: Diane Rinebolt, Sandy and Sonny Holman,David Rinebolt, Terry and Judy Miller
 Ashley Ellen Marie Guelde
Paulding High School/Vantage
Born: January 10, 1995Parents: Les Guelde - Cindy YoungkerGrandparents: Herm & Jean Guelde, Connie Pritchett
 Chelsea Critchfield 
Wayne Trace High School
Born: October 20, 1994Parents: Robin & Tom McCord, Rick & Angie CritchfieldGrandparents: Linda & the late Lanny Critchfield, Robert& Paula Hartsock, Cynthia & Robert McComb
Marcella Doan
Wayne Trace High School
Born: September 2, 1994Parents: Paul & Lanette Doan
 Jackson Adkins
Paulding High School
Born: January 14, 1995Parents: Gary & Annette AdkinsGrandparents: Margaret & the late Gerald Williamson &Wayne & Beulah Adkins
 Breanna Bland 
Flowery Brach, Georgia
Born: November 23, 1994Parents: Rob & Suzanne BlandGrandparents: Robert E. Bland & Shirley McCreery
Destiny Starry
Paulding High School
Born: February 25, 1994Parents: John & Angie HeadGrandparents: Penny & Joy Kidd, the late Doug Roddy,Lois Head & the late Ralph Head
Nick Bragg
Antwerp High School
Born: July 15, 1994Parents: Doug and Lisa BraggGrandparents: Cliff & Linda Bragg,Michael & Carolyn Nelms
 Krystal Wannemacher
Wayne Trace High School
Born: April 1, 1995Parents:Tom & LouAnn WannemacherGrandparents:Richard & Janis Nickols,Richard & the late Mildred Wannemacher
 Braeden William Hormann
Antwerp High School
Born: November 15, 1994Parents: Jason & Kelly HormannGrandparents: Larry & Liz Hormann,Oley McMichael & Elaine Stopher
 Kaitlin Marie Lantow
Wayne Trace High School
Born: June 26, 1995Parents: Chad & Kris LantowGrandparents: the late Bill & Charlotte Russell, the lateTom Lantow, the late Arnold & the late Marth Begley
 Kelly Nicole Colley
Paulding High School
Born: December 6, 1993Parents: John Colley & the late Wava ColleyGrandparents: MaryLou Colley & late Jack Colley,Paul Hill & the late Margie Hill
Nick McClain
Wayne Trace High School
Parents: Mike and JJ McClainGrandparents: the late Slim and Nadina McClain andChuck and Diane Dobbins
 Jorddan Stantton Childs
Wayne Trace High School/Vantage
Born: June 11, 1995Parents: Bill & Julie ChildsGrandparents: Judy & Steve Reznikov, Myles & CarolParsons, the late William (Shorty) & Pearl (Pete) Childs
 Kara Marie Burak
Paulding High School
Born: January 22, 1995Parents: Andrea Klopfenstein, Joshua BurakGrandparents: late Norma & Albert Rutecki, William Burak,Shirley Burak, Keith & Joanne Klopfenstein
2B - Paulding Progress Baby to Grad Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Wednesday, May 15, 2013 Paulding Progress Baby to Grad - 3B
 Steven Strayer
Paulding High School
Born: August 10, 1994Parents: Mat and Suzy StrayerGrandparents: Don and Kay Heringhaus,the late Don and Wilma Strayer
 Eryn Watson
Vantage Career Center
Born: August 9, 1995Parents: Denise & Den Arend, Tony & Diana WatsonGrandparents: Don & Linda Teusch, Russ & Mary Arend,Ben & Linda Watson
Nickolas Earl McClain
Wayne Trace High School
Born: December 20, 1994Parents: Tim & Lisa DunlapGrandparents: Joyce and the late Richard (Dick) Barrand
 Cade M. Harvey
Wayne Trace High School
Born: March 29, 1995Parents: Dan & Kari Hake & Matt & Tisha HarveyGrandparents: Jack & Dab Payton, the late CarolynSwann & Bob Swann, Kathy Payton, Bob & Rita Hake
 Sydney LeeAnn Early
Paulding High School
Born: June 16, 1994Parent: the late Cheryl Early (Roughton) & Bobby EarlyGrandparents: the late Pearl & Bill Early, the late Rollin,Carolyn Roughton
 Zachary Allen Eugene Mansfield 
Wayne Trace High School
Born: January 17, 1995Parents: Kim Mansfiled & Stan MansfieldGrandparents: Opalean Sherry, the late Richard Sherry,Bruce & Marla Mansfield, Sharon & Angel Flores
 Alexander L. Thatcher
Talles Career Center
Born: June 1, 1994Parents: Sharon & Carl Reynolds, Darin Thatcher dec.Grandparents: Carline Goodwin, David Springfiled, dec,Don & Donna Thatcher,
Trin & Caralyn Rios, A.G. & Jean Reynolds
 Emily Kathleen Whitman
Wayne Trace High School
Born: September 16, 1994Parents: Bruce and Kara WhitmanGrandparents:Larry & Shaaron Whitman,Ron & the late Marilyn Etzler
 Rylee Noelle Zartman
Wayne Traqce High School
Born: November 7, 1994
Parents: Andrew and Jennifer ZartmanGrandparents: Rick and Nancy Mabis, Terry and Margie Zartman,Kenneth Siders
10 ways freshmen can prepare for college
