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JMP-Who-unicef Report Progress on Sanitation and Drinking Water 2013 Update

JMP-Who-unicef Report Progress on Sanitation and Drinking Water 2013 Update

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Published by indriany
JMP-Who-unicef Report Progress on Sanitation and Drinking Water 2013 Update
JMP-Who-unicef Report Progress on Sanitation and Drinking Water 2013 Update

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: indriany on May 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Progress on
wHO Libay Catalouin-in-Publication DataPoss on sanitation and dinin-at - 2013 updat.1.wat supply - standads. 2.Sanitation - tnds. 3.Dinin-at - supply and distibution. 4.Poam valuation.I.wold Halth Oanization. 2.UNICeF.ISBN 978 92 4 150539 0 (NLM classication: wA 670)
© Word Heah Oranizaion and UNICEF 2013
All ihts svd. Publications o th wold Halth Oanization can b obtaind om wHO Pss, wold HalthOanization, 20 Avnu Appia, 1211 gnva 27, Sitzland (tl: +41 22 791 3264; ax: +41 22 791 4857; mail:booods@ho.int).Th wold Halth Oanization and UNICeF lcom qusts o pmission to poduc o tanslat thipublications — hth o sal o o noncommcial distibution. Applications and nquiis should b addssdto wHO, Oc o Publications, thouh th wHO b sit (http://.ho.int/about/licnsin/copyiht_om/n/indx.html) o to UNICeF, Division o Communication, 3 Unitd Nations Plaza, N Yo 10017, USA (ax: +1 212 3037985; -mail: nyhqdoc.pmit@unic.o).Th dsinations mployd and th psntation o th matial in this publication do not imply th xpssiono any opinion hatsov on th pat o th wold Halth Oanization o UNICeF concnin th lal status oany county, titoy, city o aa o o its authoitis, o concnin th dlimitation o its ontis o boundais.Dottd and dashd lins on maps psnt appoximat bod lins o hich th may not yt b ull amnt.Th mntion o spcic companis o o ctain manuactus’ poducts dos not imply that thy a ndosd ocommndd by th wold Halth Oanization o UNICeF in pnc to oths o a simila natu that a notmntiond. eos and omissions xcptd, th nams o popitay poducts a distinuishd by initial capitalltts.Th us includd in this pot hav bn stimatd by th wHO/UNICeF Joint Monitoin Poamm o watSupply and Sanitation (.ssino.o) to nsu compatibility, thus thy a not ncssaily th ocial statisticso th concnd county, aa o titoy, hich may us altnativ ioous mthods.Th wold Halth Oanization and UNICeF do not aant that th inomation containd in this publication iscomplt and coct and shall not b liabl o any damas incud as a sult o its us.Photo cdits: watAid/Jon Spaull (ont cov); UNICeF/INDA2012-00406/SANDeeP BISwAS (p7); UNICeF/INDA2012-00295/Sinh (p9); iStocphoto/com aica924 (p11); UNICeF/MLwB2012-01630/CHrISTINe NeSBITT(p13); watAid/Zut Lihtoot (bac cov)Dsin and Layout:.papia-anncy.comPintd in Fanc
8towards a Post-2015 develoPment agenda
10tHe JmP metHod
14trends in urban and rural sanitation Coverage, 1990–2011
36trends in urban and rural drinking-water Coverage, 1990–2011
JMP 2013 UPDATe:
This JMP 2013 updat psnts county, ionaland lobal stimats o th ya 2011. Sinc thJMP 2012 updat, hich psntd 2010 stimats,sults o 230 suvys hav bn addd to th JMPdatabas, binin th total numb o suvys inth JMP databas clos to 1700. As is to b xpctdom an annual updat, th lobal stimats havhadly chand. Dinin-at cova in 2011mains at 89% – hich is 1% abov th MDgdinin-at tat. In 2011, 768 million popllid on unimpovd dinin-at soucs.Sanitation cova in 2011 as 64%. Th oldmains o tac to mt th MDg sanitation tato 75% and i cunt tnds continu, it is st tomiss th tat by mo than hal a billion popl.By th nd o 2011, th  2.5 billion poplho still did not us an impovd sanitation acility.Th numb o popl pactisin opn dcationdcasd to a littl ov 1 billion, but this stillpsnts 15% o th lobal population.Sinc 2011, th JMP has acilitatd boaddiscussions amon mo than 200 psntativsom th at, sanitation and hyin (wASH)scto, acadmia and th human ihts and lobalmonitoin communitis to omulat n lobalwASH tats and indicatos o considation undth post-2015 dvlopmnt anda. On pa 10 othis pot, this pocss is uth xplaind, andth pliminay outcoms o ths discussions apsntd o uth considation.with lss than th yas to o, a nal push isndd to mt th MDg sanitation tat. Thisquis povidin aound 1 billion popl ithaccss to sanitation – a dauntin tas that can onlyb accomplishd thouh th conctd ots omany patns.In Mach 2013, th Dputy Sctay-gnal o thUnitd Nations calld upon th old to incaslobal ots to acclat poss toads thMDg sanitation tat, hich is amon th tatso hich poss has alln uthst bhind. Inpaticula, h calld upon ovnmnts, civil socity,th pivat scto and UN ancis to pull tothand hlp nd th pactic o opn dcation byth ya 2025. Pa 6 o this pot shos hichcountis hav dcasd opn dcation atsth most sinc 1990. Som o ths countis stillhav a ath la popotion o th populationpactisin opn dcation, hil oths havducd th pactic to only a  p cnt o thpopulation.

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