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Canadian Youth Stands Up to Modern Slave Trade – Not For Sale: End Human Trafficking and Slavery

Canadian Youth Stands Up to Modern Slave Trade – Not For Sale: End Human Trafficking and Slavery

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Published by bgeller4936
child and adult trafficking and slavery in Africa
child and adult trafficking and slavery in Africa

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Published by: bgeller4936 on May 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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12-01-25 3:56 PMCanadian Youth Stands Up to Modern Slave Trade – Not For Sale: End Human Trafficking and SlaveryPage 1 of 4http://www.notforsalecampaign.org/news/2011/02/01/canadian-youth-stands-up-to-modern-slave-trade/
NFS News
Uses Smart Activism to Identify 45 Human Trafficking Victims in SouthAfrica
 by Jade Batstone, TIP Press JournalistSaskia Wishart represents many passionateyouth who want to make a change in theworld today. A unique academy in San Fran-cisco equipped the 22-year-old Canadian withthe tools to combat social problems – toolsthat she used to help South African authoritiesput 10 traffickers behind bars.Not For Sale (NFS) is a San Francisco-basednon-profit focused on the more than 30 mil-lion people around the globe who live in bondage and forced labor. In January 2010Wishart attended NFS’s Investigator Academy, where she received hands-on trainingsessions with experts in the field of human trafficking to work with partners such aslaw enforcement, service providers, and legal teams. At the end of the intensiveweeklong course, Saskia and her fellow students were certified as “Abolitionists,”leaving the Academy prepared to combat modern-day slavery in their owncommunities.Rather than return to her native Canada, Wishart set her sights on a trafficking hubacross the Atlantic.The U.S State Department’s 2010 Trafficking in Person’s report declares that SouthAfrica is a source, transit, and destination country for the trafficking of persons, espe-cially children. Local criminal rings and trafficking syndicates send recruiters to poor,rural areas. Posing as employment agents, the traffickers lure young boys and girls tourban centers like Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban for the purpose of forcedprostitution or involuntary domestic servitude. These victims are also increasinglyused in the sex tourism industry, for which South Africa is becoming a popular desti-nation country.The 2010 FIFA World Cup turned a spotlight on South Africa, yet despite the flood of 
12-01-25 3:56 PMCanadian Youth Stands Up to Modern Slave Trade – Not For Sale: End Human Trafficking and SlaveryPage 2 of 4http://www.notforsalecampaign.org/news/2011/02/01/canadian-youth-stands-up-to-modern-slave-trade/
world attention, the country’s endemic human trafficking problem remains largely inthe shadows. Wishart led a group of NFS advocates that used the media-frenziedevents surrounding the tournament as a platform to kick-start a campaign to bringglobal awareness to South Africa’s slavery epidemic.Distributing symbolic ‘red cards’ on the streets of  Johannesburg, NFS called child slavery “the ultimate of-fense against humanity.” Over the course of the tourna-ment Wishart and her team distributed over 25,000 of these cards containing facts and statistics about traffickingin South Africa.Even as fans packed up their vuvuzelas, Saskia’s work inSouth Africa was just beginning. She spearheaded a NFSeffort to partner with local law enforcement agents to iden-tify victims of trafficking and help to find shelter and after-care following rescues.“We are one of few non-governmental organization’s that Cape Town’s special forcesare willing to partner with, and this will lead to the ongoing emancipation of traffick-ing victims through Not For Sale,” Wishart says.She explains that South Africa formed an organized crime unit in 2010 to investigatehuman trafficking in South Africa. “The Hawks,” as this authority is called, often en-counter victims of trafficking, but are not trained in identifying these victims or inconnecting them to service providers.Enter Not For Sale, who employ a model of ‘smart activism’ to provide enforcementagents with red flag areas for human trafficking they glean from communitynetworking, local classified ads and online forums. Wishart and her colleagues atNFS educate law enforcement so that they will be able to recognize instances of traf-ficking when they come across them.But Not For Sale is not trying to play cop. “We want to collaborate with law enforce-ment and assist them to the best of our ability where we are needed,” says Wishart.“We do not wish to do their job; because of the dangerous nature of anti-trafficking,we wish to keep as much of a back seat as we can in uncovering trafficking rings,”she explains.
12-01-25 3:56 PMCanadian Youth Stands Up to Modern Slave Trade – Not For Sale: End Human Trafficking and SlaveryPage 3 of 4http://www.notforsalecampaign.org/news/2011/02/01/canadian-youth-stands-up-to-modern-slave-trade/
Not For Sale’s behind-the-scenes role assisted Cape Town’s crime unit to identify 45human trafficking victims in 2010 as well as 14 traffickers. Of the victims, all were fe-male and a third were under the age of 20.Elizabeth was one such victim.Elizabeth was walking home from church in her native Zimbabwe when a man driv-ing a fancy BMW pulled up beside her. He offered her and several of her friends a jobworking in a hotel near the border. “He had all these nice things, and I wantedspending money and nice things too,” Elizabeth remembers.Elizabeth and her friends jumped in the car with the well-dressed man, who took them to the hotel and for three says treated them to nice meals, alcoholic beverages,and shopping trips (supposedly so that they would have nice clothes for their jobinterviews.) The third night the girls were drugged, and the next thing Elizabeth re-calls is waking up in the back of a van to a man saying, ”Welcome to South Africa.”Upon arrival in Johannesburg, the girls were split up and Elizabeth and one other girlwere taken to an apartment and given to a Nigerian man. He raped the girls and toldthem that they were now his property and would be working for him. Elizabeth hadto work on the street as a client, turning the money she made over to her pimp, whowould beat her if she failed to bring in enough money. He threatened to kill Elizabethif she tried to run away.To the untrained eye of a South African law enforcement agent, Elizabeth could just be a common prostitute. However, Wishart helped the vice squad in Cape Town toidentify Elizabeth as a victim of the crime of human trafficking. They were then ableto refer her to the proper service providers.Wishart pledges that she will continue to work with The Hawks to eradicate humantrafficking in South Africa by training officials in recognizing victims and strengthen-ing the tenuous bridge between law enforcement and service providers.

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