1035 West Wayne St. ~ Paulding, OH 45879419-399-4080 ~ 800-741-1743www.pauldingcountyhospital.com
Class of 2013Congratulations on your graduation.
Family Health Day at Paulding County Hospital  June 8, 2013- 7:30am - 11:00am
Watch the paper for more information., or visit our website @www.pauldingcountyhospital.com
CongratulationsClass of 
The OSU Extension Office and the4-H Advisory Council of Paulding County wouldlike to Congratulate the2013 Graduate
Adam NuestElizabeth YoungEmma SchmidtJacob RoopJared EklundKara Burak
OSU Extension – Paulding County
503 Fairground Drive, Paulding, OH 45879
Luke SpanglerMaggie Wilhel
mSabrina RinglerSarah NickolsZachary Proctor
increase my loans, which helped takecare of tuition. Financial Aid officescan also help direct you toward possi- ble grants and scholarships that youmay be eligible for. Bug them asmuch as you have to if you need extrahelp.3. Apply for all the Scholarshipsyou can. I made the mistake of notdoing this. I saw that FAFSA said Iwas going to get financial aid to cover my college costs, therefore I said no toscholarship applications and did noth-ing, which only put me into debt (youhave to love those student loans).Don't ignore the chance to get freemoney; it could save you thousands inthe future. You can also find scholar-ship opportunities online.Fastweb.com is a popular place tosearch.4. If you plan to live on campus,reserve a room early! I can't tell youhow many times I've heard collegestudents stay they waited until the lastminute to send in room depositmoney, only to be stuck with a personthey cannot stand, the worst room inthe building and so on. Fill out anapplication early, and send it in, espe-cially if you are considering roomingtogether with a friend. This will defi-nitely ensure your chances of gettingthe roommate you want.5. Work some type of summer job.College can get expensive, even if allof your tuition costs are covered. Youhave books to buy, supplies to buy,not to mention food and other itemsyou'll want. No one wants to stay inwhile the others go out for dinner together. Even if you baby sit, writefor Associated Content, or do randomodd jobs, work! You will thank me for this advice later.6. Open a checking account. Noone wants to carry around a few hun-dred dollars in cash while on campus.Theft, regardless of what campussecurity says, or what you hear, is avery common occurrence. A check-ing's account with a check card willreally come in handy. That will allowyou to withdraw money from ATMmachines, pay for purchases at moststores, and will be a lot harder for peo- ple to use if stolen. Checks will alsocome in handy if you need to pur-chase books, or other items which willgive you a bit of extra time to depositmoney into your account if you needit. It will also be easier for parents tohelp give you cash if you need it.7. Start Shopping for SchoolSupplies early. This goes for every-thing that you'll be buying for college,from a fridge, to microwaves, to other large appliances. I've noticed thatright around the time schools are afew weeks away from starting, thingsstart flying off the shelves, and somestudents return to school empty hand-ed. To see what you can and can'thave in your dorm room, check your school's website, or refer to your resi-dent hall information book. Either of these should state completely whatyou can and cannot have in your room. I suggest you follow it careful-ly. If you are having a hard timeaffording these purchases, sometimes,relatives will be more than happy tohelp you out. Most graduating highschool students will receive casharound graduation time. Put these togood use. Don't waste it.8. Buy your books online (througha friend, etc) to save yourself loads of trouble. Books cost a lot. College stu-dents will tell you these are the worstthings that you have to buy. There aresome pretty basic rules to buyingcheaper books. First, buy used.Second, buy them early online.Several sites will sell used and newcollege textbooks for cheaper thanschool bookstores. And third, buythem from someone else. I've dealtwith students whom had the sameclass before me that was looking tosell their textbooks. They sold the books to me for the price the book-store would have given them at buy- back time. I saved almost 50% buydealing with students instead of book-stores. Ask around, you will