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The Bible an Inspired Book.

The Bible an Inspired Book.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on May 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE BIBLE A ISPIRED BOOK.PROVED BY SIX ARGUMETS.PUBLISHED BY THE AMERICA TRACT SOCIETY.If a revelation from God is necessary, that Ave mayknow his will, ascertain our duty, and secure our futuresafety, there is presumptive evidence springing from thedivine benevolence, that it has been given.Such revelation is necessary, because the light of na-ture, whether regarded in the works of creation and provi-dence, or in the moral sense of right and wrong in man,fails entirely in communicating a knowledge of the forgive-ness of sin, and therefore is insufficient to guide us in thevery first step towards happiness.If it be s-aid that God is bountiful and kind, patient andforbearing, and therefore is merciful and will pardon sin ;we reply, that the inference is at least exceedingly equivo-cal. A criminal may have a reprieve, .and be allowedlodging and support between his condemnation and execu-tion ; but all these afford no pledge of his pardon. Theaigument from God's goodness, if carried out, would provethat there neither is, nor can be, evil of any kind in theworld ; a conclusion which our own experience sufficientlycontradicts. A revelation, therefore, is necessary ; and thisrevelation we have in the Bible.I. PROOF FROM PROPHECY.In the Bible we find predictions recorded, the corre-sponding events happening afterwards, and the events suchas no human sagacity could have foreseen.It is admitted that uninspired men have sometimes fore-told events which have afterwards come to pass. In thediversified combination of things, they have been able toVOL. IX. '^*^o THE BIBLE A ISPIRED BOOK.
conjecture shrewdly; but, in the nature of the events fore-told, the systematic arrangement, the precision of circum-stance, the unfailing accomplishment, in every thing thatcan foi-m the basis of an argument in favor of inspiration,tlie prophecies of Scripture are jjeculiar and unrivalled.The bondage of the descendants of Abraham in Egyptwas foretold to the patriarch, and its exact duration men-tioned.The captivity of the Jews in Babylon was matter of known prophecy, its limitation precisely defined, and Cyruseven mentioned by name, as their iuture restorer.The utter destruction of Babylon w^as foretold in all itsminutest circumstances, at the time of its greatest mightand glory.The ruin of the temple of the city of Jerusalem, and thedispersion and desolation of the Jewish nation, were all cir-cumstantially foretold. And the condition of that people,scattered among the nations, peeled, and trodden underfoot, yet still preserved distinct, and refusing, under everycombination and pressure of circumstances, to blend withthose around them, is a continual miracle — a standing cer-tificate of the divine origin of Bible prophecy.These, and many similar predictions, could only be madeand fulfilled by that omniscient One, w^ho know^s the endfrom the beginning, and who in the empire of his providencedoes not fail to accomplish his own will.Of all the prophecies contained in the Bible, hoAvever,those relating to the mission and ivork of Messiah are themost prominent and convincing. His incarnation, miracu-lous achievements, sufi:erings, death, including the veryform and circumstances of it, resurrection, and subsequentglory, were foretold ages and centuries before the eventstook place. Consult especially Tsa. 53, and Dan. 9. Inall the predictions respecting Messiah, there is an entire^(nity, a perfect system ; a continual development of a sin-gle promise, age after age in the progress of the world'sliistory, without its ever being contradicted or abandoned inone solitary instance throughout the Bible.The writers of the Old Testament were men of different
ages; living at different periods; of every variety of rank,habit, and pursuit ; liable to be influenced by the fluctua-tions of surrounding sentiments, views, and habits; andTHE BIBLE xV ISPIRED BOOK. 3yet they all coincide in, and never lose sight of, one greatobject of expectation. To this there is no parallel inhuman things ; nor can it be accounted for in any otherway than by the superintendence and inspiration of theAlmighty.II. PROOF FROM MIRACLES.A miracle is a suspension of a known law of nature — aresult produced above, and contrary to the regular operat-ing laws of nature ; such as causing iron to swim, con-verting water into wine, and the like. Of these, many arerecorded, both in the Old and ew Testament Scriptures,wrought expressly in confirmation of the divine commissionof those claiming to be the messengers of the divine Avill.They are the seal of God's authority to tlie truth of whatwas declared by those who performed them. The man w^hoperforms what is above his power, must be aided by a supe-rior power. If he controls or suspends one law of natureAvithout the aid of another, there is proof that the power bywhich these laws are ordained and influenced is exerted onhis behalf; his divine mission is ratified, and the truth of Avhat he declares under this sanction is not to be questioned.That follows of course ; for it is mere atheism to imaginethat the God of truth would thus prostitute his omnipotenceto sanction imposture, and give falsehood currency.That the miraculous facts recorded in the Scripturesactually took place, is scarcely a matter of controversy ;indeed, they cannot be denied without discrediting all his-torical evidence. The unbelieving Jews and early infidelsdid not deny them, but they considered them as impos-tures : " He casteth out devils through Beelzebub, theprince of devils." Celsus, admitting the facts, assertedthat Christ was a magician !False and spurious pretences to miracle there have beenin the world ; but whence these counterfeits, if there neverhad been a reality ? And let the miracles of Scripture be

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