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Jonathan Cahn Capitol Hill

Jonathan Cahn Capitol Hill

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Published by Day of Repentance
Read this exciting RECENT report from Jonathan Cahn's May 8th visit to Capitol Hill. May the Spirit of Pentecost overtake DC!
Read this exciting RECENT report from Jonathan Cahn's May 8th visit to Capitol Hill. May the Spirit of Pentecost overtake DC!

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Published by: Day of Repentance on May 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Report on What Happened on Capitol Hill
From Jonathan CahnFirst, thank you so much for praying for me re: the gathering in the CapitolBuilding! Without God’s moving we can do nothing. Prayers are critical.
Here’s what happened.
A few days before, I was ministering in Florida, and a sister came up to me –who knew nothing about the event – But told me she had a dream of theCapitol Building – That God’s hand came down and lifted off its top – andthe power and glory of God came down into it, driving out darkness.When I entered the Capitol Building, Member of Congress J.C. Watts beganspeaking to me. He’s a believer and told me he’s watched me on television. Ithen met the Speaker of the House, John Boehner. After that, I wasintroduced to other Members of Congress, Duncan Hines, etc.The event took place in the original House of Representatives, whereLincoln and Adams met. Michele Bachmann spoke, and during her address,lifted up a copy of The Harbinger. Others like Newt Gingrich, Tony Perkins,also spoke.Near the end, they asked me to come up.As I was speaking, I thought someone was shouting against it. Then Irealized the man’s voice was coming from the sound system. Then I realizedit was the enemy. It only happened at that time, that night. So I spoke evenlouder and more forcefully. The distraction then stopped. I spoke of theconnection of America to
Israel, of America’s spiritual descent, of thewarnings of judgment, of the call to
repentance. The Lord was there and Ifelt His power. I ended with a call for national prayer and revival. As Ifinished, the gathering erupted in a standing ovation. As I came back to myseat, I was greeted by a Member of Congress who congratulated me andgave me a big embrace.At the end of the event, they called me up again. I told them about theAaronic Blessing. Then instead of simply doing it, I asked for everyone toturn around, lift up their hands, and join me in the Aaronic Blessing – to goforth from Capitol Hill to America. They all did. I sang the Aaronic Blessing& then spoke it in English - It had to be the first time that happened there.Afterwards, more than one Member of Congress came up to me to tell me

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