almostalways find someone looking to getrid of books.9. Contact your roommate onceyou know who they are. By doingthis, you can save yourself a few problems. First, you'll find out a lotabout your roommate through some-thing such as a simple phone call.Some schools are now using emailaddress and IM names for roommatecontact information. Talking to your roommate now will help you deter-mine your likes and dislikes and your habits. Some people are night owls;others are up at the crack of dawn. Toavoid certain conflicts, fill out your roommate application honestly. Lyingwill only hurt you, as you are the onethat has to live with a roommate youcannot stand. However, conflicts cansometimes be solved with simpleroom changes. Some colleges imple-ment a friendly move day, where stu-dents can exchange rooms for other rooms where they are more comfort-able. If you cannot make it work,switch rooms.10. Visit the campus and surround-ing town before move in day. Notknowing how to get to school and notYAHOO - Every year, thousandsof students and parents begin to pre-pare for college. It seems there are noset rules for this preparation. Everyfamily decides to prepare is differentways, and sometimes, those wayseither help or hinder the family intheir transition from high school stu-dent to college student. Regardless of how many people tell you it's not astruggle, it is, it's one of the moststressful times in a family's life.During this struggle, many familiesmake mistakes; mostly because theydon't have the help needed to knowwhat tasks should be completed tosmoothly enter this new world.Guidance counselors offer only littlehelp, usually only in the way of finan-cial aid, and sometimes, even findingadequate help in that department canbe like pulling teeth.1. Apply for Financial Aid Early!All colleges require you to fill out afinancial aid application by the nameof FAFSA. This application willdetermine how much aid you are ableto get for one school year. Each year anew application can be filled out start-ing on January 1st. It's a rather lengthyapplication and requires a pin number.This pin number is how you will elec-tronically sign the application. Keepthe pin in a safe place. If you are adependent student, or the parent of adependent student, you will need tohave a pin number for both parties.The FAFSA requires tax informationon how much the student earned thelast tax year, and how much the parentearned last tax year. The applicationalso includes several other questionson various topics. This will help deter-mine your eligibility for loans, grants,work study and other federal aid. Youshould file this before March 1st.Keep your pin number in a safe placebecause this number will be used eachyear you fill out a financial aid appli-cation, which means, every year thatyou are in college. If you lose your pin, you can recieve another by fillingout a new pin request form on theFAFSA website.2. Communicate with your schoolsFinancial Aid Office for Conflicts. Ihave found that schools try and giveout the least amount of financial aidpossible. My first year, my FAFSAapplication said I didn't have to pay asingle dime; several weeks later, Ireceived a letter from my school say-ing I owed over $2,000, and that was$2,000 I did not have. I had to work double time to try and find ways topay off this amount of money that Iknew I could not. Eventually, after calling the school, I was able toknowing where your dorm is cancause a lot of stress on move in day.Pick a weekend and visit the campusand town. Many schools offer campustours at many times during the year.Schedule a day to visit and spend theday visiting shops, restaurants andother locations that may come up dur-ing your college year. This way, you'llat least have an idea as to where youare going, and you'll know where togo when you get there. This will helpyou move in successfully and lessstressfully.If I had thought about most of theabove tips before my first year of col-lege, I know my transition wouldhave been smoother and I would have been more prepared for college life. Iknow that my anxiety levels aboutstarting anew would have been less if only I had followed the above tips. Ihope I have helped relieve your anxi-ety about starting your freshman year of college.

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